26 January 2010

T.O.P GUN - Into the Gunfire

Nae sarang bling bling like L.E.D.

Kicking off 2010 with a big bang, our sexy assassin is switching roles to a student soldier defending his pride & glorious South Korea on the line against hundreds of North Korean soldiers.

Okay what am i talking about? T.O.P is starring in a new k-movie "Into the Gunfire" alongside Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won and Kim Seung Woo (who was a north korean agent from Iris). Whoa howdy hay, looks like the movie's being produced by Taewon Entertainment, the same people who brought you IRIS. The pics make it seem like it's going back to the oldies days, with old uniforms of the south korean soldiers, so i guess the theme'll be back from the 19_ _. (fill me in when the korean wars were, i'm bad at history xP).

A bit of actual history bout this project, it was originally planned to be called "71", with cast members Seungri of BB, Yoo SeungHo & Kim Bum, but due to their buzy scheds, the original cast was dropped.

Filming for this movie will take place near the end of November and currently it’s planned to be released in theaters around the summer of 2010. Cross your fingers for it to reach malaysian theathers, go go gsc! tgv!

Owh our 24 year old, seems to grow up so fast doesn't it? He's taking on more & more important roles as an actor, but how does he find the time between his major role as BIGBANG's badass rappah?

I'll leave you with this question as you enjoy more gritty sneak peeks of T.O.P in his role.. wooh *shudders*



  1. the first pic lol hahahaha wtheck his face? hahahahhaha (die laughing) hahahahah

    okay, reconcile myself.... wowwww top =.= lol i hope he's doing well in this movie. i cant help myslf form laugh everytime i see him in iris XD

    auw... seungho, seungri, kim bum.... all mine uwaaaa :'(

  2. top HOT!!

    hhahaaa...seungho mblaq??
    hes mine lah alia!!


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