07 February 2010

Time to love Supernova!

Cho Shing Sung, meaning "Supernova" in Korean, is an idol band made up of six good-looking and talented boys who have undergone extensive vocal, dancing, and acting training before their debut. In order to set themselves apart from the other groups out there, Cho Shin Sung prefer to sport a more formal look to enhance their masculine appeal. (Hehee..)

Cho Shin Sung fans use various versions of the group's name in different countries. In South Korea, the group is known as Cho Shin Sung (초신성), while in Japan they are known as Cho Shin sei (超新星), in Chinese known as Chao Xin Xing (超新星), and in English Supernova. . All the members are above 180 cm in height.(Woww!~)

Recently,they had release their fourth Japanese single, "Last Kiss".

Mari berkenalan dengan member-member supernova dengan lebih lanjut ;)

Stage Name : Spica Yunhak | Yunhak | ユナク (윤학 or 尹鶴)
Name: Jung Yunhak (정윤학, 鄭尹鶴)
Birthdate: December 2, 1984 (age 25)
Position: Leader, Vocal


Stage Name: Sirius Sungje | Sungje | ソンジェ (성제 or 成帝)
Name: Kim Sungje (김성제 or 金成帝)
Birthdate: November 17, 1986
Position: Main Vocal


Stage Name : Becrux Kwangsu | Kwangsu | グァンス (광수 or 光秀)
Name: Kim Kwangsu (김광수, 金光秀)
Birthday: April 22, 1987
Position: Rapper


Stage Name : Vega Sungmo | Sungmo | ソンモ (성모 or 成模)
Name: Yoon Sungmo (윤성모, 尹成模)
Birthdate: June 15, 1987
Position: Lead Vocal


 Stage Name : Acrux Jihyuk | Jihyuk | ジヒョク (지혁 or 智赫)
Name: Song Jihyuk (송지혁, 宋智赫)
Real Name: Song Hunyong (송헌용)
Birthdate: July 13, 1987
Position: Vocal


Stage Name : Canopus Geonil | Geonil | ゴニル (건일 or 建日)
Name: Park Geonil (박건일, 朴建日)
Birthdate: November 5, 1987
Position: Main Rapper

p/s: hahaha...mari pilih2!!~


  1. sungmo is mine! been mine.. bwahahaha.
    i liked kwangsu in the TTL promos tho.
    i cant help but like blondes for sum reason..

  2. yeah!! mine..jihyuk! so mach0 meh..
    hahahaa.. =D

    Owh..i like blondes 2!! but not Hongki laa..heheh

  3. huhu.. supernova same tyme dgn fti debut.. ALBUM dier yg 1st lagu syes sdap.. syes eppy bler diorunk comeback balik kat korea!!~ and btw.. supernova songs are too great!!~~^_^

  4. hahhaa..tau x pe chibi!! gle supernova lak skang!!

  5. gmbr ramai2 uh smua comel, gmbr sorg2 smua pelik XD

    sape yg dua org kat tgh2 kat gmbr ramai2 uh? comel~

  6. hehee..kte un x bpe cam lg diorang ni..
    kte rse 2 org uh Gun il and Sungmo kot..
    tol x azra ...or chibi??hhahaa..

  7. ahaha.. tanye kte lg la.. supernova malas gle nak taw asalkan vocal diorunk kuat..

    i think sungmo & yunhak la..

    gun il plg ujung blah kiri.. ^o^

    anyway, kte recommend lagu ni..

    Supernova - Once Again

  8. ouhh..ye kott..gun il plg tggi k0t..hahaa..

    tp bpk cute yunhak!..yg gmba sorang2 speckie ni pelik plak..hahaha..

    waahh!! vocal diorang the best r!!=D

  9. woh tggi nye my baby hahah perasan. tp asl kat ttl nmpk cm dak kecik pendek? hahaha

    yunhak comel? yang ade i love smtg tu ke yunhak? gle r, cam baby hahah baby leader

    kte paling sng nak cam kwangsu (penya.... hahaha) ngan jihyuk

  10. hahaha.. maybe yunhak waktu tuh mkn byk sumthing...and muker dier jd puffy, kekeke... ahahah awat mod jer yg comment sumer post.. kekekeke

  11. hhaahaa..my baby?alia mmg prasan..hhehe..nmpk tggi rr gk dlm ttl uh..

    maybe laa yunhak..heheh..

    sungje un sng nk cam..byk nynyi..hahhaa..

    abeh spe lg nk cment ek chibi??huhh~


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