19 February 2010

Yesterday is Changmin's Bday!!

Kekeke.. yesterday Changmin's birthday.. I mean DBSK's magnae's birthday, Shim Changmin. (18-02-10)

 ^ Changmin said:- Just because you finished your high school and waiting the result means you could easily forget me?? If you dare to forget me, see this book in my hand?? **fake smile**

Oh well oppa, I didn't dare to forget... But..

Did you notice that I never post on the day their birthday is to wish them?? Well, I'm being either lazy or too hype to post in future ahead or after their birthday. (yesterday I created two new sites.. so, don't blame me..)

So, today is like Jaejoong's birthday.. I missed a day of Changmin's birthday.

You won't be mad with me right?? (ask to changmin.)

Anyway, his birthday post present would be some pics of him that being drawn by fans and his edited pics as well his smilies pic... ^_^

Click read more to see my birthday present for him.

P/S:- alia, did you forget his bday yesterday??

His fanarts:-

^ to show how changmin really loves food!! XD

^and this is to show how handsome he is and charismatic??XD well, he is handsome more than in TV or pics. (that's all people who seen him in real said.)
^ and this show how he is when he is angry mood or we usually called DARK mood.

^ and when he is in ANGELIC mood. Yup, he is way too cute!!XD
His edited piccas~~XD
^ way too cool our tallest blondy in the group.. hehehe
And I found nice video..

credit to:- YukariiChangmin

チャンミン 私には、踊ってください。►Changmin Dance For Me◄

anyway, Happy 22nd / 23rd Birthday Changmin Oppa!

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  1. hahaha no i dont forgot his bday. he's my no 1 in dbsk lol aku siap wish kat forum dbsk nye chatbox XD tp xwish kat snh cause im so busy yesterday hohohoho sorry min lol


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