23 January 2010

II Strikes for the Wonder Girls.

Miss Mimi is O-U-T! Yes, apparently Sunmi, one of the cutesy magnaes of Wonder Girls, is pulling out of the group. JYP representatives have posted on the website www.wondergirlsworld.com, that Sunmi is "postponing" her career is the limelight to pursue her academic goals. Though, according to them she will keep training (dancing & singing) during her hiatus.

Wow, i didn't know she had academic goals after being in a rising star group in the world.

Well ya gotta keep in reference, the girl is just turning 18, i bet she just wants to have a hand in college. Or most probably like all parents, hers told her she can have a singing career if she finishes her proper education. hmm.. (just my thought)

Oh well, the question is who is replacing the quintet..? Question answered! Its this chick -------------------->
Can anyone say nugusaeyo?

Her name is Hae Lim, 17 most probably chinese, she was meant to be one of the three Chinese Wonder Girls about to debut, but...i guess not anymore!

Here's wat JYP Ent. said:

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.
Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.
JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal classes.”
Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Now, i'm just so sad another wondergirl has fallen (i.e HyunA, now Sunmi).
She was always one of my faves cuz she's so pretty. Oh well, i hope you do your best in your time off, become a doctor or something that would be awesome!

cr:jype, wondergirlsworld.com

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  1. auw sunmi~ wasnt she drop out from high school or smtg?ngeh she's one of my fav too! after sunye and yoobin haha coz she has weird personality XD lol i thought sohee's gonna be the eternal magnae~ wonder girls, come back palli palli~


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