08 February 2011

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign (Japanese Ver.) PV

This year, many K-Pop artists spread their wings through their debut in Japan like Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, BEAST, KARA,and SNSD..Their debut in Japan were successful as in Korea..The Japanese netizens love korean industries too =D [Malaysian too ^^]

Having released 'Sign' in Korean version, now Brown Eyed Girls releases  in Japanese version one with a different music video..

Cred: officialbeg

Do you guys remember the MV for korean version? Yeah, it is more to story version..The japanese one is like the dance version..By the way, Miryo cut is hair short..Argh~ I like her with long hair! She looks elegant with the long hair..hahaa..Hopefully, Brown Eyed Girls will make their comeback in Korea as soon as possible yeah! ^.^

01 Sign (Japanese Ver.)
02 Love is....mp3 [JeA & Miryo]
03 Sign (Korean Ver.)


  1. I'm Indonesian. Thanks for the post
    What a great blog. Keep posting :)

  2. on behalf of awin, you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the blog ^-^


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