08 February 2011

YongSeo/Goguma Couple - For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song) Cut Video

Sweeeet Potatooo

The reality show, "We Got Married" has recently caught popularity among viewers..This year, there are 3 couples who are involved in this show and acted as a husband and wife..One of these couple is known as Goguma Couple or Sweet Potato Couple..The husband is Jung Yonghwa from CN BLUE and the wife is SeoHyun from SNSD..I think they are the perfect couple among others in this show..hahahaa..

In recent episode, they sing a duet titled For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song)..I'm actually suprised that SeoHyun can play the guitar very well..yeah, Yonghwa has taught her..hwaiting! Firstly, this song is individually sang by Yonghwa..The netizens questioned why the song was not sang in duet since this is the couple song..Haaa, finally, tadaaaa~~ Watch the cut video below :-

Cred: sweetpotato4339

Kyaaa!!~ So sweet =D [Handsome & Pretty] The song is very good..Yonghwa wrote the lyrics by himself right? He is very talented singer..Actually I didn't have a chance to watch this show now..I'm sure I will watch these after finishing my study!! Hhahahaa..

For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song)


  1. comel. jeles. haha

    dorg da abes an? sedih pulak walaupun xtgk lg XD

  2. hahah..tu ahh..comel2!!

    x abes lg..mggu ni last laa..hahaha..sedeyh n x tgk full episode lg..tgk skip2 je...hahahaha..

    btw, the new couple eunjong n x igt nme laki uh msti best!! nk tgk rr nnti!! hahahhaa..


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