19 February 2011

IU - The Story Only I Didn't Know MV + (REAL + MINI) Album

I just love her hair + makeup + everything in this picture!!

IU with her massive popularity is back to add a MINI to her REAL album released earlier this year! What is this amazing song this time? It's nothing but an explosively awesome ballad 나만 몰랐던 이야기 (The Story Only I Didn't Know). Ah, I know people have been diagnosed with the IU fever recently, as she's even got ahjusshi's to turn into fanboys.

The REAL album showcased IU's perky side with focus on her 3-octaves- "Good Day". But what people didn't realize was the singer's artistry presented in the rest of the album. And so this time IU's determined to show what she's made of, what kind of music she had started to sing at a new brilliant degree!

나만 몰랐던 이야기 (The Story Only I Didn't Know) MV:
cr: loenent
Well I prefer the first watch without the subtitles as you will miss the exceptional acting by IU, which I must say have gotten really good after being involved in the SBS drama "Dream High".

Anyways, don't get your undies in a honey bunches of oats, if you don't understand the creepy music video, IU's company clarified the music video just potrays someone experiencing a break up, but with someone with an older age gap, that's all. Don't think too much into it, even if the script is a bit misconstrued. Good acting from actress Park Bo Young though right?

I'd have to say! Singer Yoon Sang who stars as the man in the mv, but also the one who composed this song did such a good job! One of the creepiest songs just like IU's style, but I completely think its rarely beautifully brilliant! IU has already deemed it as the "most precious song she has yet to sing.."

Enjoy the REAL + MINI album down here & a little treat if you're a major IU fan, you get concept photos!


Panda likes: From the 1st Real Album, my favorite is The First Goodbye that Night. Not to sound sappy but its great "wandering" music when looking for shooting stars on a starry night.. As for the new MINI, I enjoy every track and I hope you guys do too. =D



  1. Can compile it and upload it to mediafire/megaupload?

  2. @anon - yeah definitely! uploading's been slow so i'm trying again to get it up there =D

  3. @anon - ok its up!! just click on IU (아이유) - REAL + MINI ! =D


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