14 May 2011

Infinite - Can You Smile Performance

Blogspot had some trouble yesterday =.= I was so excited to update this huhu

Infinite perform their latest digital single! OMG MY CURRENT LOVE!!!

Must watch! Yeay they can sing slow song too after cool, strong and cute image =D

Every one got to sing! Even Sungyeol! Even though it was not even one line lol And magnae Sungjong. They should divide the part equally =.= Nevertheless, it's awesome to see the rapper sing ^^ Hoya and Dongwoo are awesome! Leader Sungkyu and Woohyun have awesome vocal as usual. Oh did I tell you about L yet? Hehehe L!!!!!! Super sweet awesome aaaaaaaaaa L plays the guitar!!! I will squeal and scream like a mad fan girl every time the camera focus on him! So handsome. His eyes... Looking at me... lol I love his voice... Okay I better stop now before I get too crazy.


  1. I loveeee this song sooo muchh!! My fav!!! Weeee:)

    hahahhaa..L main gitar je..smart2!!

    Woohyun cute nyerrr..suka tgk dia nynyi jerit2..sdp gler suara diaaaa...Sungkyu punnn..

    Yeahh!! akhrnyer Sungyeol nynyi gak..fan jerit time dia nynyi..hahahah..comel je :p

    Haaaa..suara Hoya bapak sedappp!!! Waaaaaaaa..

  2. skrg dlm otak xabes2 oh can you smile? pas2 dok sengih2 sorg2 hahaha psycho je.

    L~~~ smart gle die men gitar haha

    tuh ar smart ar suara woohyun. sungkyu ada satu part die jerit uh gila la.

    tuh ar comel je fan jerit tym die nyanyi XDDD

    taw xpe, da la rap, main dancer, suara sedap huhuhu hoya~


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