29 January 2010

You're Beautiful SNSD Genie Parody

i know azra must have seen this, but i must post this. wtheck yonghwa looks so gay hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaah i love you yonghwa but hahahahahhahaa everyone else look cute and pretty, but but hahahahahhaahaha i cant stop laughing at yonghwa XD evil fan XDDD i think i might cry wahahahahaha


  1. omg y lol.
    im suprised to say that i thk hongki is the most manly there haha. which is shocking! whn i first heard of it, i thot he'd be the most girly, cuz he looks the most like a girl xP

    omg yonghwa, ur so pretty.. how is that possible?
    taekyung ur such a dork, i thk he enjoys it the most hahaha. thnx for posting!

  2. you havent watch this yet? lol yonghwa doesnt look pretty at all XD mwahahahahaha

    hongki looks familiar XD
    taekyung looks so cute wahahaha
    minam looks sooo cuteee i love her

    btw, what are taekyung and minam real name? lol

  3. no i watched alrdy lol. just rmbring how i felt XD

  4. i haven't seen this drama yet..knl yonghwa n hongki je..hhahaa..

    siyes lwk gler!!
    with their expressions..=p


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