09 February 2010

My Driving = Eeteuk's Skill or A Bit better

So, people kept pestering me about how did my driving lesson goes.. (and someone too asked me to stop posting about DBSK for awhile.. you know who you are.. muahaha)

Kay, one sentence. IT's the WORST THING I'VE DONE IN MY LIFE.

Since I started the lesson, I hate to learn driving until the core.
It's just so difficult for me rather than studying Biology.

Maybe because I've just started driving (which 17 years of my life... I never drive my car before going to the lesson)

or maybe because I felt so stressful learning to drive.. (I only went for 2 classes and I felt exhausted)

or that in deep of my heart, I a bit dislike the teacher?? oh well, who knows..

Anyway, click read more to watch Leeteuk's vid on his driving skill with Sungmin and Kangin sonsaengnim!!

To be honest, between Eeteuk and I.. I only had my engine stopped too many times to count.. Never bumped to anything.

But.. it's frustrating when you do something repetitively and still failed. (kay.. TBH, i cried when I kept failing to past that mendaki bukit or whatever in 2nd lesson....)

seriously, angry teacher won't make me felt frustrated and stressful.. BUT FAILING IS..

Ahahah.. cikgu ak baek sgt x marah langsung lg bwat ak stress.. Ak nak cikgu cam Pn. Eliza...

Miss her so much.. and other teachers too!!

Right now taking break from driving class lesson eventhough my mom forced me to.

Stereng berat woo.. sakit tangan.. And clutch dier.. cam s**l

And I drive with bare foot. It will be trouble when the test is coming.. X dpt rase la tkan clutch, brek, and minyak kalo pakai kasut.. Bwat takut jer..


  1. hahaa..sengal tol..Eetuk lg x leh bla! kah3..

    chibi ah..bkn wajib ka pakai kasut??pakai crocs un leh rr..hahahah!

    Well,gudluck!! =D

  2. kalo la kte bley.. da lame nak pakai crocs.. tp kaki ni x maw

  3. hahhaa..chibi2..

    xpe2..whatever lah..aja2 hwaiting!~

  4. omg this is super hillarious, ok now i hav confidence in my own driving, im sure i drive better than that no..? XP


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