05 February 2010

Time for New Dream Team

Boy, I write so much about other kpop groups i forget to write about my own FTi. So i guess i'm doing a bit today. Here's a break from all the jaejins. Here's some news about the future dream team airing on KBS.

Well it really is the same Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 - Green Team is Coming, but now some changes has been made as 2PM's Junho has been signed on to stay as a regular.

Junho appeared on the first couple of premier episodes of Dream Team Sea.2, but had to drop out due to all those Jaebeom issues.

The PD of the show revealed, “It’s been decided that Junho will join us for filming on the 10th with UFC fighters."

Junho will be joining SHINee’s Minho (ace), g.o.d.’s Danny Ahn, FT Island’s Lee Hongki, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and many others on February 10th and the episode will air on March 7th.

I swear i'll keep my eyes peeled on this, since hongki already made one appearance on the show recently, it hasn't aired in malaysia. ehem..--> feb 7th!

*SPOILER* Hongki's recording stills are under the cut:

cr:allkpop, thnx to sumone@lj


  1. hongki looks like ajushi in the 3rd pic lol XD

    aaaa junho <3 looks like dream team gonna have some fierce competition going on =DDD

  2. hahaa..yeah!!Green Team Hwaiting!!~

  3. i dont kno why they picked hongki, he's useless.
    he's so scared of so many things (ostrich) lol and i dont thk he's anykind of athletic. he's just really competitive tho lol.


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