03 February 2010

Who Speaks English Better? ^_^

hahaha.. I love these guys~~XD
But just wanted you to vote which guys pulled English better.

Note:- these two are my favs!! Don't steal.. XD

Old teppei.. BUT HE IS DAMN CUTIE!! (of course same level with Jae cept he is shorter~ XD)

cred:- farahmicky8 & inclinedniche
(I wish he said Welcome to this site as it can be used by every site that has DBSK's info in it. =D )

and yesh to me I VOTE BOTH OF THEM!!~ and +1 for Teppei!!(sorry, jae~)


  1. too short to vote hahaha

    whats up with teppei koike?he paused just to remember his own name? ahahaha thailand? wtheck with do your best, you can do it ahahhaaha so random

  2. he just said his first name and laterr his last name la..
    he's introducing in american style intro.. if he did in japan, his name would be koike teppei.
    he's so clover for that i must say. =)

  3. omg AHHHH!! KOIKEE!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!
    if i heard that b4 spm for SURE i would get 10A++++++++ <3!


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