30 May 2011

[Event] U-Kiss Fanmeeting In Malaysia *UPDATE

Hye guys, there is a slightly change of venue for U-Kiss fanmeet, KL Pavillion. Plus, good news for some, its FREE!!! Yes, you read me right. It's free. For official statement read HERE.

It's open for public! Thanks to RadioActive. For those who already bought the ticket, you will still get your privilege. But if you want to refund, only until 5 June.

Guess who's coming back to Malaysia??? Yes it's U-U-U-U-KISS. After we, all of the effpoos members happily meeting them last year, they're coming back! Hoyeah! The different are no more Alexander and Kibum, hye there AJ and Hoon, Soohyun is the new leader, and the organizer for this fanmeet is Redstar. Okay I know everyone should already know about this...

Pss, we're coming to Malaysia again!

Main organizer : Redstar Presents
Event management : Marctensia

Dinner with U-KISS members & Individual Photo Session
DATE: 9 June 2011
Time : 6pm
VENUE/RESTAURANT: Fullhouse Cafe, Sunway Giza
* Exclusive entry pass for dinner session with U-KISS members (Only for PACKAGE: RM$650)

Showcase / Fanmeet
Date : Friday, 10th June 2011
Time : 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Venue : KL Pavillion Main Entrance
Dewan Wawasan, Level 4, Tower 1, Menara PGRM
No.8, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
(Nearby public transport: LRT, bus and taxi)
Schedule :
1200 - Press Conference (TBC)
1400 - Group photo session with package RM480
2000 - Showcase start

For more details about the package provided for each ticket price, click read more. :)

Various Artists - Lotte Duty Free 'So I'm Loving You' 2011

Korea’s top Hallyu stars; Hyun Bin, JYJ, Big Bang, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hun, 2PM, Jang Geuk Suk, and Kim Hyun Joong came together in one music video and even sang a special song for the CF =)

Cred: Teacyeon24

This video is full of people i love!! :D hahaha. The stars act as fairy-tale characters. Hyun Bin & Song Seung Hoon's voice arghh *melted* JYJ, Big Bang & 2PM yeahh! Big Bang are Aladdins, awww cute! It's an AWESOME CF!!~

B2ST/BEAST On A Guerilla Date!

Yeah yeah yeah! BEAST again! hahahaa.I can't control myself when it comes to BEAST! I feel like wanna tell everything, everyday about them. huhuh ;)

Wahh, so many fans ^^

They recently were the special guests on the Guerrilla Date corner of KBS 2TV’s "Entertainment Relay". KBS 2TV is only aired in Korea right? So, I don't know when this episode will be aired on KBS World TV, hrmm, maybe in the next week's episode of Entertainment Weekly. I hope so :) I want to know what our BEAST is saying and laughing at! hahaha

Cred: kbsworld

Kyaaa~ I'm so jealous with that girl! She hugged all the boys of BEAST! Huh! The boys also played some side games on the street. I don't know what was the name of the game. Strength of a punch? hahahaa. Doojon's woww Daebak!! The strongest and sweetest guy ever! hahaha =D and lastly, they had a lunch with MC and I don't know what they were talking about! I got the first question only..

MC: Who's the member that spend the less money
Everyone points at KK where KK points at JH
DJ: Its Kikwangie.
KK: Yeah, other than the activities and schedules, I usually stay at home.
YS: No economical activities.

Haha. I thought Kikwang could be the member that spend the most money! He seems like to have fun and shopping. Btw, he is so an innocent guy! and e has a very sweet smile. That's why I like him :)) hehe..

p/s: BEAST's members are very nice, sweet, and caring toward their fans. I'm so proud to be one of the B2UTIES ^^

26 May 2011

B2ST/BEAST Releases Japanese Ver. for Bad Girl!

Down down we gotta get down~

Even though Beast is currently promoting their Fiction and Fact comeback in Korea, they are also working on their Japanese advancement as well. Back in April, they already debuted with Japanese version of Shock in Japan :) and now they continue to release another PV which is Bad Girl!~

Cred: beastofficial

I love their clothes! Beautiful and smart! They look very cool and I love the Japanese video one rather than Korean's. But, korean words suit the song very well. It's sounds weird when they are singing in Japanese, right??! hahahaha :p Well, I'm so excited that Beast is very popular in Japan! Weeeeee^^

Code-V (코드브이) - Tell You Honestly MV + Honestly Album [Tracklist]

Hello everyone!! Awin is back! Hahaha.More posts to be coming out soon. Update update update :p

New image, new member

Code-V has finally back with a new album! In June 2010 Bless came back as Code-V but failed to find success with their track poisoning. Taemin, much older than the other members, decided to leave the group on the 21st August 2010 and is now happy as he has found himself a very pretty girlfriend :) In October 2010 Minho A.K.A. Rui (Sounds like Louis) was added to the group.

Look up Rui's profile plus the others HERE

They have reveals a new music video titled, 솔직히 말할게 (Tell You Honestly) and their album, Honestly consists of 11 tracks.

Wahh, SOL looks a bit like Jaejung (JYJ) isn't he? hahaha. Code-V is more towards ballad songs and they have amazing voices! The new member has a sweet voice and the most important he is handsome! mwahaha :p

24 May 2011

FT Island "Hello Hello" MV & 3rd Mini Album "RETURN"

This is my baby love~

HELLO HELLO! Okay screaming and shredding of hair starts now!! FT ISLAND has comeback to Korea with their full mv finally! The whole 3rd mini album "RETURN" is has already launched ha~ha~ha.

The music video is about a fire in New York city. I think everyone is gonna enjoy this one, such a difference! And they look better than ever. *drool* I fell in love with FTI again since now I can hear Hongki's raspy voice that I used to love so much.

FT Island has finally dabbled in the indie genre as well as alternative rock for this track and the rest of the album, so so so good you will die. Weee~ now enjoy! Super HD pics and tracklist after the cut.

FT ISLAND - Hello Hello MV:

23 May 2011

[FANACCOUNT] 2AM Live in Malaysia

So, how are you people?!
Are you enjoying last Friday and Saturday?
Or maybe.. did you already go to greet them at KLIA and bid them goodbye there too?

To watch my fancams for 2AM in Malaysia, please check in here. :))

Well, I, chibi, one of the admin is going to do the fanaccount while 2AM was here for almost 4 days. Let's story about the boys!!

Since they landed on 18th May 2011 in Malaysia, the 2AM fever has started on me. Well, because I've really stood so close to them when they exited the airport. I can even do hi-5 with them if there were no security guards around them. Funny part when greeted them when they arrived was the security people are more than the fans   number. And yes, as you can see, 2AM is friendly people. They do not mind the fans walking side by side, handshake and hugging them (maybe. lol). Anyway, the story for their arrival is done until here, or else I might rant so long that you can't keep up to read.

Click Read more.. and yerp with your own risk! :D

20 May 2011

FT Island's RETURN with "Hello Hello" Teaser!

Hey! Ironic how a comeback post will be about my darlings but here we go!

tell me this isn't hot...just try

FT Island the super Five Treasures have finally returned to their homeland Korea to release their 3rd Mini Album on May 24th!! And its called "RETURN" of course!!

Hongki goes back to dark colored hair (super cool), Leader Jonghun with better and awesomer guitar riffs, Seunghyun as adorable as ever, Minhwan who's super rockin sweet and of course...JAE-DRAGON!! haha just kidding but Jaejin's nickname with his past "Saranghooae" haircut like he has now is dubbed as Jae-dragon for similarities with GD. Ah they've improved so much~~

Check out the boys in FT Island's "Hello Hello" MV teaser they are soo smokin hot that they burned their building!! haha I'm just kidding but it could be true..

Hello Hello MV TEASER:


17 May 2011

[MV] SISTAR 19 - Ma Boy

Hey girls, We got you back, we got your ba-ba-back~~
That's what SISTAR 19 said for their newest songs.

SISTAR 19 is one of sub unit for girl group SISTAR, which Bora and Hyorin in it. :)

They are currently promoting 'Ma Boy'.
From my POV, gosh, they both are so awesome!! (how could they do such gorgeous wave?!!!) And good job again to Brave Brothers for giving this song to them. :D

The song is addicted!! Listen and watch how smexy beautiful, and sweet their dance and lyrics are.


BEAST - Fiction MV + Fiction and Fact [Tracklist]

After the fact intro movie, they revealed the full story here!~

Some of the part in the mv kinda remind me of their past mv like shock and bad girl and breathe and all haha I laugh and love the dance XD They look soooo cooollll tho!

01. The Fact
02. Fiction
03. Back to You
04. You
05. Freeze
06. Virus
07. 불러보지만 (Though I Call)
08. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days)
09. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.)
10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)

Go buy their album!!! Cause we did XD Go Beast! Super excited mood on!

16 May 2011

[EVENT] Jang Geun Suk The Cri Show Live in Malaysia 2011

Want to see Jang Geun Suk or Jang Keun Suk with your own two eyes for real? Performing in front of you and not seeing him just on television?

Here's the chance for Malaysian fans and international fans who would like to see Jang Geun Suk performing live in front of you!! :D

click the image to directly go to buy the ticket online! :D

Can't believe he will come to our country, Malaysia? Here's the teaser for the showcase. :))

(isn't he adorkable?!! )

The show is brought by Rhythm Land, the one who brought Brian Joon Live in Malaysia last year.
Here's a bit details about the show that will happen on this upcoming 4th June 2011.

Date: 4th June 2011, SaturdayVenue: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention CentreTime: 5 pm (tentative)

For more details about the package provided for each ticket price, click read more. :)

14 May 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110513]

Congrats again Jay Park for winning again this week XD

1 Jay Park - Abandoned
2 Im Jae Bum - 너를 위해(For You)
3 f(x) - Pinocchio (Danger)
4 4minute - Mirror Mirror
5 Eru - Countrified and Immature
6 CNBLUE - Intuition
7 Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry
8 Sistar19 - Ma Boy
9 After School - Shampoo
10 Big Bang - Love Song
11 Kim Geurim (Superstar K2) - There Was Only You
12 K.Will - My Heart Beating
13 A Pink - I Don't Know
14 10cm - 아메리카노(Americano) [NEW]
15 Kim Taewoo - Echo
16 Rainbow - To Me
17 Big Bang - Tonight
18 Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
19 BMK - 꽃피는 봄이 오면 (When Spring Comes) [NEW]
20 IU - Good Day

Here are the list for performances on 13th May 2011:

♬ Debut
Heo Young Saeng

♬ Comeback stage!
Lim Jeonghee

★ Today Music Bank ★
Jay Park, f(x), 4minute, Kim Tae Woo, SISTAR19, After School, Eru, A Pink, Untouchable, Suh Young Eun, B1A4, Soul Dive, and Kim Greem.

Beast - Fact Intro Movie

Beast is coming back with first full length album, Fiction on the 17th May 2011! I can't wait! My another current love <3

This is intro movie for the track, Fact. Like a teaser for the album. Actually I confuse which one is the title of the song and the title of the album, fact or fiction or fact and fiction. lol Anyway, I always love Beast songs! And this one is no exception! Love it tho it short. And I love how everyone get equals part in Beast =D Oh and Hyunseung's orange hair is daebak XD

PS: Beast is coming to Malaysia again! I wanna go.....

Infinite - Can You Smile Performance

Blogspot had some trouble yesterday =.= I was so excited to update this huhu

Infinite perform their latest digital single! OMG MY CURRENT LOVE!!!

Must watch! Yeay they can sing slow song too after cool, strong and cute image =D

Every one got to sing! Even Sungyeol! Even though it was not even one line lol And magnae Sungjong. They should divide the part equally =.= Nevertheless, it's awesome to see the rapper sing ^^ Hoya and Dongwoo are awesome! Leader Sungkyu and Woohyun have awesome vocal as usual. Oh did I tell you about L yet? Hehehe L!!!!!! Super sweet awesome aaaaaaaaaa L plays the guitar!!! I will squeal and scream like a mad fan girl every time the camera focus on him! So handsome. His eyes... Looking at me... lol I love his voice... Okay I better stop now before I get too crazy.

11 May 2011

2NE1 - Lonely MV

Hye!!! Anyone? Haha I feel so lonely lonely lonely~ I hope we still have reader tho we didn't update for so long! Huge apologies for that. Too lazy to post anything. Just a quick update. Oh yeah 2ne1 is back!!!

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