30 January 2010

Dae Guk Nam Ah is The Boss!

look for our debut!!

A big bite on my lip for making up names for them XP. Dae Guk Nam Ah (대국남아) means "remaining superpower" and The BOSS (The Boys of Super Space) is their nickname for english reference under Open World Entertainment. They have announced that Monday, February 1, 2010 as the first teaser release date!

The fresh male quintet has received widespread interest and is quickly become one of the hottest issues on the kpop front. The Boss has released an intro to themselves! Eh, more like a Hello, Annyeong, in acapella!

Here's the Intro:

cr: openworldent

All five members were in various generations of boy band XING, a male a cappella group. Former trainee buddies include Kevin Woo & Kim Ki Bum from U-Kiss, and Yong Joon Hyung of BEAST! I hope these ex-es support their up & coming homies, just like G-D did with SO-1. psyched!

[CLOSED] Spend 4 Minutes with 4Minute!

Fou-fou-fou-fou-Four Minute! Hot hot hot issue! Well that pretty much sums evrything up.
Here we go! Finally, Channel[V] has given something kpop for us to participate in other than voting for BattlePop.

CHANNEL [V] is giving viewers a chance to win some exclusive 4Minute goodies including:
-5 autographed CDs + autographed posters!
-ONE lucky winner from Hong Kong can bring 1 guest to the meet & greet session (4 minutes with 4Minute) when they are at the showcase in Hong Kong during 19-22Feb.
Unfortunately, only lucky hongkie-ans are allowed to meet 4Minute, (excuse the usage of idol name) and yes, nobody else in asia, even if you have channel[v] haha.

To enter, simply write an email (commercial says in 50 words or less) on why you should be picked to spend 4 minutes with 4Minute and email your:
-full name
-contact no.
to 4minute@channelv.com by Feb 16, 2010

4 minutes with 4 Minute
Date: 21 Feb 2010
Time: TBC
Venue: Tsuen Wan Discovery Park Mall

4Minute is currently on tour in Asia in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. Don't miss out on your chance to get up close and personal with the hot new Korean girl group, 4Minute!!
Gotta read the fine print before sending your entry, terms & conditions apply.

1. "4Minute" Contest is open from 27th January to 16th Feburary, 2010 and is open to all aged 13 years and above.
2. Employees of STAR Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries and affiliates, sponsors, agencies, dealers, retailers and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this Contest.
3. Each contestant is allowed multiple contest entries and the last entry received will be treated as the only valid entry. Contestants must ensure their contact details required are complete and accurate. Incomplete, illegible or late entries shall be disqualified.
4. The PRIZE per winner is: one autographed 4Minute CD and one autographed 4Minute poster. One winner from Hong Kong can attend the Meet & Greet session with 4Minute in Hong Kong. Winner will be determined by Channel [V] and will be notified in private by Channel [V].
5. Notwithstanding the above, STAR Group Ltd. reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to vary the prize with others of equal value, without assigning any reason or giving prior notification.
6. STAR Group Ltd. reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add to these Terms and Conditions of this Contest without prior notice. STAR Group Ltd. shall not be responsible or liable for any problems, damage or loss of whatsoever nature to the winner resulting from their participation in the Contest/use of the prize.
7. The winner agrees to indemnify STAR Group Ltd. on a full indemnity basis with respect to any claim, suit, or proceeding of whatsoever nature brought by any of the winner beneficiaries and/or third party(s) in respect of the acceptance and/or use of the prize.
8. Contestants are required to adhere to the Contest’s Terms and Conditions. STAR Group Ltd. reserves the right to forfeit the prize(s) in the event any of the Contest Terms and Conditions is not adhered to.

cr: www.channelv.com/4minute

29 January 2010

SS501 Jungmin funny~


hahaha..jungmin always wants to have some fun...HE is very cute and funny~
Anyway,SS501's laughter is contagious! them laughing makes me laugh especially kyujong and Hyunjoong's laughter...so so awesome!!...(aigoo,aigoo,goo,goo,goo..)~~~
and I watched this over & over again....Haha!!

CNBLUE Wins First Music Bank K-Chart!!!

ah yes, we couldn't have done it without aozora & theabracadabras..=p

AWWHHHHHHH Chukahamnida!!!! Neomu haengbokayo oppas!! T^T God i'm so happy for these boys for Finally winning their first Music Bank Award on January 29, 2010. It's their first music performance award too.

These fine CNBLUE boys sure do deserve it & now they can fill the high shoes of their awesome sunbaes FT Island as they have won a few K-Charts as well.

T^T Chukaye!...chukae! im so so happy for you guys really.
Being up against tough competitors T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep, with was it 3 wins? And then Ga-in & Jokwon who never fell off the top 3 won 2x. These boys came up to the top spot in their 3rd week of debuting & also 3rd week in Music Bank.

Looks like Oetoriya oetoriya went up 11,956 of the votes for the win how awesome!
I'm A Loner really is gonna be a single to remember. T-T.... Still Happy XD

Here's the winning performance:

Here's the Winning Moment + Encore:

I wanna go cry some happy tears now..

*Idols Birthday and Anniversary List!

cred : chazz@dorkistic design

Click Read more to know your idol date of birth, plus anniversary debut date!

Idol Groups and Artists included in the list:
2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 3 Chongsa, 4Men, 4Minute, 100%, After School, A Pink, B1A4, B.A.P, BEAST/B2ST, B2Y, BIGBANG, Block B, Boyfriend, Brown Eyed Girls, BTOB, CHI CHI, Chocolat, CN Blue, Code-V, Co-Ed School, CSJH, Dae Guk Nam Ah/The Boss, Dalmatian, Dal★Shabet, Davichi, DBSK, DNT, Double A (AA), Epik High, EXO-M & EXO-K, F.Cuz, FT Island, f(x), Girl's Day, G.NA, GP Basic, Gummy, HAM, HITT, Infinite, IU, Jewelry, JJ Project, JQT, KARA, MBLAQ, miss A, Monday Kiz, MYNAME, N-Train, New F.O, Nine Muses, NU'EST, Oh Won Bin, One Way, Phantom, Rain, Rainbow, Rania, SECRET, Seeya, SG Wannabe, SHINee, Shinhwa, SHU-I, SISTAR, SNSD, SPICA, SS501, Sunny Hill, Super Junior, Super Junior-M, Supernova, T-ARA, T-Max, Taken, Teen Top, TOA, TOUCH, TRAX, Twilight, U-Kiss, Untouchable, VIXX, VNT, Wonder Girls, X-5, X-Cross, Yanghwajin, ZE:A.

If you have any other idol's birthday and group anniversary you wish to have on here, do pm us or leave a comment!


1 - Sungmin (Super Junior), Hanjun (TOUCH)
2 - Jungmin (Boyfriend)
5 - Yoseub (BEAST)
6 - Mithra (Epik High), JB (JJ Project)
7 - ZE:A [2010], Howon (HITT)
8 - F.Cuz [2010]
10 - Park Ga Jin (JQT), AoorA (Double A)
11 - Hyorin (SISTAR)
12 - Sunday (CSJH), D.O  (EXO-K)
13 - Hara (KARA)
14 - CN BLUE [2010], The Action (Untouchable), Boa (SPICA), Kai (EXO-K)
15 - Junsu (2PM)
17 - Awin! (TheAbracadabras), Kangin (Super Junior), Kiseop (U-Kiss) , Gayeon (HAM), After School [2009]
18 - Jiyoung (KARA) , Minji (2NE1)
19 - Hyuna (Nine Muses)
20 - Kwanghaeng (Co-Ed School)

21 - Andy (Shinhwa)
22 - TheAbracadabras [2010], Jinseok (SHU-I)
24 - Minyoung (Twilight), Youngjae (BAP)
25 - Junho (2PM), Joo Min Sun (JQT)
26 - Jaejoong (DBSK), Hyungjun (SHU-I)
30 - Alia! (TheAbracadabras)Bora (SISTAR), Gunwoo (MYNAME)


1 - Aoxora! (TheAbracadabras), Minho (SHU-I)
2 - Victoria (f(x)) , Zinger (Secret), P.O (Block B)
3 - Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Kim Joon (T-Max), Jia (miss A), Park Min Jung (JQT)
4 - Ye Jun (F.Cuz), Karin (DNT), Davichi [2008]
5 - Minchul (T-Max)
6 - Yunho (DBSK), Jongup (BAP)
7 - LeeJoon (MBLAQ)
8 - Jisook (Rainbow), Woohyun (Infinite), Hanbyul (Monday Kiz), Minwoo (100%), SPICA [2012]
9 - Hankyung (Super Junior), Junyoung (ZE:A)
10 - Siwon (Super Junior) , Sooyoung (SNSD), Naeun (A Pink), Rokhyun(100%), Wonder Girls [2007]
11 - Chansung (2PM), Dongjun (ZE:A), Byungkyu (DNT)
12 - Soyou (SISTAR), Subin (
Dal★Shabet), Donghyun (Boyfriend)
14 - Haeri (Davichi)
15 - Ravi (VIXX)
16 - Eric (Shinhwa)
17 - Boram (ex-Seeya, Co-Ed), Gaeul (Bebe Mignon), Jungjo (DNT)
18 - Changmin (DBSK), Shiwoo (TOA), Lina (CSJH)
20 - Jinwoong (B2Y)
21 - Seokhun (SG Wannabe), Sleepy (Untouchable)
22 - Woori (Rainbow), Yu Jin & Sang Woo (N-Train)
23 - Kevin (ZE:A), Tina (VNT), Mima (New F.O), Narae (SPICA)
24 - Kyujong (SS501), Jungah (ex-Jewelry)
26 - CL (2NE1), Changsub (BTOB)
27 - Sangwoo (Code-V), Jinsung (Monday Kiz), Ricky (Teen Top), Yoojun (Taken)
28 - Jaemin (Yanghwajin)


1 - Brown Eyed Girls [2007]
2 - Hongki (FT Island)
3 - Lee U (ex-F.Cuz), Soomi & Noori (Co-Ed School), Vicky (Dal★Shabet), Chorong (APink)
4 - DaeGukNamAh (The Boss) [2010]
5 - Taehyuk (Taken)
6 - Inati (Dalmatian), Hyewon (Co-Ed School)
7 - Jonghun (FT Island), Hyunsik (BTOB)
9 - Taeyeon (SNSD), Injoon (The Boss)
10 - Mir (MBLAQ), Riko (Rania), Insoo (MYNAME), Peniel (BTOB)
11 - Soohyun (U-Kiss)
12 - Dabin (TOUCH)
13 - Eli (U-Kiss), L (Infinite), Jiin (ex-Girl's Day), Kiggen (Phantom)
15 - Tia (Chocolat), Joo Won (Double A), NU'EST [2012]
19 - Jooyeon (After School)
20 - Sandeul (B1A4)
21 - Eungyo (Co-Ed School)
22 - Boram (T-ara)
24 -  Shinwha [1998], Bom (2NE1)
26 - Hoya (Infinite), Wonbin (ex-FT Island), Jungmo/X-Mas (TRAX), Xiu Min (EXO-M)
29 - Seungah (Sunny Hill) Sulli (f(x)), KARA [2007]
30 - Kikwang (BEAST), Hannah (GP Basic)
31 - Jay (The Boss), Yongguk (BAP), Bohyung (SPICA)


1 - Young Won (Dalmatian)
2 - Siwoo (Twilight)
3 - Jungmin (SS501), Hyemi (Nine Muses)
4 - Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Young Sky (One Way)
5 - Jaewon (Code-V), Sungwon (Taken), Jiwon (SPICA)
6 - Zion (GP Basic), Chanmi (Co-Ed School), Ken (VIXX), Rania [2011]
7 - Hanhae (Phantom)
8 - Gummy, Jonghyun (SHINee), Jay/Typhoon (TRAX), Seungyeol (Taken)
9 - UEE (After School), U-Kwon (Block B)
11 - Lika (B2Y), Daon (Taken)
12 - Se Hun (EXO-K)
13 - Misung (Sunny Hill)
14 - Yoonhye (Rainbow)
15 - Namjoo (A Pink)
17 - Dohyung (Yanghwajin)
18 - Jessica (SNSD)
19 - Zhoumi (Super Junior-M), Inseok (SHU-I), Nara (B2Y), Himchan (BAP)
20 - Lu Han (EXO-M)
21 - B1A4 [2011]
22 - Gwangsu (Supernova), Hyoyoung (Co-Ed School), Hwayoung (T-ara)
24 - Youngmin & Kwangmin (Boyfriend)
25 - Jaebum (2PM )
26 - Daesung (Big Bang), Kangwoo (3 Chongsa)
27 - Fei (Miss A)
28 - Sungkyu (Infinite), Taefung (X-5)
29 - Chanyong (100%), CSJH (Chun Sang Ji Hee) The Grace [2005]
30 - Wooyoung (2PM)


1 - Changmin (2AM)
2 - Jinwoon (2AM) , Sunmi (Ex-Wonder Girls), Tao (EXO-M), Sungjae (BTOB)
3 - Lee Lynn (Nine Muses)
4 - Semi (Rania)
5 - Jieun (Secret), Lee Sam (Nine Muses), Melanie (Chocolat)
6 - Dasom (SISTAR), Baek Hyun (EXO-K)
7 - Raina (After School)
9 - Yoosung (Co-Ed School)
10 - Noeul (Rainbow)
11 - Seulong (2AM), Taewoon (Co-Ed School)
13 - Minah (Girl's Day)
14 - Jihae (Girl's Day), Hyunjun (HITT)
15 - Sunny (SNSD) , Jonghyun (CNBLUE), Jaeyoon (Chocolat)
16 - IU
17 - 2NE1 [2009], Hae Geum (Bebe Mignon) 18 - Taeyang (Big Bang) , Gayoon (4Minute)
20 - Hayong (HITT)
21 - Gyuri (KARA), Jinho (SG Wannabe), Sojin (Girl's Day), Aron (NU'EST)
22 - SuHo (EXO-K)
24 - JJ Project [2012]
25 - SHINee [2008]
26 - Yeeun (Wonder Girls), Ah Young (Dal★Shabet), N-Train & Boyfriend [2011]
27 - Super Junior 13 [2006]
29 - Sol (Code-V), Minwoo/Rose (ex-TRAX)
30 - Yoona (SNSD), Hyomin (T-ara)


1 - Woo Sang (Double A)
2 - Zeno (Twilight)
3 - Hanbi (T-Max), Peach (CHI CHI)
4 - Yoochun (DBSK), SISTAR [2010]
5 - Kyungri (Nine Muses)
6 - Hyuna (4minute) , Dongwoon (BEAST) , Hyunjoong (SS501)
7 - Jiyeon (T-ara), FT Island [2007]
8 - SS501 [2005], JR (NU'EST)
9 - Changhyun (SHU-I), Infinite [2010], Hyunseong (Boyfriend)
10 - Min Soa (Chocolat)
14 - Seung Hyun (N-Train), Sangmin (Twilight)
15 - Sungmo (Supernova), Jungwoo/Attack (ex-TRAX)
16 - Baby J (Jewelry), CNU (B1A4), Yijo (Rania)
18 - Taehun (ZE:A), 4Minute [2009]
20 - Haewon (ex-3 Chongsa)(X-5)
21 - Ryeowook (Super Junior), Min (Miss A)
22 - Yonghwa (CNBLUE)
24 - Nickhun (2PM), Gunwoo (Taken)
25 - Rain Bi, Yongin (Yanghwajin)
26 - Rana (ex-Nine Muses), Lil J (VNT)
27 - Sohee (Wonder Girls), Minha (Nine Muses)
28 - Seohyun (SNSD), Minhyuk(CNBLUE), Mika(The Boss), Karam (The Boss), Jisu (Dalmatian), Daehyun (BAP)
29 - Dongho (U-Kiss)
30 - Taemin (ex-Code-V), N (VIXX)


1 - Leeteuk (Super Junior), Miss A [2010]
4 - Doojoon (BEAST), Dari (Dalmatian)
5 - Hyuk (VIXX)
6 - Yumi (VNT)
8 - Kyung (Block B), HITT [2011]
9 - Teen Top [2010]
10 - Heechul (Super Junior)
11 - 2AM [2008], Kimchi (Double A)
13 - Jinon (F.Cuz) , Jihyuk (Supernova), Miyu (HAM)
16 - Jang Hyun (Sunny Hill)
17 - Dana (CSJH)
18 - Taemin (SHINee)
19 - Hayoung (A Pink)
20 - Zin (X-5)
21 - Baekho (NU'EST)
22 - Hyunmin (The Boss), Tablo (Epik High)
23 - Yongjae (4Men), Joonyoung (DNT)
24 - Seungyeon (Kara)
25 - Leah (GP Basic)
27 - Joy (Rania)
28 - Minwoo (Shinhwa), T-ARA [2009], Hyoram (X-Cross), Gaeun (Dal★Shabet), Nara (CHI CHI)
29 - Alexander (ex-U-Kiss), Wonjoo (4Men)
30 - Ben (Bebe Mignon), Jiyul (Dal★Shabet), Juntaek & U Ram & Jaehun (HITT)
31 - Minwoo (Boyfriend), Lizzy (After School)


1 - Tiffany (SNSD), Ho Ik (Double A)
2 - Jungah (After School), Supernova [2007]
3 - Hyungjoon (SS501), Minkyung (Davichi)
4 - Jubi (Sunny Hill)
5 - SNSD [2007], Choi Won Jun (M-Tiful)
8 - Minhyun (NU'EST)
9 - Joonkyu (MYNAME)
11 -Bekah (After School), Hyunyoung (Rainbow), Woobin (Yanghwajin)
12 - Sunye (Wonder Girls) , Kwangjin (ex-CNBLUE) , Luna (f(x)), DNT [2008]
13 - Bomi (A Pink)
14 - Gongchan (B1A4)
15 - Minseok (TOUCH)
16 - Niel (Teen Top), E-young (After School)
17 - Chibi! (TheAbracadabras)
18 - G-Dragon (Big Bang), Eunji (A Pink)
19 - BIGBANG [2006], Junjin (Shinhwa)
20 - Taegu (ex-DNT), Jooyi (Rania)
21 - Kibum (Super Junior), Seunghyun (FT Island)
24 - Yesung (Super Junior)
25 - Kwanghee (ZE:A)
26 - Dana (New F.O)
27 - Sungyeol (Infinite)
28 - Jokwon (2AM), U-KISS [2008]
30 - Sohyun (4Minute), Narae (New F.O)


1 - Hyelim (Wonder Girls)
2 - Heechun (Twilight)
3 - Seo In Young (ex-Jewelry), Hyunseung (BEAST), Sungjong (Infinite),Dalmatian [2010]
4 - 2PM [2008], Semi (CHI CHI)
5 - f(x) [2009] , Baro (B1A4)
6 - Minwoo (ZE:A), Bebe Mignon [2010]
7 - Sulhu (X-5)
9 - Trinity (GP Basic)
10 - Hyoni (HAM)
12 - Yongjun (SG Wannabe)
13 - G-NA
14 - Nana (After School), Zico (Block B)
15 - Jungshin (CNBLUE)
16 - Serri (Dal★Shabet)
18 - Jea (Brown Eyed Girls), Amber (f(x)), Seungah (Rainbow)
19 - Jaekyung (Nine Muses)
20 - Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls), DayDay (Dalmatian), Boreum (CHI CHI)
21 - Sunny Hill [2007], Secret [2009], Chen (EXO-M)
22- Hyoyeon (SNSD), Yookyung (A Pink), Jr. (JJ Project)
23 - Key (SHINee)
24 - Taeil (Block B), T-ae (Rania)
25 - Son Dam Bi, Junyong (TOUCH)
27 - Eun Ji (Nine Muses)
28 - Shindong (Super Junior)
29 - Hongbin (VIXX)
30 - Kan (F.Cuz), Co-Ed School [2010], A-Zi (CHI CHI)


3 - Sera (Nine Muses)

4 - Ilhoon  (BTOB)
5 - Soyeon (T-ara), Chunji (Teen Top), Sui (CHI CHI)
6 - Seonhwa (Secret)
7 - Nicole (KARA), Thunder (MBLAQ), Lay (EXO-M), Changbum (100%)
9 - MBLAQ [2009]
10 - Suzy (Miss A)
11 - Henry (Super Junior-M)
12 - Kyungjun(Yanghwajin)
13 - Hyosung (Secret), Naro (Code-V), Joonhyuk (TOA)
14 - Kota (Sunny Hill), Amet (GP Basic)
15 - Donghae (Super Junior) , Jiyoon (4Minute), JQT [2009] , Zelo (BAP)
16 - BEAST [2009], Seungho (MBLAQ), Stephanie (CSJH)
17 - Jisun (ex-Girl's Day), JN (New F.O)
18 - Sinnan (TOA), Di (Rania)
20 - Seunghui (Monday Kiz)
22 - Chance (One Way)
23 - Lee Ji Eun (JQT)
24 - Krystal (f(x))
25 - Jong Min (N-Train)
27 - VNT [2010], MYNAME [2011]


1 - Shin Yongjae (4Men), Sunwoong (TOUCH)
2 - Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)
3 - Youngsaeng (SS501), Ren (NU'EST)
4 - T.O.P (Big Bang), C.A.P (Teen Top), Double A [2011]
5 - Gyeonil (Supernova), Jayoon (Twilight)
6 - Super Junior 12 [2005], G.O. (MBLAQ), Yura (Girl's Day), Kris (EXO-M)
7 - Hanyeon (B2Y)
10 - Leo (VIXX)
11 - Minhwan (FT Island)
12- Sandara (2NE1)
13 - Bini (ex-Nine Muses)
14 - Rainbow [2009]
15 - Xia (Rania)
16 - Changjo (Teen Top), Hyungshik (ZE:A)
17 - Sungje (Supernova), Sanchez (Phantom)
18 - Jinyoung (B1A4)
19 - Tukutz (Epik High)
20 - Seyong (MYNAME)
21 - Dongwan (Shinhwa)
22 - Dongwoo (Infinite), Eunkwang (BTOB)
23 - L.Joe (Teen Top), Jonghwan (100%)
25 - Kevin (U-Kiss)
27 - Hyesung (Shinhwa), Younghoon (TOUCH), Jung Kyun (N-Train), Chan Yeol (EXO-K)
28 - Eunjung (Jewelry)
29 - Joohyun (SPICA), Minhyuk (BTOB)
30 - Yeonji (ex-Seeya), Ghun (ex-3 Chongsa, X-5)


1 - Siwan (ZE:A)
2 - Yunhak (Supernova), Sujin (HAM)
3 - Peter (One Way), Ji-U (CHI CHI)
5 - Yuri (SNSD)
9 - Heechul (ZE:A) Minho (SHINee)
12 - Seungri (Big Bang), Eunjung (T-ara), Q-ri (T-ara), Sungyoung (TOUCH), Julianne (Chocolat)
14 - Onew (SHINee), Janey (GP Basic), Kangho (Co-Ed School), B-Bomb (Block B), Soyi (New F.O)
15 - Junsu (DBSK)
17 - Jaejin (FT Island), Sungmin (Co-Ed School)
19 - Junhyung (BEAST)
20 - Hyukjin (100%)
21 - Daniel (Dalmatian)
22 - Siwan (Twilight)
23 - Jaehyo (Block B), Sanghoon (100%)
24 - Jaekyung (Rainbow)
25 - Gahee (After School)
26 - DBSK [2003], Chaejin (MYNAME)
27 - Taecyon (2PM)
28 - Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
29 - Kibum (ex-U-Kiss)

YooSu's Epic Scenes!`

Since this January & February will be mostly DBSK's members' birthdays, I dig up their old videos which I think their glucose level in their blood is way too high until they become hyper!! today's video only Yoosu's video. ^_^ Hahaha.. I make really big mistakes few hours back.

credit: noanus @youtube

Hurm... What you can say.. when Junsu + Yoochun... it's all about cuteness!!~~ and of course mushy and funny...

Dae Guk Nam Ah!

I'm so shallow i can already pick who i like
i'm sorry Garam & Mika, i hope i'm not a cooger noona..

Ahh, i smell fresh meat. Check it, we got a new kpop rookie boyband coming up pretty soon. Hm, dunno when, but soon. Is it safe to say its a new boyband season?

Dae Guk Nam Ah (대국남아), is comprised of five members who were all apparently from XING Entertainment, hmm never heard of it. I hope they don't get discarded just like that because of a not popular company like SHU-I (whom i totally love more than BEAST or MBLAQ) it would be such a shame.

These kids are Hyunmin (현민), Jay, Injun (인준), Garam (가람) and Mika (미카). And oh look they're like babies still! i have no idea how old they actually are but just look at their innocent chubby faces, awh go to school kids, wait till ur older to debut really! Doesn't anybody care about these kids edumacation? Its a wonder why they can't even complete a simple math question.

Anyhoo, Oo-lala no.4&5 look like perfect contestants for me haha i got dibs!!

Ehem haha yes i saved this, garam hahaha, i like Karam & Mika. Omg why in the world would you ever pick the name Garam?? Salt would sound better haha. G-g-g garam, g-g-g-gara-a-a-a-am *badly impersonating Like the First Time*. I'm so sad about his name, but to me, he looks exactly like Jaejoongie.

With a name like Dae Guk Nam Ah, i suspected they would be like a new TVXQ, cuz on their site, Dae Guk Nam Ah is written in chinese too. Ooo interesteedd! Plus i thk DGNA would be a pretty sweet awesome acronym as well don't u think? Well whatever these pretty boys do, i wish them the utmost of luck!

Dunno much about their profiles or anything but you can check their official website, i couldn't get in because you have to register first i think with a korean social security no. & everything.

Alright here's some fresh meat eye-candy for yall. Decked out with a prince concept, awh i'm likin these boys, you can never go wrong with a prince concept & a crazed boyband fan named Azra. it equals mabeop ..! (magic!)

You're Beautiful SNSD Genie Parody

i know azra must have seen this, but i must post this. wtheck yonghwa looks so gay hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaah i love you yonghwa but hahahahahhahaa everyone else look cute and pretty, but but hahahahahhaahaha i cant stop laughing at yonghwa XD evil fan XDDD i think i might cry wahahahahaha

Menu for MY Triple-S Gathering

Menu for our Gathering.

In response to the upcoming 2nd Triple-S Gathering on Feb7, a menu has been established.
Remember to send an email to jen.triples@gmail.com to confirm on joining & your chosen menu!


Dear All,

As now we have change venue and style for our 2nd Gathering, here are the set menu that available at FullHouse Cafe. Please choose your preferred set lunch and email me together with your confirmation so I can get it prepare. For those that have emailed me your name, Thank you and do please also email me your preferred set lunch. Please confirm with me by Feb 2nd, Tuesday as I need to do preparation for everyone.

Set 1: Thomas's Favourite Meal (RM16.90++)
- Forest Mushroom Soup
- Spaghetti Pasta with Turkey Ham and Mushroom Cream
- Tart
- Iced Lemon Tea

Set 2: Tracy's Favourite Meal (RM16.90++)
- Forest Mushroom Soup
- Pan Sear Dory Fish with Asia Green
- Tart
- Iced Lemon Tea

Set 3: Tony's Favourite Meal (RM18.90++)
- Forest Mushroom Soup
- Oven Roasted Chicken Chop with Daily Vegetable
- Tart
- Iced Lemon Tea

Set 4: Tiffany's Favourite Meal (RM13.90++)
- Forest Mushroom Soup
- Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon
- Tart
- Iced Lemon Tea

Thank you


28 January 2010

so... BEAST!!!

Yeah!!BEAST - my favourite group for ever!! especially AJ and dong woon.hehe.~

AJ sing love story (bi rain cover)


He doesn't have the husky voice like Rain, but it's still nice..
Love his voice.
so hot and so cute at the same time, how is this possible.
my heart hurts too );

AJ and yoseub cutie!!


AJ dancing to Abracadabra in his seat..then he and yoseub's SAMBA!!SAMBA time!!
hahaha..AJ seemed quite hyperactive..LOL..

l0ve it!!~

A Late Birthday Wish for KJJ and LJ!~

since I'm the one who got really busy and hectic (as well as sudden vacation on Jae's birthday. Sorry, JaeJae..), I'm forcing myself to post something in here as my adorable guys' (KJJ & LJ) birthday present.

first question you might ask. KJJ & LJ, Who??

Well, that is the acronym for Kim Jaejoong of DBSK and Lee Junho of 2PM!!~~

(hehehe.. my precious!!~ *imitate something from LOTR*)

This year my boys will be 24 and 20 respectively!!! kyaaa.... Junho is only two years older than me!!XD

Actually I forgot Junho's birthday.. BUT BUT.. I remembered strongly about JaeJae's birthday.
 (how can I forget that dorky?? tell me..)
So, as i browsed the internet a day after Jaejae's birthday..

cn blue's jonghyun sing i will... forget you. wait, don't!

cred : codeazzurro3

그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다...

fyi, this is fancam... I just wanna ask, where did he/she buy this camera aaaa the quality is soooooooooooo good O_O i want one XD

anyway, wow jonghyun can sing haha they should let him sing more instead of rapping XD i still love yonghwa tho XDDDDDDD

azora, your boy XD awin too XD

oh oh oh oh snsd~

update, with mv.

cred: adilahfx@youtube

edit : uh, i got distracted by big hairs and short skirts plus short t-shirt XD

I love all the songs that sm promote, but i hate other songs in the albums (except suju XD)
Aaa sm have catchy song~ this is like kiddo songs. I love kids’ songs XD

How come only jessica has blonde hair????? It makes her stand out the most cause she’ll be easy to spot and recognise (no i don’t hate her.lie.no.) It’s not fair for others. Why do all of them have long hair?? Even sooyoung? They don’t need wig; cheerleader doesn’t means you have to have long hair,right? I think so =.= aaa hyoyeon should have short hair, i think she has nice bone structure haha i love her straight hair, she look gorgeous... and hot! (i used to hate her lol the lion hair, wtheck? too bad i cant find her old pictures =.=)

this is the closes one =.= see, whats with the hair?

They better have a couple of cheer leading stunt XD (i love bring it on!). fly baby fly~ hand stand HAHA THEY SHOULD CALL 2PM! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA can you imagine 2pm dancing to this kind of music XD harharhar

27 January 2010

Triple-S Malaysia 2nd Gathering - Confirmed

7th February 2010 (Sunday)


Thank you all for your feedback on your preferred date. We have collected all your responses and decided our 2nd Gathering to be held on next Sunday 7th February 2010.

Now, after further deliberation, we decided to change the event venue from Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to an indoor venue so we can all enjoy the event together in a more comfortable manner and not be held down by any unpredictable KL weather (whether it may pour like cats and dogs or the weather may really be extremely hot that day).

The new gathering venue will be held at:
Fullhouse Restaurant
Sunway Piramid Shopping Mall
Lot LG 1.96
(7th Feb 2010 @ 12PM)

Since we have now changed the venue, the gathering concept will no longer be Potluck style. We will check out the menu and update you all soon on what you can order individually, OR we will just be ordering a variety of food to be shared across all and the cost will be divided among all confirmed participants. We will publish the food prices soon by end of this week for you to consider your costs :)

For the time being, if you are wondering about this restaurant, you can check it out here:

Thank you and looking forward to your participation.
Please let us know again on your confirmed particpation via email to jen.triples@gmail.com on your name and TS no. (if you have) with the subject "Confirmation on Fullhouse Gathering".


Aite gurls, are you up for a little SS501 day of kpop-luv? I'm in! i don't think i have anything planned that day.. why not??

cr:jen@triple-s msia

26 January 2010

*Telly and Movie Schedule!

July 2012

18 - ONE Inkigayo [2NE1, Super Junior, T-ARA, ZE:A comeback]

19 – ONE Strong Heart - YG Family Special Part 2 [MC Lee Seung Gi Goodbye]

20 - KBSW Music Bank [Beast comeback]

21- KBSW Immortal Song 2 - Episode 55 [Ailee, Hong Kyung Min, Infinite's Sungkyu, K.Will, Sonya, Super Junior's Ryeowook, Ulala Session]

25 - ONE Inkigayo [Boom, Psy comeback, Wooyoung Solo Debut]

26 – ONE Strong Heart [New MCs: Shin Dong Yup & Lee Dong Wook, Fixed Panel: Boom, Jung Juri, Kim Hyo Jin, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Leeteuk, Yang Se Hyun – Guests: CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Jang Nara, Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Shin Young, Lee Jin Wook, Shin So Yeon, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Song Eun Yi]

28 - KBSW Immortal Song 2 - Episode 56 [Ailee, Infinite's Sungkyu, Lee Hyun, Sonya, Super Junior's Ryeowook with Shindong & Eunhyuk, Ulala Session]

August 2012

2 – ONE Strong Heart [CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Jang Nara, Jung So Min, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Shin Young, Lee Jin Wook, Shin So Yeon, SISTAR’s Hyorin, Song Eun Yi]

4 - KBSW Immortal Song 2 - Episode 57 [2PM's Junsu, Ailee, aT, Cha Ji Yeon, Hong Kyung Min, Infinite's Sungkyu, Lee Hyun, Super Junior's Ryeowook, Sweet Sorrow, Ulala Session, Younha]

9 – ONE Strong Heart [Han Ji Woo, Ivy, Kim Hwan, Kim Na Young, Lee Hyun Jin, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Rim, Seon Woo, SNSD’s Tiffany]

16 – ONE Strong Heart [Han Ji Woo, Ivy, Kim Hwan, Kim Na Young, Lee Hyun Jin, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Rim, Seon Woo, SNSD’s Tiffany]

23 – ONE Strong Heart [Dynamic Duo, Lee Sung Mi, Noh Sa Yeon, Yang Dong Geun, K-Pop Star’s Baek Ah Yeon, Lee Ha Yi, Park Ji Min, Kim Na Yoon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Hoon]

30 – ONE Strong Heart [Dynamic Duo, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Sung Mi, Noh Sa Yeon, Yang Dong Geun, K-Pop Star’s Baek Ah Yeon, Lee Ha Yi, Park Ji Min, Kim Na Yoon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Hoon]

September 2012

6 – ONE Strong Heart [Choi Yoon Young, Chun Myung Hoon, IU, Kang Sung Yoon, Kim Min, Lee Jong Suk, Oh Cho Hee, SPICA’s Kim Boa]

13 – ONE Strong Heart [Choi Yoon Young, Chun Myung Hoon, IU, Kang Sung Yoon, Kim Min, Lee Jong Suk, Oh Cho Hee, SPICA’s Kim Boa]

20 – ONE Strong Heart [Baekdoosan’s Yoo Hyun Sang, Han Geu Roo, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Lee Soo Hyuk, SECRET’s Seonhwa]

27 – ONE Strong Heart [Baekdoosan’s Yoo Hyun Sang, Han Geu Roo, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Lee Soo Hyuk, SECRET’s Seonhwa]

October 2012

4 – ONE Strong Heart [Han Hye Rin, Jang Dong Min, Kim Bin Woo, Kim Boo Sun, Kim Do Kyun, Kim Min Hee, Lee Ki Woo, SISTAR’s Bora, Yoo In Young, Yoo Sang Mu, Yoo Sae Yoon]

11 – ONE Strong Heart [Han Hye Rin, Jang Dong Min, Kim Bin Woo, Kim Boo Sun, Kim Do Kyun, Kim Min Hee, Lee Ki Woo, SISTAR’s Bora, Yoo In Young, Yoo Sang Mu, Yoo Sae Yoon]

18 – ONE Strong Heart [2AM’s Jo kwon & Jinwoon, 2PM’s Wooyoung, Bang Eun Hee, Park Kyung Rim, U-KISS, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, Yoo Yun Suk]

25 – ONE Strong Heart [2AM’s Jo kwon & Jinwoon, 2PM’s Wooyoung, Bang Eun Hee, Park Kyung Rim, U-KISS, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, Yoo Yun Suk]



1.00am - K-Pop Countdown (Inkigayo) (one)
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
1.20am – K-Pop Selection (kbsw)
1.35am – Gag Concert (kbsw)
2.15am – Strong Heart (one) 
3.40am – Star King (one) 
5.15am - K-Hits: K-Girls (one)  
5.30am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
7.55am - K-Pop Countdown (one)
11.00am – K-Wave (mtv)
11.55am – Running Man (one)
 1.30pm - K-Pop Countdown (one)  
2.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
4.50pm – Entertainment Weekly (kbsw)
5.45pm – Music Bank (kbsw)
6.00pm – K-Wave (mtv)
6.30pm - Star King (one)
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)


12.30am - Open Concert (kbsw)
12.30am - K-POProfile (hitz)  
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
1.00am - Star King (one)
5.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
11.00am – K-Wave (mtv)
11.55am - Star King (one)
2.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
4.50pm – Star Date (kbsw)
5.00pm – Vitamin (kbsw)
6.00pm - K-Wave (mtv)
6.10pm – Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 (kbsw)
6.30pm – You & I (one)
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
11.20pm – Happy Together (kbsw)


12.30am - K-POProfile (hitz)
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
1.00am – You & I (one)  
5.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
11.00am – K-Wave (mtv)
11.55am – You & I (one)
2.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
4.50pm – Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 (kbsw)
6.00pm – K-Wave (mtv)
6.10pm – Win Win (kbsw)  
6.30pm - K-Pop Countdown (Inkigayo) (one)
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
11.20pm – Invincible Youth 2 (kbsw)


12.30am – Vitamin (kbsw)  
12.30am - K-POProfile (hitz)  
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
1.00am - K-Pop Countdown (Inkigayo) (one)
5.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
11.00am – K-Wave (mtv)
11.55am - K-Pop Countdown (Inkigayo) (one)  
2.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
4.50pm – Happy Together (kbsw)
6.00pm – Entertainment Weekly (kbsw)
6.00pm – K-Wave (mtv)
6.30pm - Strong Heart (one)
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
11.20pm – Immortal Song 2 (kbsw)


12.30am - K-POProfile (hitz)  
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
1.00am - Strong Heart (one)  
1.20am – Star Date (kbsw)
5.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
10.50am – K-Pop Selection (kbsw)
11.00am – K-Wave (mtv)  
11.55am – Strong Heart (one)  
2.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
4.50pm – Music Bank: K-Chart (kbsw)  
5.00pm - K-Pop Selection (kbsw)
5.10pm - Music Bank (kbsw) -LIVE!-
6.00pm - K-Wave (mtv)
6.30pm - Running Man (one)  
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)


12.50am - Running Man (one)
1.00am - Music Bank (kbsw)
6.05am - K-Hits (one)
6.35am - Running Man (one)
8.35am – Gag Concert (kbsw)  
9.50am – Open Concert (kbsw)  
10.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
10.50am – Music Bank (kbsw)
11.00am - K-POProfile (hitz)
2.40pm – Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 (kbsw)  
3.30pm – Strong Heart (one)
3.50pm – Invincible Youth 2 (kbsw)
5.00pm - Immortal Song 2 (kbsw)  
5.30pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
9.00pm – K-Wave (mtv)  
9.45pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
10.00pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
11.20pm – Strong Heart (one)


12.40am – Strong Heart (one)
1.00am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)  
2.20am – Star King (one)  
3.40am – Running Man (one)  
5.40am – K-Wave Station (kbsw)  
5.20am - K-Hits: K-Boys (one)
5.30am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
6.35am - Family Comes Here (one)10.50am – Star Date (kbsw)
11.30am - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
1.00pm - Seoul Sunday (mtv)
3.30pm - Strong Heart (one)
4.50pm – K-Pop Selection (kbsw)  
9.45pm - K-Pop Hitz (hitz)
10.00pm - Seoul Sunday (mtv)
11.30pm - Running Man (one)
11.40pm – Entertainment Weekly (kbsw)
  • (kbsw) - [astro 391]
  • (animax) - [astro 715]
  • (mtv) - [astro 713]
  • (hitz) - [astro 705]
  • (one) - [astro beyond 393]

*all times are according to UTC+8 (KL Standard Time) unless stated
*schedule times are also subjected to change


xiah junsu dolphin~!

chibi ah!! dbsk post xde lg!! meh i wat 1..hahhaa..

same right as the dolphin's voice?? Adorable <3

hahaha..junsu fever!!

aigooo~ XIAH is SO CUTE!! DRIVING ME CRAZY aBOUT HIM!! JUNSU!! i miss his poppin!! hmm~

When dbsk comeback yah?? hahahaa...

BIG BANG's Electric Love Tour Japan

Who (da eff) needs chocolate love when you got Electric Love? lol sorry i couldn't help myself guys. My forever favorite hip hop crew Big Bang is finally branching out to touring overseas! Eyh, so Japan is only like 30 minutes away, but at least its a different country.

The Electric Love Tour is a series of concerts on various dates from February 10th-16th. Goosh, japan's so lucky aren't they just? I wish i was living in japan, it'd be so much easier to go broke there than here lol.
Recently a video promotion of Big Bang and this upcoming Electric Love Tour aired in Japan. Wee, yes i'm going to show you the video be patient! Though, (dumdumdum) The video also states that some of Big Bang’s past concerts, such as G-Dragon’s controversial Shine A Light Concert will also air soon in Japan? *doublegasp!*
Since it was so controversial why are they showing it to other countries? I admit Japan has a high tolerance value, but what if they disapprove? I don't want my baby G-D to get busted for it again T.T.

Anyways, these boys are seriously pushing the limit as there's no to dilly dally this season for Big Bang as their Korean Concert 2010 Big Bang Concert Show will be held next week. They’ll have a little more than a week to chillax before going to Japan.

cr: under7nacs

YG Ent. can be quite demanding and also keep such tight measures on these boys, in order for them to succeed at a higher level, not even 2NE1 or BB often themselves in variety shows.
Except for the Family Outing Show, the last time i saw any of them was Seungri on Star Golden Bell early last year. I hope these boys get down time they need, but i'm happy as long as they're happy, i'm not demanding anything outta them at the moment..
Stay tooned for when i scream out a blogpost when i need them *-*

T.O.P GUN - Into the Gunfire

Nae sarang bling bling like L.E.D.

Kicking off 2010 with a big bang, our sexy assassin is switching roles to a student soldier defending his pride & glorious South Korea on the line against hundreds of North Korean soldiers.

Okay what am i talking about? T.O.P is starring in a new k-movie "Into the Gunfire" alongside Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won and Kim Seung Woo (who was a north korean agent from Iris). Whoa howdy hay, looks like the movie's being produced by Taewon Entertainment, the same people who brought you IRIS. The pics make it seem like it's going back to the oldies days, with old uniforms of the south korean soldiers, so i guess the theme'll be back from the 19_ _. (fill me in when the korean wars were, i'm bad at history xP).

A bit of actual history bout this project, it was originally planned to be called "71", with cast members Seungri of BB, Yoo SeungHo & Kim Bum, but due to their buzy scheds, the original cast was dropped.

Filming for this movie will take place near the end of November and currently it’s planned to be released in theaters around the summer of 2010. Cross your fingers for it to reach malaysian theathers, go go gsc! tgv!

Owh our 24 year old, seems to grow up so fast doesn't it? He's taking on more & more important roles as an actor, but how does he find the time between his major role as BIGBANG's badass rappah?

I'll leave you with this question as you enjoy more gritty sneak peeks of T.O.P in his role.. wooh *shudders*


ZE:A Profile~

Star Empire Entertainment introduces a new 9 members boy band called "Child of Empire", also known as Emperor's Children. On 27 December 2009, they officially changed their name to ZE: A.
Among them, Park Hyeong Sik (19) appeared as the boyfriend in Jewelry S "Date" video. Moon Joon Yeong (21) became very popular on Mnet's "Flower Boys Terror". These two along with 7 others make up the new group.

Newcomer boyband ZE:A reveals the MV to their debut title song ‘Mazeltov’ off their first mini album ‘Nativity’ on 7th January 2010! fuhh~
Their other songs are love coach and new star....are totally great!! and ze:a members are y0ung n h0ttest..hhahaaaa... :)

Cred: cjenmmusic

25 January 2010

KBS Starring Taecyeon

Taecyeon: We da new Junpyo & Jandi yo..

Yeaa you heard me right, well not really, but this is what people will refer to once they know this bright-eyed original Beastly Idol Taecyeon of 2PM is having his acting debut!
Everyone yell in unison, aaaaaaaaahhh!
But hold your breaths, he is.. taking on.. the male lead role!!

It’s fo shizzle (confirmed) Taecyeon will be playing the role of Jungwoo, who is an "intelligent, strong, and honest young adult" aww how sweet. His character is also a bit naïve and has a crush on Eunjo,*gasp* Cinderella's step-sister, played by Moon Geun Young, who will be acting as an antagonistic villian? Wow, it such a contrast to her Painter in the Wind, girl-turned-boy, main character, i'll tell you that.

The upcoming KBS drama “Cinderella’s Sister” (신데렐라 언니) is set to air after "Chuno" (i don't thk we even got this drama yet?) which had replaced Iris. This new drama is a modern Cinderella story with a twist to the overplayed-cinderella-stereotype as it focuses on Cinderella's Stepsister, instead of Cinderella.

Ooh-la-la lemme tell you, i was interested in this drama before i knew Mr.Ok Taecyeon was made to play this part, because it is a pretty cool concept isn't it?

A representative for the drama said,
Although Taecyeon isn’t an experienced actor, his bright personality keeps him from being overwhelmed by the more experienced cast of Moon Geun Young, Chan Jungmyung, and Suh Woo. We trust that Taecyeon will be able to give life to his character whic is why we chose him.”

How cool! I thank malaysian astro for this i truly do.
Check out "Cinderella's Step-Sister" when it comes to KBS in March 2010, we can only hurry god to have it shown here faster.


24 January 2010

Turning Us Off...Key & Mir??

i'm key.. i'm a vampire..??

I don't think anyone can sense the irony in my title but that's okay.
Although I've had frequent visits of my most recent dreamboy, into my lala land while i'm soundly asleep.

Thanks to the cliche of twilight books..(& channel [v] for all those Ring Ding Dong videos)
This dreamboy has emerged yet again.. dancing to girl group songs. Praise the prophet lol.

This time Key is having support with fellow group member Mir of MBLAQ on Idol Magnae Rebellion, which i will get around to watching hehe mianhae seungbaby!

Bo Peep Bo Peep bo peep ah!

I have to give Key a good tutt-ting because i just wanna shield Mir into a hug from his mean sunbae's rash. Poor Mir, i never thought something as small as messing up a dance to T-ARA's Bo Peep could cause Key to expose a glimpse of temper... X).

..And following my top 3 SHINee luvs, Onew.. Dear leader, how can you expose your uncoolness?
I enjoy the end most overall.


Super Junior is coming to town!

excited everyone??? im not. lol i know, i called myself suju's fan but im not excited? no no dont get me wrong, im afraid i have to serve my country at that time so that's why im not too excited. i probably cant go uwaaaa

few things to do before go:
1. ask our parents permission. my chances are 70% coz they know i love suju the most. yippe!
2. make money, asap!
3. get someone, adult, to drive and for adult supervision. chibi, you're not 18 yet XD

1. how the heck are we going to buy the tickets? we should all buy together, for the seats.
2. how the heck are we going there? somebody have to drive!
3. i think we have 2 stadium in bukit jalil, the open stadium and the close stadium. so which one the concert gonna be held?
4. is there any fan meeting?

lol i thought no one care about this concert, but apparently the tickets has been sold out really fast. the rm138 tickets has been sold out, so i hope the other tickets are still available. =.= none suju's fans, why dyou care? IM THEIR #1 FAN SO IF I CANT GO I KICK ALL OF YOU ! lol

so girls, what's your decision? give the answer asap!

cred : marctensia

23 January 2010

Are You Ready Go, for BEAST?

awwh so glad to be in awin 's blog..

Looks like our little rookie idol boys BEAST (비스트), are following the steps of their beloved hardcore sunbaes 4Minute, in contributing to an OST. The new song Ready Go, ticks me off cuz its the same as FT Island's most recent japanese song Ready Go!!, but i won't cringe bout that just now because the song is actually good.

The song is featured in KBS Masters of Study (which was also supposed to star our Mr. Lee Honggi, but I'll talk bout that later too) just like their sunbaenims 4minute. with eh i forgot the song title, anyone help me out?
KBS Masters of Study comes out February 15th on KBS WORLD - malaysia.

Well here's the song:


I give it a thumbs up ngeh 3+ stars? In my opinion its better than their album songs in B2ST.
Don't claw my eyes out, i like the song..

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