14 June 2012

Wonder Girls Wonder Party album + Like This MV

Like this yo~ Like this~ Who’s happy Wonder Girls have returned to Korea for another album? I say it’s pretty good they’re back here again, they can release good songs instead of wasting time wandering around in the US. Okay so maybe they’re efforts are not worthless in the US but things sure do work slower there.

Anyways the new single is “Like This” which is a fun dance song, I haven’t yet gotten a grip on. I’m doing this post out of courtesy of the album Wonder Party, which I think has other songs that should share the limelight.

Like This MV


With a scale that big they spent on the MV I dunno why I don’t like the song at all. It seems Wonder Girls have gone in a totally new direction with a futuristic like hip-hop based beats in this song and in first track R.E.A.L. Is it because they worked with Nick Cannon in their Wonder Girls movie in the states?

01 – R.E.A.L
02 – Like This
03 – Hey Boy
04 – Girlfriend
05 – Sorry
06 – The DJ Is Mine

I really have loved Wonder Girls for the longest time, they were probably the first girl group I was introduced to. This album is so-so to me, it’s attractive to someone who would like to see a different side to the Wonder Girls.

They have grown and their English has improved, but songs for the most part I don’t think have the exact depth that would measure up to the swag their trying to pull. I still think their strength lies in their vocals such as in Hey Boy, Girlfriend and Sorry and its good if they utilize like this.

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  1. weeee! i love like thiss!! hahaha..keep playing this everyday :) mmg lagu pembakar semangat nak study..hahahaha :D


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