27 February 2011

MBLAQ - Again Live Performance + BLAQ Style 3D Edition [Repackage Album]

Having released their first full-length album last month, which is BLAQ Style album, the repackage album is just released a few days ago..It contains 3 new tracks; Again, Can't Come Back Again, and You..They already performed "Again" in all music shows as their follow-up track after "Cry"..Moreover, Mir made his return to the stage after temporarily resting from his herniated disk injury earlier in the month..Watch their live performance in M!Countdown on 24th February! =D

Cred: mnet

Wahh..I'm happy to see Mir on stage! so miss him~ hahahaa..the song is quite good..I think most of the tracks in repackage album are way more better than the tracks in full-length album..Not just MBLAQ album..other idols too like Super Junior and SHINee ;) Their tracks in repackaged album were very good and became popular!

[Repackage Album]

02. 다시 (Again)
03. 돌아올 수 없는 (Can't Come Back)
04. You

1 comment:

  1. haha lagu nh pun suka bila leejoon nari kat oh my school =D

    btw leejoon asyik nari pegang baju secy gle haha baju da la besar2 je XD

    seungho comel seperti bese

    cheondong da gemok sket, bagos2. kalo x keding gle.

    comel gle mir muncul secare tiba2 haha

    go ensem gle la pulak skrg =.=


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