30 July 2011

ZE:A - Heart For 2 Short MV + Performance @ Music Bank

ZE:A have already started promoting their follow-up track, "Heart For 2". I love this song! It's so much better than "Watch Out". They should make this song as their comeback song earlier. Haa,Star Empire releases short MV for this song a while ago.

Cred: Starempireofficial

Waaaa..It's like a 2nd teaser! But it's amazing =D I see so much Minwoo here <3 hahaha. I really like the song. Star Empire,I hope you will release the full MV quickly!

Watch their live performance in Music Bank on 29th July 2011 :)

29 July 2011

2PM Releases "I'm Your Man" Teaser!

What a smart guys.. 2PM!

New Japanese single from 2PM! The boys look handsome wearing a tuxedo. It suits with their song, "I'm Your Man". Watch the teaser that aired through Japan’s Mezamashi TV with some new choreography shots below :-

Cred: lovelyday3009

Wow! They use their neckties in their dance moves. The song sounds great too :) Full music video coming soon~

28 July 2011

2NE1's "Ugly" MV is revealed!

Yeahh! "Ugly" MV is finally out!

We wanna be pretty..

The last music video for their 2nd mini album has been released a while ago. Now I realises they already released MVs for all the songs in this mini album! 2NE1, you're THE BEST! Hahaha.

Cred: 2NE1

Another depressing song :( Aww~ the chorus is in fully English. CL sings the chorus <3 Bom get many parts yeah! Hihi. Dara always get one or two parts in every song and almost her part is memorable along with her sweet, cute voice ^^ Btw, the song is awesome but the MV is not so gempak lah, too many explosions and vandalisme? and I can't see the girls clearly. Heheh..

6 songs included in 2NE1's 2nd mini album. Click [MV] to watch the song's music video~

01 내가 제일 잘 나가 (I Am The Best) [MV]
02 Ugly
03 Lonely [MV]
04 Hate You [MV]
05 Don’t Cry (Park Bom's Solo) [MV]
06 Don’t Stop The Music *Bonus track* [MV]

Love the whole album! "Lonely" is my current fav :)) 2NE1 is the best kpop girl group ever!! 0.0

27 July 2011

Teen Top - Don’t Wear Perfume MV + Roman [Tracklist]

Our "Supa Luv" teen has comeback again with their 1st mini album, "Roman". They have transformed from manly concepts into cute and more chic styles. "Don't Wear Perfume" is the title track of this mini album. Watch the music video starring actress, Park Si Yeon with Chunji and the boys 0.0

Cred: TeenzOnTop

Awww, there's a club scene. They're still kids you know. Aigooo~ I hope this MV will not be ban. I love the song. It has strong melody and cute choreography! <3 Haa, the song and dances remind me of SHINee too. CAP and L.Joe's strong raps, love it! The more I see Chunji, the more I see U-Kiss's Kevin. Hahaha Chunji's killer smile at the end!~


01 Don't Wear Perfume
02 Beautiful Girl
03 First Kiss
04 The Back Of My Hand Brushes Again
05 Tell Me Why
06 Don't Wear Perfume (Inst.)

Finished listen the whole songs! Ballad songs are the best from Teen Top. Like this mini album so much! :)) Well done boys!

After School Red - In the Night Sky MV + Debut Stage @ Inkigayo

Yeah! We're the hottest in After School!

As everyone knows After School has split into 2 groups; After School Red and After School Blue. They already made their debut stages in various music shows. After School Red has just released their MV for "In The Night Sky".

AS Red consists of the oldest/tallest/hottest/famous leader, Gahee, UEE, Jungah, and Nana :) They are more toward to sexy and powerful concepts where as AS Blue are cute and sweet concepts.

Cred: pledisartist

Hohoho. The song sounds cute not powerful or sexy! hahaha :p and yeah, they are so hot, sexy and also gorgeous! UEE has lost so many weight. I love this song even though it sounds like SISTAR's song. Blame Brave Brothers! Mwahaha..

Read more for their performance and concept pics~

24 July 2011

After School Blue's Wonder Boy MV & [Tracklist]

Sweet aren't we?

After School has split off into 2 majoring groups for their overall group promotion this summer. Decidedly a sexy & powerful After School Red and a more innocent, fresh & sweet After School Blue. AS Blue is made up of the youngins Raina, Lizzy, E-Young and also the cute Jooyeon.

Their title song is called "Wonder boy" and its quite catchy. Generally -I will quote my friend on this- "usually After School songs are quite awesome aren't they?" I think Raina looks really pretty in here too. Enjoy the MV! Read further for tracklist & concept pics~



01 - 원더보이 (Wonder boy)
02 - Lady

22 July 2011

2NE1 releases Hate You MV & Mini Album Tracklist

2NE1 is out with a fresh new music video of their entree track "Hate You". The MV is constructed in animation directed by the talented artist Mari Kim. I really love her art its fabulously amazing, and I think it suits 2NE1 definitely.

The animation is super cool! The storyline is like an action-anime, where the girls chase after a wanted guy. I love the song a lot, even though at first the words were supposed to be "F*ck You." I think its just as awesome & PERFECT for this mv!

The new mini album will be released on the 28th July featuring "Ugly" as their title track. The MV is highly anticipated as well because I cannot wait!!

The Tracklist:

01 - I Am The Best
02 - Ugly
03 - Lonely
04 - Hate You
05 - Don't Cry
06 - Don't Stop The Music *Bonus Track*

20 July 2011

FT Island Let It Go! PV & 5th Single

FT Island is hard at work in Japan! Seeing they've just finished up their korean comeback with "Hello Hello," and now on their 2011 ZEPP tour again. FTI is ready to release their 5th single from Warner Music Japan into the market this 27th July!

"Let It Go!" Will be their title track and the PV is already out! Sorta shocked when I found it, released end of June quite early right! But doesn't make my mouth anymore smaller as I gape to the hotness of these rocker guys.


The single is comprised of 3 songs, fully written & composed by FT Island themselves! "Let It Go!" is written by Lee Hong Gi & Choi Minhwan (drums), composed by Choi Jonghun (lead guitar).

"Dream Sky" is written by Song Seunghyun (guitar), composed by Song Seunghyun & Choi Minhwan.

"Someday" is written & composed by Lee Jaejin (basist). No wonder they're doing so well in Japan!

Such talented boys, anyways check out the pv the song is awesome yall...

16 July 2011

Infinite Releases "Be Mine" Teaser!

Omo! Infinite is coming back!! I'm so excited, delighted!!

Cred: woolliment

It looks great! Can't wait to listen the full song and MV! Woohyun and Hoya :) Their posture at the end reminds me of Teen Top's "Supa Luv". Hahaha

15 July 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110715]

Congratulations to 2PM on their triple crown win! Put your hands up!! ^^

1. 2PM - Hands Up
2. Secret - Starlight Moonlight
3. T-Ara - Roly-Poly
4. f(x) - Hot Summer
5. 2NE1 - I Am The Best
6. Hyuna (4minute) - Bubble Pop [NEW]
7. Jang Giha and the faces - Just Another Relationship
8. Mighty Mouth - Lalala
9. Min Kyung Hoon - She
10. Rainbow - Sweet Dream
11. 4MEN - Once In A Life Time
12. Kim Hyun Joong - Kiss Kiss [NEW]
13. BEAST - On Rainy Days
14. Kim Bum Soo - Last Love
15. BEAST - Fiction
16. 8eight - Close That Lips
17. Navi - Diary
18. 10cm - 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 (Love In The Milky Way Cafe)
19. Hyuna (4minute) - A Bitter Day
20. Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus

Here are the list for performances on 15th July 2011:

♬ Comeback Stage ♩ ♪ ~
MBLAQ [You Know & Mona Lisa]
Rumble Fish [I Love You]

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ♩ ♪
2PM [Hands Up]
T-ara [Roly Poly]

♬ HOT Summer SOUND ♩ ♪
F(x) [Hot Summer]
Mighty Mouth [LaLaLa (Fiesta)] Feat.Soya

♬ Brand New SOUND ♩ ♪
Min Kyung Hoon [She]
Hwayobi [I'm OK]

★ Today Music Bank ★
Hyuna (4minute), ZE:A, CSJH (The Grace) Dana & Sunday, J.ae feat Jiggy Dog, Girls' Day, Block. B, BGH to, B1A4, HITT, N-Train, Code V, J.ae feat Jiggy Dog, Boyfriend, Sunny Hill, A PINK, Navi, 8eight, Can, Jang Woo Hyuk and Secret.

* MBLAQ's comeback is WOW! Mona Lisa is their best song ever!~
* I'm happy to see BEAST is still on the chart :D
* SECRET, B1A4, and A Pink had their goodbye stages this week :(

BEAST's Kikwang & Brave Brothers & Electroboyz - Break Up MV


Brave Brothers released new MV featuring BEAST's Lee Kikwang and Electroboyz. Last time, they were collaborated with T-ara's Hyomin for "Beautiful Girl".

Cred: bravefamily

Yes! I think many people view this just because of KiKwang including me :D hahahaha. I really love this song! I don't wanna break up with you, Kikwang-ah, love you!~~

12 July 2011

MBLAQ - Mona Lisa MV + 3rd Mini Album's Tracklist!

Seunghoo~~ hahahaaha

Oh yeah! It's MBLAQ! More idol groups will make their big comeback this month! I'm so excited =D The MV for "Mona Lisa" has just been released after teasing us with the teaser earlier in the day.

Cred: jtunecamp

Hhahaha. I keep replaying Thunder's part. It's so addicted! Hehe. I don't know, I love their concepts for this time and the MV too. Mir always looks cool in any MVs or performances! But in reality hahahaha :p Seungho woww I love his hair! Sexy~

Songs included in Mona Lisa mini-album :-

01 Ojos Frios (Bandoneon By 고상지)
02 모나리자 (Mona Lisa)
03 모르겠어요 (I Don't Know)
04 알면서 그래 (You Knew)
05 One
06 말하지 말걸.. (I Shouldn't Speak..)

I think this is the best mini-album from MBLAQ! Love all the songs!! ^^

08 July 2011

ZE:A's "Watch Out" MV Revealed!

ZE:A's special single, "Exciting" have finally released today. I thought "Watch Out" was the title of the mini album. Nah, it's one of the song in this mini album and also their title track! :)

Other tracks on the single include "Heart For Two" (which was featured in their previous teaser and was written by member Jung Heechul [My fav :D]) and "Why?".

Cred: ZEA2011

Watch out!! Funny dances but cute. Hehehe. I think this the first ever song that shows Dongjun and Hyungshik real vocal! They're very great!^^ Hhahah, I like Kwanghee's part! Wow~ "Heart for 2" song at the end of the MV :)

The best mini album from ZE:A! <3 Huhu. I'm waiting for "Heart For 2" MV!!~

06 July 2011

ZE:A - Heart For 2 MV Teaser~

I just love guys dressed in full white..HAHAHA

Yeayy! ZE:A is coming back after the "Here I Am" single about 4 months ago. I'm very excited to see ZE:A back on stage! ^^

ZE:A has just released a MV teaser for "Heart For 2" from their upcoming special single, "Watch Out", a real treat for fans who are patiently waiting for the official release on July 8th.

Cred: ZEA2011

Kyaaa~ The boys look stronger than ever, they're just so cool! The song sounds great! I hope that our Hyungshik is okay. Full MV yeah :)

02 July 2011

SNSD Reveals "ECHO" MV

New music video from SNSD! “ECHO” was a special track that was included in the Run Devil Run repackaged album.

Cred: annyeong944

I like this song! Cute! Hyoyeon, I like your hair! So pretty~ Magnae Seohyunnn!! Long time no see, I miss your moment with Yonghwa! Hahahah. This song, "ECHO" was included in a special DVD, All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket”. So for sure they filmed this MV in Phuket.

T-ara - Roly-Poly MV + Comeback Stage

T-ara's comeback woah! They has released Roly-Poly MV for their new album, "John Travolta Wannabe"! Roly-Poly is a disco beat that’s reminiscent of early 80’s music. It's a mini drama music video. You'll see T-ara looks like diva who is singing in retro! hahaha.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Special Thanks in Different Languages:

How about the song? Nahh, I don't like but I enjoyed watching T-ara on stage. hahaha. Jiyeon always in the middle! huhuh. She really looks like a bad girl yet she  has the best gangster expressions. hahaha. Boram is so cute, an innocent little girl. Haaa, Hyomin is the new leader for this moment!:) T-ara will be switching leaders for each new album release. So weird huh~

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