06 January 2011

SECRET's Shy Boy MV + Album!

Its Secret time!! Oh their mazic mazic mazic haha. Leave it to Secret to comeback when no other girl groups are around, but that's okay! Since so many guy groups are comeback-ing they can be their Shy Boy(s)! Haha okay not so good of a joke, but hey I'm writing this in the middle of the night!

Is this their 1st single? After debuting with a Want You Back, returning with Magic, then they became Madonnas, Secret is back with a 60's cutesy concept for their new song, I think Seonhwa, Zinger, Jieun and Hyosung look absolutely gorgeous!! So jealous!! Especially Jieun who looks amazing in 60's style..

I have to admit I almost threw up at the beginning cuz they were acting so creepy cute, but afterwards I turned to like the song a bit, its fun and it's way different than their last two title songs. Enjoy! (turn on the cc for english subs)

Secret - Shy Boy
cr: tsent2008

More for the PHOTOS + SINGLE??

01 샤이보이 (Shy Boy)
02 No. 1
03 샤이보이 (Shy Boy) [Inst.]
04 No. 1 [Inst.]

Panda says: I really like No.1 as well! I'm glad they didn't choose it as the title track though, because it sounds like Magic or Madonna, but with a more mellow feel, its cool. I think Zinger shines more here with her raps than Shy Boy. As for Shy Boy, it is different, if you're into different =D.

(of course they are HD~)


  1. heeeee..i dah tgk MV ni smlm!! Comel laa!!!
    yupp!! I agree2!!! all of them are gorgeous esp jieun..huhuhu..seonhwa dah potong rmbut pendek daaa..ok laaa..eh, hyosung nmpk kurus laa..mcm kat madonna dlu nmpk mcm berisi sket..mantap lah..hHAHAAHA XD

    hey..thx azra!! asl tetiba rajin ni?? cuti lme lg ke?? hehehee..

  2. hahahaha mne ade, aku xtaw lak asl aku rajin skrg, tp bukan rajin ah kesian sbb aku dh lme xpost, tp en this month aku bwat diploma so wtf this thing is like distracting me lol.

    aaaaaaaa i dunno wat to do lol. psal rmai comeback lah skrg, dont wry next month aku start sem baru, but myb ill have time lol

  3. hahaha first tym tgk. len gle secret. comel gila, nak tergelak pun ada XD

    lawa gle gmbr dorg...

    besh gak dorg tukar concept XD


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