05 February 2010

Graduation! Is in the air..

I'd like to say congrats to all our fellow minnie hallyu's for graduating this month! Wow, the korean system sure is weird, its the only country that i know so far that has kids graduating in February.

I have no idea why i'm putting this pic up, its just too cute..

Graduates include:
Younha, 2AM’s Jin Woon, BEAST’s Dong Woon and F.cuz’s Kan and Yejun graduating today.

On the 3rd: Rainbow’s maknae, Hyunyoung has actually already graduated from high school. Hyunyoung held a private ceremony with just her family and her agent and received her diploma? I didn't know you could do that, why wouldn't you just graduate with your class..?

On the 10th:
Aww & cutie pie magnae of U-KISS’s Dongho will be graduating from middle school. Dongho is expected to attend a special entertainment and arts school in March.

SHINee boys of Minho and Key. Minho is to attend Konkuk University while Key has decided to focus on his idol career..? Ah Key, don't you know education is the uh, key to success..

Okay, stupid jokes aside, we have some sad news as our very own favorite*
Lee Jaejin of F.T. Island won't be able to make it to his graduation, cause it's today.. & apparently having been done with their singapore sessions, the boys are headed to Thailand! (owh why oh why at the border of my own home..??)

Lee Jonghyun, my baby you, of C.N. Blue also can't make it to his graduation today (wouldn't it be cool if it was the same school as Jaejin?) because of his music bank performance. Well, at least one good thing'll come for these boys.. I get to watch more Jonghyun!

No word about the 4Minute chicks i think Gayoon & Jihyun should be graduating..

All in all


  1. hahaha key of success lol what a good point. key is so clever, he should continue his study =.= watch maknae rebellion lol

    since when jaejin has become our very own fav? aaaaa arent we suppose to have the opposite taste? mine jaejin, your hongki. just like mine yonghwa, yours jonghyun XD

    fti, come to malaysia!!!

    most of them is 91 babies~ except dongho. where is 92 love? lol

  2. eh2! lupe lak all 6 fti & all 6 cnblue haha

  3. hhahaa..mne leh amek sume azra..sharing is caring lah..hahaha.. =p

  4. lol share2 smue LOVE, tp xkan smue aku kawin.
    ade 2,3 je la hahahaha


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