09 June 2012

B1A4 – Baby Goodnight MV + Special Edition: Ignition

The most playful boys of K-Pop is back with B1A4's follow up single “Baby Goodnight (Sleep Well Good Night)”. This is another hit spawned by the silly geniuses of Jinyoung (leader) and Baro (rapper) of the group. The last song Baby I’m Sorry was also written by Jinyoung. I really love his relaxed writing style and he’s my favorite.

Baby Goodnight MV


Sandeul butt bump! The dance is just the adorableness~~ I seriously move my shoulders everytime this song starts. And B1A4 is just so silly with their cowboy costumes haha. The MV shows that they thought they could trick the girlfriend by putting her to sleep early, but really the girlfriend tricked them by using their absence to go out instead. To anyone watching this I suggest just have fun with it! It’s suppose to be a non-serious song yeah!

Can I take each of them home? Gongchan has those sparkling eyes and CNU actually doesn't look bad without his glasses.Well they might just put me to sleep, tell me goodnight, and go off partying some more XP. Tracklist below..

01 - Baby Goodnight (잘자요 굿나잇) [Sleep Well, Goodnight]
02 - 때문에 [Because of You]
04 – This Time Is Over
05 – So Fine
06 – Super Sonic
07 – 둘만 있으면 [The Two of Us] (feat. Miss A's Min)
08 - 웃어봐 [Smile]
09 – Feeling
10 –짝사랑 [Crush]
11 – You Are My Girl
12 – Wonderful Tonight
13 – Baby Goodnight (잘자요 굿나잇) (inst.)
14 - 때문에 [Because of You] (inst.)
15 – BABY I’M SORRY (inst.)


  1. OMGGGG!! love B1A4 so muchhhhhhhhh!! I listened to this song every night okayh! waaaaaaaa ^^

    they're so cute! Baro's rapping style gila! Jinyoung sgt comelll...hehehhe

  2. haha i love listening to this every morning lol.

    Baro is like so cool, he's rapper tapi he's okay with being super cute X). at music bank once gongchan did a wink to the camera omg i diedd...


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