02 February 2010

This Feeling Rises Again

When it comes to Dong Bang Boys.. Yes, I didn't expect to be so Fanatic and such especially in this moment.

But I can't this 'special' case that i watched from the DVD 3rd Live Asia Tour MIROTIC in SEOUL.

(and now I really regret for buying & watching the making film)
I thought I wouldn't be mad when these girls appeared and approach the boys.. Yet, it just back fired.

I was surprised.. (yes, of course I surprised because of Changmin.. (that's somehow unbelievable for me to be surprised by this kiddo.))

and another surprise by Leader Yunho when met the Leader of other band.

See.. You can see how my anti love feeling towards the girls reach a bit higher. (until I didn't write their names even until now.)

Kay, the girls are SNSD Yoona & Taeyeon.. (okay, somehow you would say.. puhlease.. they didn't do anything wrong towards.. and I would answer: So, what? and Sooyoung & Sica even there that I didn't care about that.)

Watch the two vids I provided to know why I'm surprised and my anti love feeling rises. (and ahaha.. to be honest, watching in the DVD is more annoying than watching from Youtube vid)

And yes, to suju fans, you will see few of them appeared in the video. So, cheer for Suju (of course I'm so glad to see Leeteuk Leada.)

(P/S:- thank god this time Yoochun, Jaejoong & Junsu is not included for planning to rise the anti love level too. =D)

One thing i need to say somehow..

(highlight to read)

SNSD became famous when they released Gee and thanks to that song actually. If not, Wonder Girls still rules in South Korea if they released songs.


  1. why ddnt i feel like kicking their butt? i love changmin and i dont really like yoona (almost hate XD), but i found that video cute WAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA seriously, idk why hahahaha

    chill chibi, yunho and changmin are my favs, but i dont hate taeyon or even yoona. they NEED to have (girl)friends lol

    anyway2, changmin-kyuhyun are so cuteeeeeeeeee uwaaaaaaaaaaaa and not to forget hyukjae-junsu <33333

  2. hahaa..yoona is annoying beb!
    changmin as asual..(hat dia sgt comel) hehehe..~


  3. aaaah! im sooo wit u gurl. mygod i just wanted to slap off yoona's hand when it started to touch changmin's ouh! man i dont even like changmin that much, but it pissed me off a lot! lol.

    & uknow noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. @Aozora
    ahaha... we really somebit haters aren't we???

    erk.. awin pown x suker yoona ehh?? kekeke...


    ko mmg.. pikir laen dr yg laen.

  5. hehe..ha'ah la chibi..ble tgk lme2 menyampah lak!..gedik~ hahaha...


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