20 January 2011

Dal★shabet - Supa Dupa Diva MV

Honest and true, January 2011 is full of catchy songs yet their first impression or first heard would be annoying or bored to death. As for example, Dal★shabet, a girl group that debut with such kind song in this first month of year 2011. Their debut, Supa Dupa Diva song is getting many attention since catchy in their own way.

What's so surprising for me, the outfits they wear are the most daring one for how short the hot pants length could be and how unusual the viewers or precisely netizens not saying/bashing/commenting about the length of the pants are or their manner of clothing stage. Anyway, enjoy the debut song of Dal★shabet, Supa Dupa Diva !

credits : happyfaceent@ youtube

1 comment:

  1. first of all, nak tiup bubble tuh aaaaaaa
    ermm boleh tahan la. lagu debut an? not bad hehe


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