16 February 2010

❤ Valentine's Day! ❤

Not forgetting February 14th was also St. Valentine's Day ❤*, let's share some love!

It doesn't matter if you celebrate it or not, this day you can celebrate with the the ones you love, the ones that love you, or the ones you, uh stalk.. hey, we don't judge X)
So let's support the romance of this day with the couples I am not jealous of.. Fake ones!!

Shriek! "Jonghun & Hara"??

A little something from aox to enjoy. I share this adorable PERFECT for Valentine's Day show. Enjoy the 4 parts of, Idol Army Season 4 Episode 4.... KARA + FT ISLAND Couple Pairs!

Lobu letta for you..

Which couples do you think are the cutest??

Jonghun ❤ Hara
Hongki ❤ Jiyoung
Minhwan ❤ Nicole
Seunghyun ❤ Seungyeon
Gyuri ❤ ....? hahaha

Part 2: (Starts at 5 minute mark FT ISLAND comes out ^^)

Part 3:

Part 4:


Part 5:

Well, i just finished watching this episode today ( yes, i don't watch much shows, i'm not that rajin lol).

I'm actually NOT jealous of any of the pairs. Yeah, weird innit for me? but i thought the pairings we're really sweet. Maybe I'm a little bit jealous of how kyoo Minhwan & Nicole look together, they are the CUTEST!

If Jaejin was there i'm sure Gyuri would've pummeled him lol. But Gyuri + Wonbin would be HI-LA-RIOUS! Wonbin surely wouldn't have taken any of her crap, & gyuri woulda tried to tackle him haha. Ohh.. me & my imaginations..

I figure, let's make this post even longer with my suggestions on what you should do with your honey this Valentines week..~~

Love them...

Cook for them..

Cuddle with them..

Serenade them..

Give them a piggy back ride!

or take an innocent stroll through Japan? sure.
Well anyways I hope you enjoyed this! If you want any gifs from this show, just marshmellow.. Saranghaeyo& Happy Valentine's Day!

cr:ledoquyen@yt, happyisland & primanoona


  1. serenade em and piggy back ride! hahahahha bias

    lol im on may way to finish ep 7 first.

  2. lol i havent watched ep 5 or 6 for sea 2 yet, how am i supposed to watch ep 7?? xP

    how i wished he was cuddling with me...

  3. i havent watch any of the eps yet except the one with 2pm and ep 7 hahaha i love idol army~ the best variety show ever~ all season.

    oh i forgot to choose my fav couple, definitely alia-jaejin XDDDDDDDD

  4. haha no obviously-fake couples!! lol.


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