01 February 2011

IU Releases Alicia MV!

That horse is so lucky :)

Wahhh..I really like IU even though she is one year younger than me! I absolutely adores her amazing voice! She is still young and has a very high vocal, aaa reaches 3 octaves right?? Wow~ and she is currently acting in new KBS drama, Dream High..I am going to watch the drama after this :) I hope she will stay in this industry for a long time..

Today, the MV for Alicia OST has been released. For your information, the song and MV was made for the online game, “The Story of My Horse and I, Alicia”, as IU was picked up to be the game’s representative spokesmodel..

Cred: unucomunication

She is pretty, isn't??! hahahaa..Love the MV and the song is quite good..that's why I post about it along with the mp3..huhhu =D

IU - Alicia (앨리샤) OST

More photos of IU...


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