26 May 2011

Code-V (코드브이) - Tell You Honestly MV + Honestly Album [Tracklist]

Hello everyone!! Awin is back! Hahaha.More posts to be coming out soon. Update update update :p

New image, new member

Code-V has finally back with a new album! In June 2010 Bless came back as Code-V but failed to find success with their track poisoning. Taemin, much older than the other members, decided to leave the group on the 21st August 2010 and is now happy as he has found himself a very pretty girlfriend :) In October 2010 Minho A.K.A. Rui (Sounds like Louis) was added to the group.

Look up Rui's profile plus the others HERE

They have reveals a new music video titled, 솔직히 말할게 (Tell You Honestly) and their album, Honestly consists of 11 tracks.

Wahh, SOL looks a bit like Jaejung (JYJ) isn't he? hahaha. Code-V is more towards ballad songs and they have amazing voices! The new member has a sweet voice and the most important he is handsome! mwahaha :p

L-R: Sangwoo, Minho, Naro, Jaewon and Sol

L-R: Naro, Sangwoo and Minho

Sol (Left) and Sangwoo (Right)

Songs in Honestly ;)

01 솔직히 말할게 (Tell You Honestly)
02 Go!
03 Summer Love
04 Miracle
05 중독 (Addiction)
06 내가 더 슬퍼 (I'm More Sad)
07 지금 만나러 간다 (I'm Coming To Meet You Now)
08 해하지 말아요 (Do Not Be Reconciled)
09 중독 (Remix)
10 솔직히 말할께 (Inst.)
11 Go! (Inst.)

The album is quite good! Wishing them all the best in promoting their songs.


  1. yeay awin is back! haha

    haha ape la kuar masuk member =.= xleh bla ade awek XDDD

    boleh la, sket je cm jaejong haha

    aaa code-v~ sian gak kat dorang nh, x dpt perhatian sgt haha dorg pnh g variety show ke? cm xpnh je lol they should get more recognition cause they're talented than some other new group now lol they should receive more attention and love~ gogo fighting!

    suara dorg sedap! lagu boleh tahan. ari uh ganas, tetiba ballad haha

  2. hahahaha..bese laa..eh?? f.cuz leeU un kuar kan?? sedeyh glerr..pe laa leeU..isk3..

    ahahha..rmbut n mate dia kot mcm jaejoong..huhu~

    tu laa..sbb dorang ni dah tua2 kot and x laa cute mne..tu yg org x byk minat tuh..huh..sian diorang :'(

    yupp2!! vocal diorang mantap! =D


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