19 February 2011

5dolls - Your Words MV feat. Jay Park (Part 2/2) + Album

Having released Part 1 of this MV a few days ago, now the Part 2 has finally revealed! It's the continuing from the Part 1.. However, they use "Your Words" song as the background song for Part 2 while "Lip Stains" for Part 1..Your words and Lip Stains includes in their 1st Mini Album titled, Five Charming Girls that's consist of 5 tracks.. Ahh, nevermind, you can still understand the story line even though there's no subtitle..hehe ^^

Cred: coremidas

Awww~ I almost crying in the end :( I thought Chanmi is a bad girl..hrmmm, Jay Park ahh is so kind as a chingu! Good job 5dolls! and Jay Park too..hahahaa

Download your Five Charming Girls down here:)

01 너 말이야 (Your Words)
02 입술자국 (Lip Stains)
03 쭈르르르르 (Trickle Trickle)
04 잘났어(You're So Great)
05 거기 잠깐 (Hold It Right There)

The album is not bad..Try to listen okayh! Now, I'm waiting for the Co-ed's boys turn! hahaha =D

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