30 May 2011

Various Artists - Lotte Duty Free 'So I'm Loving You' 2011

Korea’s top Hallyu stars; Hyun Bin, JYJ, Big Bang, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hun, 2PM, Jang Geuk Suk, and Kim Hyun Joong came together in one music video and even sang a special song for the CF =)

Cred: Teacyeon24

This video is full of people i love!! :D hahaha. The stars act as fairy-tale characters. Hyun Bin & Song Seung Hoon's voice arghh *melted* JYJ, Big Bang & 2PM yeahh! Big Bang are Aladdins, awww cute! It's an AWESOME CF!!~


  1. HAHAHAH lawak ar mv nih XD random disney haha byk btol jejaka, pmpn sorg je hahahha 2pm pirates! hahaha random english HAHAHAA besh2!!!

  2. ahahhaa..tu laa..choi ji woo jd princess, song seung hun prince..hahahahaa..ha'ah, 2pm are the hottest pirates!! nichkhun cool glerr!~

  3. @azra- arghhh, copyright thing! hahah..k, dah tukar dah :)

  4. omgg!! this is awesome!!! how did they get all these awesome ppl in?? hyunbin, JYJ! finally they get to do cfs together and BIGBANG! out of their shell. JGS and KHJ daebakkkk~~ so i'm loving this XD


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