20 May 2011

FT Island's RETURN with "Hello Hello" Teaser!

Hey! Ironic how a comeback post will be about my darlings but here we go!

tell me this isn't hot...just try

FT Island the super Five Treasures have finally returned to their homeland Korea to release their 3rd Mini Album on May 24th!! And its called "RETURN" of course!!

Hongki goes back to dark colored hair (super cool), Leader Jonghun with better and awesomer guitar riffs, Seunghyun as adorable as ever, Minhwan who's super rockin sweet and of course...JAE-DRAGON!! haha just kidding but Jaejin's nickname with his past "Saranghooae" haircut like he has now is dubbed as Jae-dragon for similarities with GD. Ah they've improved so much~~

Check out the boys in FT Island's "Hello Hello" MV teaser they are soo smokin hot that they burned their building!! haha I'm just kidding but it could be true..

Hello Hello MV TEASER:


As much as I loved their japanese improvement we're all itching for their Korean work again, I really hope they can release a full album after this new comeback.

Last week the boys ran into a couple of weird occurrences one that was their computer screen started smoking and FT Island was rushed out of the burning building, thankfully everyone was okay, but is that their good luck as they say?

P/s: I love the guitars they sound like Versailles awesome!


  1. yeayyy azra is back with her babies! hahaha lame xnmpk fti huhu

    macam besh je lagu nh yeayy fti smkn mantap haha

    mv xleh bla. mat saleh smua hahah hongki xleh blaaa xde asap pun. eh where's my jaejin? blonde????

  2. haha yeayy so happy fti comeback XD ill support watever lah dorg ni nak buat hahaha.

    i kno rite haha jaejin is back to blonde! i like his hair like this too XD


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