28 February 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110225]

Congratulations to G.NA!!! Wahhhh, black & white is a really catchy song! Love it~ and ahh, G.NA is soo HOT!! hahahaa..she deserved the winning! She won in M!Countdown and Inkigayo too, Congrats yeah =D

1. G.NA - Black & White
2. IU - Good Day
3. Secret - Shy Boy
4. IU - The Story Only I Didn't Know
5. TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down
6. Mighty Mouth - 톡톡 (Tok Tok) (feat. Soya)
7. Lee Hyun (8eight) - 내꺼중에 최고 (You're The Best Of My Life)
8. Navi - Well Done
9. Kim Bo Kyung - Day By Day
10. Dal Shabet - Supa Dupa Diva
11. Kara - Jumping
12. GD & TOP - Don't Go Home
13. Kim Bum Soo Feat. Taeyeon (SNSD) - 달라 (Different)
14. Seungri (Big Bang) - What Can I Do
15. Jewelry - Back It Up
16. 10cm - 그게 아니고 (That's not)
17. Lee Jung - Let's Dance
18. Park Gahee (After School) - 돌아와 나쁜 너 (Come Back You Bad Person)
19. Seeya - 내겐 너무 멋진 그대(You're So Cool To Me)
20. SNSD - Hoot

Comeback stage - Kim Hyun Jung

Special stage - Secret + Infinite - Shy Boy

Other performers - G.NA, Mblaq, Infinite, TVXQ, DOZ, J-CERA, Ye Ara, New Found Glory, 5dolls, Jewelry, Dalmatian, Kim Bo Kyung, Lee Hyun, Kan Mi Yeon, Lee Jung, Navi, IU, Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya), and Gahee.

27 February 2011

MBLAQ - Again Live Performance + BLAQ Style 3D Edition [Repackage Album]

Having released their first full-length album last month, which is BLAQ Style album, the repackage album is just released a few days ago..It contains 3 new tracks; Again, Can't Come Back Again, and You..They already performed "Again" in all music shows as their follow-up track after "Cry"..Moreover, Mir made his return to the stage after temporarily resting from his herniated disk injury earlier in the month..Watch their live performance in M!Countdown on 24th February! =D

Cred: mnet

Wahh..I'm happy to see Mir on stage! so miss him~ hahahaa..the song is quite good..I think most of the tracks in repackage album are way more better than the tracks in full-length album..Not just MBLAQ album..other idols too like Super Junior and SHINee ;) Their tracks in repackaged album were very good and became popular!

[Repackage Album]

02. 다시 (Again)
03. 돌아올 수 없는 (Can't Come Back)
04. You

19 February 2011

5dolls - Your Words MV feat. Jay Park (Part 2/2) + Album

Having released Part 1 of this MV a few days ago, now the Part 2 has finally revealed! It's the continuing from the Part 1.. However, they use "Your Words" song as the background song for Part 2 while "Lip Stains" for Part 1..Your words and Lip Stains includes in their 1st Mini Album titled, Five Charming Girls that's consist of 5 tracks.. Ahh, nevermind, you can still understand the story line even though there's no subtitle..hehe ^^

Cred: coremidas

Awww~ I almost crying in the end :( I thought Chanmi is a bad girl..hrmmm, Jay Park ahh is so kind as a chingu! Good job 5dolls! and Jay Park too..hahahaa

Kan Mi Youn - Paparazzi MV + (WATCH mini album)

Kang Mi Youn is back in the scene this time with another saucy concept. The mini album WATCH consists of about 4 main tracks including Crazy ft. Mir of MBLAQ from 2010. Although I have no idea how old she really is, she doesn't seem to fall in the trap of going "too young" or "too old" but just in the good middle.

I really like the Paparazzi ft. Eric MV (파파라치 (feat. 에릭) starring Kim Hyung Jun magnae of SS501! But owh dear magnae u look a little chubby hihi its okay I guess lol. The MV is seen before but still entertaining, I dunno why but I think I like the dance as it super fits the catchy song! Check out the Sunshine MV featuring Junsu of 2PM too HERE.

Paparazzi ft. Eric MV:

IU - The Story Only I Didn't Know MV + (REAL + MINI) Album

I just love her hair + makeup + everything in this picture!!

IU with her massive popularity is back to add a MINI to her REAL album released earlier this year! What is this amazing song this time? It's nothing but an explosively awesome ballad 나만 몰랐던 이야기 (The Story Only I Didn't Know). Ah, I know people have been diagnosed with the IU fever recently, as she's even got ahjusshi's to turn into fanboys.

The REAL album showcased IU's perky side with focus on her 3-octaves- "Good Day". But what people didn't realize was the singer's artistry presented in the rest of the album. And so this time IU's determined to show what she's made of, what kind of music she had started to sing at a new brilliant degree!

나만 몰랐던 이야기 (The Story Only I Didn't Know) MV:
cr: loenent

Dalmatian - The Man Opposed + Lover Cop MV's [1st Mini Album]

Gambar atas yg ke-3 sumpah mcm Micky Yoochun! hahaha..That's Dari right??hah

Dalmatian woof woof's time now! Hahaha..I've been waiting for them for so long! They have finally released two MVs for this comeback along with their 1st mini album consist of 7 tracks including Round 1 song =D That Man Opposed/Not Him MV is a cute concept and the Lover Cop MV is more to dance concept however both songs are almost the same for me..It sounds like Round 1..But I still love both songs! It's quite cool and nice :) My type, of course..

Cred: dmtnofficial

Aigoo, the 3 youngest; Youngwon looks soo cute with blue hair!! HAHAHAH! Wahh, my fav Jisu!! Your voice is the best! Yeah, his face and voice reminds me of 2PM's Junsu..hahaha XD Drama with the dog..Cute! Okayh, the 3 elders; Leader Inati, Day Day, and Dari are very cool in here..Inati and Day Day's rap! ^^

Lover Cop's under the cut :-

14 February 2011

Infinite & Teen Top on KJE's Chocolate!~

Wowww!! I'm totally love Infinite and Teen Top after they released their comeback songs last month..You can see that Infinite is popular with their 'scorpion dance' and Teen Top with their 'bad boy city dance',I think so..They appeared on this week episode of Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate..MC Kim Jung Eun then suggested a dance battle for Infinite VS Teen Top! Who is the best?!

cr: sbsmusic

Hhahaa..I love both groups! but I choose Infinite the best! They dance Come Back Again's choreography =D Teen Top make a great dance battle too..After the battle, Teen Top said they have been preparing for that since yesterday while Infinite said they have only started preparing two hours ago..hahaha..Infinite jjang!! ^^

Not only that, they have make a collaboration cover of H.O.T's Happiness ! 3 members of Teen Top combines with 3 members of Infinite to become 1! You must watch this! It's so cute ;)

12 February 2011

5dolls Releases "Lip Stains" MV feat. Jay Park! (Part 1/2)

Co-Ed School’s female sub-unit group, 5dolls, has finally released their debut MV featuring Jay Park..Their title track, “Lip Stains,” was produced by Brave Brothers..The new member, Seo Eun Gyo and Chanmi featured as the main actress in this drama version..Yes! Love drama version! They are participating in a dance battle to capture Jay Park’s heart <3

Cred: coremidas

Erkk..to be continued??! Hahaha..I'm so happy to see Jay Park in this MV! Miss his dancing! hahaaha..Well, it's a nice song..Oh, it sounds a bit like Sistar's How Dare You song..The story line is very common but it's still interesting..Eun Gyo is a great dancer..You did a great job girl! I know the ladies of Co-Ed School will never disappointed me..But I'm kind of sad that I don't see the other girls :( hehe..By the way, she and Jay Park is very sweet~ Definitely can't wait for Part 2 and their comeback stage ^_^

01 입술자국 (Lip Stains)

Still have no idea who is who? Read more to see their single photos :-

11 February 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110211]

We haven't update K-Chart for so long..hahaha..jeongmal2 mianhae :) So, today Music Bank k-chart #1 won by Secret - Shy Boy!!~ Congratulations Secret for your 2nd winning! Yeah..it's a fun song! I'm so happy for Secret ^^

1. Secret - Shy Boy
2. IU - Good Day
3. G.NA - Black & White
4. TVXQ - Why (Keep Your Head Down)
5. Dal Shabet - Supa Dupa Diva
6. Navi - 잘 된 일이야 (Well Done)
7. Seungri (Big Bang) - What Can I Do
8. SNSD - Hoot
9. Mighty Mouth - Tok Tok (feat. Soya)
10. GD & TOP - High High
11. SeeYa - 내겐 너무 멋진 그대 (You're So Cool To Me)
12. MBLAQ - Stay
13. Sistar - How Dare You
14. Kim Bo Kyung - Day By Day
15. K.Will - 기가 차 (Amazed) (feat. Sistar & Supreme Team)
16. Park Jungmin - Not Alone
17. Kara - Jumping
18. Gavy NJ - A Cup Of Latte (feat. Gilme)
19. Seungri (Big Bang) - V.V.I.P
20. BEAST - Beautiful

Comeback Stage : Lee Jung - Why Love + Let's Dance.

Debut Stage : Kim Bo Kyung (Superstar K2) - Day By Day.

Goodbye Stage : Park Jungmin - Not Alone

Other Performances : Secret, TVXQ, INFINITE, Navi, Jewelry, Piggy Dolls, Dal Shabet, G.NA, Mighty Mouth (feat. Soya), JQT, GUY.M, Old Time, Shi Hyeon, Lee Seon Jeong, and Woo Joo (feat. Kim Mi Yeon).

Hyomin (T-ara) & Brave Brothers & Electroboyz- Beautiful Girl MV + [MP3 DL]

Yeah, Hyomin is the beautiful girl!~

Brave Brothers reveals a track titled Beautiful Girl featuring T-ara's Hyomin along with Electroboyz's Maboos..Brave Brothers is a hit producer and he produced many popular songs for the idol groups..

cr: bravefamily

Autotune again :( hahaha..nevermind lah as long as the song is cool..hahaha..Hyomin is having fun in the studio with the guys! She is even pretty without a make up =D

01 뷰티풀 걸 (Beautiful Girl)(feat. 일렉트로 보이즈 (Electroboyz))
02 뷰티풀 걸 (Beautiful Girl)(feat. 일렉트로 보이즈 (Electroboyz)) (Inst.)

Park Jungmin (SS501) - Not Alone MV + Album

Breath in, breath out~

Aww guys, I forgot about Jungmin's solo debut last month..It's been a month late..so sorry! He already performed a goodbye stage on M!Countdown today..It's really fast right XD I didn't have a chance to watch any of his debut performances..Just now, I watched his goodbye stage on M!Countdown and I'm so proud of him! The place is full of fans holding the green balloons..I'm so glad there is still Triple S in Korea! =D Yeah, I'm used to be one of the Triple S! hahahahaa..

Jungmin's debut with a solo album titled 'Not Alone'. Jungmin ah! You are not alone~

Cred: loenent

His new image is hot and handsome! Black is cool! hahaha..the song also is pretty cool..I love his voice till now! So proud of him and Triple S around the world! They still support Jungmin goes on solo promotions :) You are not alone, Jungmin oppa! You still have many Triple S!!~

Aigooo~ I want SS501 with 5 BACK! 0.0

10 February 2011

Kan Mi Youn Ft. Junsu (2PM) - Sunshine MV

Kan Mi Youn's new single, Sunshine featuring Junsu/Jun.K from 2PM absolutely brings new mood for us! The song is composed by Junsu himself..and as you can see, Junsu is a rapper, Jun to the k k k~~ hahaha, Junsu can rap??! Well, he can produce song, goes on solo and even rap! :)

Cred: iheartshinee4ever

Fall in love with the song!! <3 Junsu is so sweet~ I miss 2PM already :( hahaha

01 Sunshine (duet with Jun.K (2PM 준수))
02 Sunshine (duet with Jun.K (2PM 준수))(Inst.)

Jewelry Profile + Back It Up MV

Name: Jewelry (쥬얼리)
Year Debuted : 2001
First album : Discovery
Korean Albums: 6 Albums (2001-2009)
Company : Star Empire Entertainment
Hit Song: One More Time (2008)

Former members :-

Park Jung Ah  - Main Vocalist & Leader (Left in January 2010)
Seo In Young - Lead Vocalist (Left in January 2010)
Cho Min Ah  - Vocalist (Left in December 2006)
Lee Ji Hyun  - Vocalist (Left in March 2006)
Jung Yoo Jin  - Vocalist (Left in January 2002)
Jun Eun Mi   - Vocalist (Left in January 2002)

As far as I know, Lee Ji Hyun and Cho Min Ah left Jewelry to involve in acting industy.. Where as Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young is leaving Jewelry to do solo activities..Jung Ah and In Yeong quit Jewelry after their December 2009 "Love Story" promotions :(

On June 14, 2010, it has been announced that Semi, one of the Top 10 finalists in Superstar K Season 1, will be joining Jewelry. Jewelry is not complete with three members right so on January 19, 2011, it was revealed that Jewelry's fourth member, Yewon, had joined Jewelry. Yewon was revealed by fans through a 'Jewelry Puzzle Game' and she is the trainee under Star Empire Entertainment for four years. Okayh, now Jewelry has Eunjung, Baby J, Semi, and Yewon!~ and then they have finally released comeback song, 'Back It Up' along with the new members..

Yewon and Semi

Read more to watch Back It Up MV + Members profile :-

08 February 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign (Japanese Ver.) PV

This year, many K-Pop artists spread their wings through their debut in Japan like Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, BEAST, KARA,and SNSD..Their debut in Japan were successful as in Korea..The Japanese netizens love korean industries too =D [Malaysian too ^^]

Having released 'Sign' in Korean version, now Brown Eyed Girls releases  in Japanese version one with a different music video..

Cred: officialbeg

Do you guys remember the MV for korean version? Yeah, it is more to story version..The japanese one is like the dance version..By the way, Miryo cut is hair short..Argh~ I like her with long hair! She looks elegant with the long hair..hahaa..Hopefully, Brown Eyed Girls will make their comeback in Korea as soon as possible yeah! ^.^

01 Sign (Japanese Ver.)
02 Love is....mp3 [JeA & Miryo]
03 Sign (Korean Ver.)

[UPDATED] Date for Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia announced!!

Sorry for no updates this two weeks.
and sorry that the post will be short as possible as I'm lazy to type.

Redstar, local organizer in Malaysia   RITS (Running Into The Sun) that already organized Super Junior - Super Show 3 Live in Singapore this year has announced the date for Super Junior - Super Show 3 live in Malaysia few days ago.


Starts saving your money for concert, guys... Especially save your angpow from Eid day. ^^
Say, are you guys coming or not?? I need to check whether I'm free or not first. Hahaha.

Read more for more details :)

YongSeo/Goguma Couple - For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song) Cut Video

Sweeeet Potatooo

The reality show, "We Got Married" has recently caught popularity among viewers..This year, there are 3 couples who are involved in this show and acted as a husband and wife..One of these couple is known as Goguma Couple or Sweet Potato Couple..The husband is Jung Yonghwa from CN BLUE and the wife is SeoHyun from SNSD..I think they are the perfect couple among others in this show..hahahaa..

In recent episode, they sing a duet titled For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song)..I'm actually suprised that SeoHyun can play the guitar very well..yeah, Yonghwa has taught her..hwaiting! Firstly, this song is individually sang by Yonghwa..The netizens questioned why the song was not sang in duet since this is the couple song..Haaa, finally, tadaaaa~~ Watch the cut video below :-

Cred: sweetpotato4339

Kyaaa!!~ So sweet =D [Handsome & Pretty] The song is very good..Yonghwa wrote the lyrics by himself right? He is very talented singer..Actually I didn't have a chance to watch this show now..I'm sure I will watch these after finishing my study!! Hhahahaa..

For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song)

04 February 2011

B2ST's Beautiful + IU's Good Day Parody ^^

Ahh, Yoseob and Dongwoon ♥

Hahhaaa..the famous gagwoman, Jung Juri parodying Good Day by IU and Beautiful by B2ST on her performance for KBS 2TV’s “Lunar New Year Global Star Blue & White Match.”..HAHAAHHAHAA! You should watch this now! So funny on how she attempts to reach the 3 octaves thing XD

Cred: miyachant

The beginning is cute only Yoseob and Dongwoon..ahahaa, I can't stop laughing afer Jung Juri entered and start to harass Dongwoon and Yoseob..Oh my boys :( They look adorable! hahaha..I can't stand looking at Juri's frightening face when she is laughing..hahaha..the 3 octaves thing?? hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaaa...Juri is the best! =p

01 February 2011

IU Releases Alicia MV!

That horse is so lucky :)

Wahhh..I really like IU even though she is one year younger than me! I absolutely adores her amazing voice! She is still young and has a very high vocal, aaa reaches 3 octaves right?? Wow~ and she is currently acting in new KBS drama, Dream High..I am going to watch the drama after this :) I hope she will stay in this industry for a long time..

Today, the MV for Alicia OST has been released. For your information, the song and MV was made for the online game, “The Story of My Horse and I, Alicia”, as IU was picked up to be the game’s representative spokesmodel..

Cred: unucomunication

She is pretty, isn't??! hahahaa..Love the MV and the song is quite good..that's why I post about it along with the mp3..huhhu =D

IU - Alicia (앨리샤) OST

More photos of IU...

Seungri (Big Bang) - VVIP & What Can I Do MVs [Mini Album]

Seungri dgn mke bangga dia..HAHAH =p

After G-Dragon & TOP made their comeback, now it's turn to the next member of Big Bang, Seungri (VI)!! He is a magnae of Big Bang..and ahhh, please remember, Big Bang's comeback is on 24th February!! Can't wait for their comeback in Korea after 2 years break :)

Having released his album and performed comeback stage on M!Countdown, YG Entertainment has finally revealed Seungri's MVs on 20th January..Two MVs released in one time! Go and check it out now~

Credit to BIGBANG @ youtube

Hahahaa..Alice In Wonderland! Lol, that girl is so cute! Oh my, this is the first time I think Seungri is handsome..haha..well, I seriously thought they are the real Big Bang members at 0:35, haha..kyaa~ they are all Seungri dressing like each of the member with their own pose..hahahaa..such a playful magnae XD Oh oh oh oh oh..

Gahh..I want the VI key ring!!~

Seungri's comeback photos below :-

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