17 February 2010

U-KISS Vampire is LOVE!!

I thought I didn't want to post this because this variety show is way too funny to share with..kekeke.. Mianhae, guys..

Anyway, UKISS VAMPIRE is the first Variety Shows done by U-KISS. The show relates about blood type characteristics. And that's really interesting!! For me.. kekeke..

This show was released by MBC and hahaha.. I really Type B's blood, Dongho!! he's really ignorant if the stuff around him doesn't involved him.. Really blood type B

Okay, to know a bit about U-KISS's blood type and watch the vid click read more..

so, i'm going to give you one vid for promo to U-KISS VAMPIRE!!^_^ **scream** and to watch more.. here,
ukissmusicbox. the vid i put also credit to ukissmusicbox. ^_^

So, this stuff really interesting, isn't??

Here's the detail for U-KISS bloodtype..

A type...

Soohyun and Kiseop

B type..


O type...

Eli, Kibum , Kevin and Alexander

^above is Kevin and Kibum.. Cutie pie..

^this is Xander..Kekeke.. funny guy

^and Eli.. Nice transformation..XD

So, which blood type are you?? I bet my blood type is O?? or AB?? or B?? hahaha.. IDK!!XD


  1. wah kiseop is really starting to look like a doll lol. & no not an action figure xP.

    haha i rmbr this i dint want to post either, cuz the vampire teeth on dongho looked too ridiculous + funny lol.

    i kno im a boring blood type O. but since hongki is AB...

    btw! stupid shoutbox said i exceeded my limit, so im out, im gonna watch roundtable+ wit bigbang! lol

  2. well, that shoutbox isn't making you mad alone.. me too.. haishh,..

    maybe kte nye drama tuh amik mase lama kot...XD
    ahahah.. yea yea.. kiseop look way too dollish?? for me, he really loves to do comic dances..

    yikes, dongho too... FUNNY and he really adorable.. Starting to like that magnae more more..

    go go wathc SANG SANG PLUS.. I'm going to roam around in Kpop forum to get new songs.. =)

  3. watched it already! dongho is so like dont care about anything. haha but when he plays with the puppy *cuteeee* ^^
    kiseop is so organized, i like guys like that. clean and neat. haha

    Xander, OMO~ <3

  4. clean & neat guys, how awesome, im actually like that, so that wld probbly drive me mad i reckon hahaha.

  5. @nur
    hahah.. dongho is really like that.. and LOL when his puppy peed on the members' bed and he was there cleaned the puppy's mess.
    It's like UKISS members said.. Dongho looked like he's the one responsible for such mess..
    Kekke. cutie dongho..

    ahahaha.. I don't prefer guy like Kiseop that clean and neat.. because they might be troublesome if something get messier even a little..

    So, someone like normal is okay for me..

    ahahaa.. U like xander??
    i like kevin.. he's cute esp when he was in Xing

  6. yaaah there is no rule like not sharing bcause its too funny, lame excuses, bad very bad wahahhaa anyway thanks for sharing this!~ im not digging much about u-kiss before so I don't know about this show, mian u-kiss =.= this is why we need joint blog XD

    it took me awhile to give marshmallow coz i just finish watching this XD

    I LOVE VARIETY SHOW. did i ever mentioned that? I hope u-kiss will get more and more variety show cos they such a dork and im starting to love them more (naik level top 10 aku)

    I never have a proper ranking in ukiss coz i cant pick my fav =.= but i dont really know why before, alex always be my no 1 (sejak ble pgl xander, ye la aku kuno =.=) now i have found my reason yippe! (this happen with junsu 2pm too =.=)

    kiseop is sooo finee, omg no wonder azra adore him so much last year XD

    i love dongho in imr, but i dont like him here hoho

    i love seohyun voice but he's weird wahahha

    kibum looks so much like hyungjoon now, why?

    kevin is fun, elli is quite =.=

    omo i think this is the longest comment i ever type. did i mention i love variety show? bwahahhaa

  7. wait azra is O? chibi is B? awin is O too.

    why am i the only one who doesnt know her own blood type? uwaaaa

    lol azra, i thought you were A hahaha and chibi, i can see you are B XD

    i think i am A or O, but i think i have all characters =.= hurmm maybe im O coz i got all crazy all the tym, esp when other O is around *ehem*awin*ehem*

  8. haha myb u shuld do a post explaining wat each blood type means? cuz i sure as heck dunno wat O means lol


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