17 February 2010

The Boss (대국남아) Intro Teasers

Yay! FINALLY teasers for all 5 of the members intros have arrived. I've compiled them for your convenience, so your welcome XP. Decked out in English subtitles, thnx enchantedna! [Videos have been taken down, for the meantime I'll put the original videos, when I find subs I'll post them again ^^]

I say 5 is the perfect number, perfect number of guys to goggle over for sure haha.
You can look here for their profiles & more info bout these newbies, who you SHOULD be looking out for!

I'm so bored with the kpop scene right now, so when are you guys gonna debut?? Well hurry up! I don't want you clashing with KARA's comeback either.

Anyhoo here's the Teasers:

#1 First up! Magnae Jay!

#2 is Beautiful Karam

#3 Sweet Hyunmin

#4 Adorable Injoon!

Here's what injoon's talking about: He’s a vocalist and does a little rapping on the side. He samples a bit of his singing and even though the engrish is a bit funny, his vocal skills aren’t too shabby. Injoon also claims that he can beat box but…hehe i don't really understand what he's doing lol.

#5 Dashing Mika

Mika: Hello, this is DGNA's leader, Mika.

What he's talking about: He’s a bit uncomfortable with people until he gets to know the person. So if he comes off as stand-offish, he hopes fans can understand that he’s not being mean… it’s just his personality. He also gets very emotional when talking about his mother and how she always believed in him.

Omg i'm so psyched for these kids to come out! Boy i guess i was right these boys do look up to DBSK.. that's just adorable lol. After watching these I realized most of these boys can play instruments. Karam-Piano, Injoon-Drums. Why are they dancing around when they can be a super awesome band?? Haha, i guess i do love instrumental bands more than dancing guys. It seems more manly to me. Dancing guys are totally smexy, but i guess i'm just a rocker chick at heart.

Didn't i tell you Jay can dance! lol. Who caught that episode when he danced on Star King??

Though, after this I'm totally in love with Karam! He's much more outspoken than i thought. He suprised me, & he is oh so totally adorable ^-^. *BANGG!!*

Hyunmin has a really interesting voice, he took the words right outta my mouth when he's into Luther Vanross.

Injoon is wow, i did not expect such a cutesy face to be so whats the word? Lol i dunno, he looks like a chubby junsu so sweet!

Ohh Mika, really now Mika, i can sit & stare at you licking your lips all day.. Even though i don't know what the hell you're saying i say thank you for 2 vids X). I always knew he had a serious face, but his intensity just melts don't you think?

Haha anyways I hope you guys are as excited as I am to see these guys debut, I hope these guys get the most attention they can get lol.


  1. ahaha... my dear azra..
    Idk why.. but i totally love MIKA.. XD kekeke..
    like you said, there's jaejoong aura in DGNA..
    and there's two!!
    so, here it goes my top thwee...


    LOL.. maybe there's some Jaejoong aura that makes me to attract to MIKA..XD

    and uhmm..jay is like Kevin.. so, he's my spare tire?? XD (influenced by Dalja's Spring..)

  2. okay azra..
    He's way outspoken like Jaejoong right now..
    and he's really spoken like JAejoong..
    and the eyes!!ahhh!!! and the effect and aura!!
    It's JAEJOONG-ish!!
    and he even fell for YUNHO OPPA!! kyayahahaha
    totally JAEJOONG-ISH!! and his way of speak!!
    Oh my.. why did I spazz too much here..
    and another thing.. he even has Junsu's trait!!

    Sigh.. I do like KARAM..
    bcoz his Jae's traits..
    and LOL for his imitation Yunho's dance in 'O'..
    He's too soft???XD

  3. LOL wat the hell?!?! i was JUST about to change my 1st from Mika to Karam! tgk dh tuka status dh un. haha my god. we sure cant make up our minds huh?

    thats why la i watched his vid & he is just UBER cute, his yunho dance just made me squeal fangirly haha.

    my list??(currently i change my mind a lot?)

    5.Hyunmin lol

    owhh another 5-mmber band i cant make up my mind wit! damn u fti-dbsk-ss501-mblaq-d-na!

  4. wait2, gimme tym to watch all the videos first. i still dont have any interest towards any of them hurmm weird *might change after watching*

  5. D-NA is not like DBSK
    if you are fans of DBSK don't compare!!
    D-NA is a good group
    but don't say he is like jae or he is like yunho bla bla bla
    DBSK are 5 fives 5 gods and they are unique!!


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