14 June 2012

B.A.P 1st Showcase in Malaysia yes sir!

So do you guys happen to be free on the 6th of July 2012? B.A.P’s coming down to Malaysia! Wake up! You need to see these Warriors because "we got the power!!"

VENUE: KL Live, Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur
DATE: 6 July 2012
TIME: 8:30pm

Jazzy Group that brought Block B last May has set up another delight by bringing B.A.P’s first showcase. Bang Yong Guk and Zelo have already visited Malaysia when they were a duo in January, how wonderful we get Youngjae, Himchan, Daehyun & Jongup too this time! Let's listen to the boys promote their showcase in English~

So which TICKET?

RM303 (VIP)(Limited Ticket) -only available at Jazzy Group office -
RM203(Rockzone A)
RM203(B.A.P Zone)(UpperTier)
RM103(Rockzone B)
RM83(Rockzone C)
(*ticket price including RM3 processing fees)

To reward fans for being supportive of the showcase, Jazzy Group offers unlimited surprises :

1) The first 100 fans who purchase VIP ticket at Jazzy Group office will get a B.A.P poster + to be on stage to get FANSIGN.

2) The first 100 fans who purchase Rockzone A-Rockzone B ticket will be given 10% discount + 1 piece B.A.P poster. (Term and condition apply).


Available at all Ticket Charge outlets ticketing counter and Jazzy Group office only.

Phone: 03-9222 8811
Email: (www.ticketcharge.com.my)

Phone 03-5622 1600, 016-2706253 , 016-2705892
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jazzy-Group-of-Companies/298693506116
 Email: (www.jazzygroup.com)

B.A.P's fans BABYs can also pre-order official korean B.A.P merchandise from Jazzy Group:

[Pre-order] Photobook-RM90, Whistle-RM20 and Slogan-RM20
Contact Jazzy hotline [603 5622 1600]

Word of advice, because there are a lot of promoters for this showcase, look out for contests, inside scoop, interviews before and after B.A.P’s arrival on magazines ePOP, tv channel 8TV and radio stations HOT.FM & ONE.FM. Have fun to all BABYs going!

cr:jazzygroup @ facebook


  1. OMG! i'm free on 6th July!! hhaha..i already in Bangi on that dayy! hahahah..but uwaaaa still can't go to meet them bcoz the showcase is during the night =.='

  2. yeah?? cool. im free too but I'm waiting for T-ARA showcase that Jazzy Group's gonna bring later, sorry B.A.P..

  3. t-ara showcase??! bila agak2 nyer? i wanna go too if i'm free :)

  4. right!! i wanna see t-ara, so cool for a girl group to finally come here!! XD
    im so sad if i cant see bigbang in october. so yeah i hope i can save up ktorg g together yeah!!

  5. yeahh! kaja2!! ohh..about big bang concert, i think i'll go..hahah..my housemate yg minat gila bigbang nak pergi jugak! the tix dah jual ke belom eh?

  6. alaaa awinnnn!! T-ARA showcase is going to be on Oct 3 damnnnnn. T-T xboleh jugak laa waee...

  7. ohhh seriously??! why u cannot go on oct?? jom laa pergi bigbang concert! haha

  8. i might be overseas again laa awin T-T huuu why always whyy, this whole year except for fti i missed out on everything...

  9. Can order the whistle and ask them send to our house ?

  10. @anon - hmm I'm not sure but you can call the Jazzy hotline [603 5622 1600]

    or ask Jazzy Group's facebook page and they'll answer you. =)


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