04 January 2011

G-Dragon & T.O.P releases "Knock Out" MV!

I think the title says everything, G-Dragon and T.O.P of BIGBANG has unleashed their awesome duo creation with this "Knock Out" music video!

"Knock Out" is the sixth track out of their Volume 1 Album released not too long ago. The two have been performing title tracks "HIGH HIGH" and "OH YEAH" throughout several music shows and end-of-the-year blow out Music Festivals.

Will G-D & T.O.P be following up promotions with "Knock Out"?? I don't see why not..


In my opinion.. they have a missing ingredient, and I think G-Dragon & T.O.P are ready to have black girls in their videos now instead XD. It would look better in the videos anyways.


  1. haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! i like this song!! mcm best dgr byk kli..hahaha..but MV dia mcm biasa je..mmg style diorang cmni en..hahahaa..

    go GD&TOP!!!~ =D

  2. haha yeah, apparently it has nasty words but like i thk american songs have worse words lol. i dunno asl this song got banned huhh, they dont kno wat they're missing lol.

    aah mv die biase je but its so good!!

  3. yupp!! tp in korean xphm diorang ckp pe..dgr sdp je..hahahhaa..lolx =p haaa, tau xpe!! tah pape tah..hrmmm...


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