24 February 2010


Btw, SWM is Shinee World Malaysia (Shinee's Malaysian Fan Club)

So they'll having like a small gathering, wanna join? Here are the details.
Date: 6 March 2010
Place: Redbox - The Gardens, Midvalley
Time: 1.00p.m - 6.00p.m
Price: RM40 (including hi-tea)
Main activities: Birthday message for Jonghyun
Other activities: Quizzes about shinee and singing competition (random - not only Shinee's song) [Prizes have been prepared for these activities]
Those who are still interested, can send an email to shineeworldmalaysia@gmail.com on or before 28 February 2010.

For more details, visit SWM forum.

To my fellow TheAbracadabras, wanna go? Mid Valley~ so we have no problem with that. But.... anyone has RM40? haha


  1. yayyyyyy, ive been fangirling SHINee a lot these days actually XD.

    I'll be happy to go! but haha yeah we're so poor 40 bucks seem like a stretch lol.

    ah xpe ah jom2! my top 5 fav bands i support!

  2. serius azra ko nak g? i thot u dont wanna go XDDD

    yeayyy I have friend lets go!!

  3. aigooo, soo jealous of u girls lah.
    i wanna go to. plus there will be bday mssge fr jonghyun :(
    but somehow i think i cant make it. too busy :'(
    if you're willing , can u snap some pictures of the activities. tak dpt pg tgk kt gmba pun jd hahahah :)

  4. alaaa nur, xg ke? u're like the only one i know in SWM =.= jom laaaa, i'll belanja you, tanda berkenalan XD

    oh oh kalau kitorang jadik mesti tangkap gmbr nye, no worries XD

  5. Helo there ^^

    Thanks for supporting SHINee!! hahaha sounds so formal..ekekeke

    Looking forward for your confirmation email ^.^


  6. hye yuyugurlz haha no need to be formal here XD

    okay, we'll try to give it as soon as we get our parents permission first.

    ps azra: you sure you can go?

  7. mmpos je, i go by impulse, i cant ask before hand, they'll yell & change their minds after, so i have to ask the day b4. then ill go.

    no worries ima send an email.

  8. hey flyfonix...i'm lizzy from SWM too ...hehe
    Btw, i'm going to the gathering~ can't wait to meet you guys and one more week to go :)

  9. azra, im gonna kill you if you cancel last minute XD

    hye lizzy, you're going? yeay!~ have you send the email?

  10. yeah hehe....kill azra??? DON'T!!!! haha

  11. haha im not gonna kill her, ill lost my Tab members lol

    yeay lizzy you're going! see you there (hopefully)

  12. u belanja? hahaha. its okay tho. mmg i busy on that day. hope u girls have the best day :)

  13. lol haha leave me alone. if i dont get to go, you can meet MY-SHINee World yourself no biggy! haha.

    i'm quite busy on weekends, ha u can understand xP. is awin & chibi goin??

  14. Heyy , SHINee tkde kan kt situ ?> AHAHA :D

  15. hyee arqyla, ya shinee xde kat situ XD


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