01 February 2010

It's ZE:A again!!

MAZELTOV!MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday..FridaySaturdaySunday! hahaha..sorry azra..ermm..i think alia must have watched this video.I have told her to do so..i think so..hehehe..=p

This is their phone CF (Sky Jamband) Ver. 1


1:09 JoonYoung (leader)

1:15 TaeHoon
1:34 HeeChul
1:42 KwangHee
2:13 the dancer is Kevin
2:30 MinWoo on the phone
3:02 the guy talking w/o glasses is HyungSik
3:17 DongJoon magnae!

What a cute and funny CF with the cartoons and stuff in it.. hahaha..haa..LOVE this phone..so cool right??I want that phone now!!~
YAHH..Heechul is so HOT!! Minwoo is CUTE!!Kwanghee also!! hehehe..Of course they are my favourites!!~w0hoo0!
Unfortunately,Siwan is not there..I dont know where he goes..[sigh]

Sky Jamband Ver.2


Only 4 members in there..Joonyoung(leader),Kevin,Kwanghee and Dongjoon(magnae)..Kevin looks so hot with his smile! hahaha..I think 15 seconds is NOT enough ;(

MAZELTOV ZE:A aka Child Of Empire!!<3


  1. hahahhaha lawak gila cf hahaha...

    nak hp dorg XD

    still xleh cam dorg =.=!

  2. heechul mcm ryeowook campur sorg mamat taiwan nih! HAHAHAHAH suka die suka die!

    hyungsik pun comel. cop, awin kte nye sape selen dongjoon?

  3. hahaha..kmu nye hyungsik,dongjoon and siwan laa..hahaha

  4. oh patot hyungsik comel XD

    patot xnmpk muke cm key~ siwan ah~

  5. hyungsik mmg cute..sbb tu kte bg km0..cewahh~
    hahha..ha'ah..siwan xde lak dlm cf ni.. ;(


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