29 January 2010

CNBLUE Wins First Music Bank K-Chart!!!

ah yes, we couldn't have done it without aozora & theabracadabras..=p

AWWHHHHHHH Chukahamnida!!!! Neomu haengbokayo oppas!! T^T God i'm so happy for these boys for Finally winning their first Music Bank Award on January 29, 2010. It's their first music performance award too.

These fine CNBLUE boys sure do deserve it & now they can fill the high shoes of their awesome sunbaes FT Island as they have won a few K-Charts as well.

T^T Chukaye!...chukae! im so so happy for you guys really.
Being up against tough competitors T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep, with was it 3 wins? And then Ga-in & Jokwon who never fell off the top 3 won 2x. These boys came up to the top spot in their 3rd week of debuting & also 3rd week in Music Bank.

Looks like Oetoriya oetoriya went up 11,956 of the votes for the win how awesome!
I'm A Loner really is gonna be a single to remember. T-T.... Still Happy XD

Here's the winning performance:

Here's the Winning Moment + Encore:

I wanna go cry some happy tears now..


  1. congratz CNBLUE!! hahhaa..

    ♥ "check,check 1,2,3....." ♥

  2. they won bcause of me too XD congratz cnblue!~ yonghwa~~~~~


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