30 October 2010

Girl's Day - Nothing Lasts Forever MV

Okayh..Who's who?? +blur+

Rookie girl group, Girl’s Day, has finally released their comeback MV 'Nothing lasts forever', for their 2nd single album called Girl's Day Party #2..With the two new members added in the group..I feel that Girl's Day has becoming a quite different group..

Check out their MV below:-

Cred: girlsday5

Haaa..I still can't recognized all of them except for the magnae,Minah..Arghh~ tension..heh..By the way, i was totally surprised that they are really transformed! The song is way more better than their debut song, Tilt My Head..They are transform into a sexy ladies wearing the black leather outfits rather than showing cuteness like in Tilt My Head before..I still remember that they wore wigs and used microphones with different colours..hahahaa..But i really like their single after Tilt My Head album, How Do I Look..and i think Nothing Lasts Forever definitely got potential to be a hit! =D

View Girl's Day's profile HERE =D

Jay Park & Ryan Higa in Bromance!!

Haha the best news brought by Aoxora! xP Just kidding but this will make you have a very enjoyable moment..

So, RYAN HIGA best known as the biggest YOUTUBE comedian star in the world with his #1 account nigahiga has teamed up with master leadja Jay Park & Phil (i dunno who) from Wongfu Productions!

Don't know what bromance is? Let the video explain:

cr: nigahiga

Okay being a super huge fan of Ryan Higa before this, it made me way way happy just to have another addition to one of his many hilarious comedic short videos/skits, but.. this time he got Jay Park to star in a short bromantic documentary.. its a match made in heaven i tell you..

For some reason I knew in my gut somewhere these two would cross paths at one point or another teehee!

If I haven't expressed how much I love Ryan Higa, go ahead and watch the rest of his videos on his account yeah! XD

29 October 2010

2PM's Biggest Fan At Synnara Fansigning

lol This is daebak hahahahha Can't stop laughing hahah Must watch!

This is how we should do it when we meet our idol kekeke Just kidding XD Junho is sooo damn sweet haha Others just laughing and smile awkwardly+scared XD

The fan keep saying the same thing to all of them over and over again haha such a player XD I would do the same tho, if I have the guts hehe
-Tell them you love them
-Tell them your name for 100x
-Tell them how good looking they are
-Ask them a favour, say good luck or i love you
-Hand hand HAHA
-Be extra ordinary so they will remind you, scream or wear weird custom HAHA XD

At least, it's better to scream than just staring at them with half mouth open... aite? HA HA

SNSD/Girls' Generation - Hoot MV + 3rd Mini Album

Why did Tiffany, Yoona and Sunny look different in this picture??hhaa..

Any sone there?? hahaha..I know SNSD has many fans out there..Sone must be overexcited when SNSD is coming back for their 3rd mini album for this time..They released their mini album on 26th October with the title track, '훗/Hoot'..and i have read that the album is selling like hot cakes! Woww~ By the way guys, SNSD and 2AM are coming back this week..really bad timing..hahaaa..

Yesterday, the MV for Hoot is reveals..plus, Choi Si Won makes a guest appearance in the music video..He acts as James Bond here...

Cred: sment

Hrmm..I like the MV..the song is okayh to me..It's SNSD's song style by the way..hahaa..but maybe i like Oh! more..All the girls with the new hairstyles..Tiffany in blonde? x sesuai kot..it just a wig..hahahhaa

Official concept photos and MP3 under the cut :

4minute - First PV + Japanese Single Album

You see, Jiyoon with a long hair! heee..

As you all know, 4minute already made their debut in Japan with Muzik Japanese Version earlier this year..and now they released their 3rd Japanese single, 'First'..

Besides their title song, “First,” the single album will also contain the Japanese version of their Korean OST song, “Dreams Come True” from the drama “God of Study.” The first full-length Japanese album which includes Muzik and I My Me Mine in Japanese version will be out on 1st December 2010! So, we have to wait about a month from today :)

This is the First MV:-

Cred: 4minuteofficial

My My My first, you're my first!! Jiyoon with a long blonde hair! She's so pretty right..maknae Sohyun is as cute as always..She is singing more in this song..Ahhh, this song sounds catchy to me..really make my day today which is so boring~..hahaha..

02 DREAMS COME TRUE (Japanese Ver.)
03 HIGHLIGHT (Original Ver.)

Good luck for 4minute in Japan! Ganbatte gudasai!!~

28 October 2010

2AM - Like Crazy & You Wouldn't Answer My Calls MV's + Saint O'Clock Album

Yeahh! 2AM is back~

Another group from JYPE is coming back to stage! It's 2AM turns after 2PM's comeback for the last two weeks with their new mini-album..It seems like all the idol groups from JYPE made their comeback this month right such as Miss A, 2PM and now is 2AM..I was like WOW! This would be a great competition between the groups..I wonder who is the winner for this upcoming weeks..hahahaa..

Okayh, Saint O'Clock is 2AM's first full-length album..Congratulations 2AM! hehee..It was an awesome album..All the songs are great..Well, It's 2AM right..Everyone have known their talents..hahaa..About a week ago, 2AM teased us with many audio and video teasers for this album...I kept waiting and waiting and finally on 25th October, they revealed two MVs for 'Like Crazy' and 'You Wouldn't Answer My Calls'..Wait! You must prepare yourself some tissues before watching these..Both of the MVs would make you cry..heee~

Like Crazy's MV
Cred: ibighit

As for me, Like Crazy sounds a bit like their famous song before which is I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die..but i still like this song! Jinwoon is so handsome! I like him in black hair! hahaha..No doubt for Changmin's vocal~ Wahhh..Everyone is crying in this MV..I feel like crying too..meremang bulu roma k..sob sob

More about this topic under the cut XD

24 October 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 101017 JYJ Showcase In Malaysia

Since the girls insist me to write the fanaccount of what happened when I attended JYJ Showcase in Malaysia on 17th October 2010, so here it goes.

my PERFECT SHOT of JUNSU in JYJ Showcase 17th October 2010 on Twitpic
click the pic to see clear version. :P

you can check this to see pictures I could take while I was there. HERE~

If you guys think I just made up my stories, then believe it yourself. As for me, this was my true experience attending the showcase.I might write in point form. Note, if i write in point form, that's mean the showcase is not living up with my expectation and might be say the worst showcase I've ever attended.

Let me start.. (click Read More, to know the story) (for hardcore cassie, you might be an anti of me when you read this.)

23 October 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [101022]

Congratulations 2PM!! They won during their comeback! Woww..same like 2NE1 before..Hrmmm..so sad that BEAST didn't win this week..By the way, 2PM is GEMPAK!! hahaha.. I'll Be Back~~~

Okayh Alia..tlg editkan yg '?' ..hahaha~ mls dowh nk dwld lgu2 bru..klo rajin, kmu dwld laa eh..heheee.. Alia: Complete!

1. 2PM - I'll Be Back
2. Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls) - Irreversible
3. BEAST - 숨 (Breathe)
4. Gummy - 죽어도 사랑해 (I Love You Even If I Die) [Dae Mul OST]
5. Supreme Team - 그땐 그땐 그땐 (Then Then Then)
6. SHINee - Hello
7. 2NE1 - Go Away
8. Miss A - Breathe
9. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
10. Lim Jeong Hee - 진짜일 리 없어 (It Can't Be Real)
11. JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) - 찾았다 (Found You) [Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST]
12. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody
13. Sung Sikyung & IU -그대네요 (It's You)
14. Davichi - 두 번 헤어지는 일 (Separating Twice) [NEW]
15. Kim Ryeowook (Suju) Feat. Beige - When Falling In Love With A Friend
16. Lee Jeok (이적) - 그대랑 (With You)
17. U-Kiss - Shut Up!
18. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
19. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
20. PSY - 내 눈에는 (In My Eyes)(Feat. Lee Jae Hoon) [NEW]

Here are the list for performances on 22th October 2010:

22 October 2010

Rainbow - Mach Comeback Stage @ M!Countdown

New image!~ Perghh..x knl langsung! hahaa..

Rainbow is coming back with a new single, Mach! They have transformed into more sexier seven women..I don't know whether this song has MV or not..If have, i'll put them later..Now, let's watch their comeback stage on M!Countdown yesterday..heee :)

I really like Rainbow's performance..they show charismatic on stage! I like A song more than Mach..but Mach is okay laaa..Rainbow Hwaiting!!~

20 October 2010

Co-Ed School - Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom and Loving You [MVs]

2 different concepts!

Co-Ed is the new mixed gender group from Core Contents Media which is already debuted three weeks ago with 'Too Late'. I'll do their profile later okayh..hehehe..Now for their follow-up promotions, they undergone a 180° transformation, ditching their futuristic concept for a more cutesy colorful concept..and finally released two more MVs for 'Bbbiribom Bberibbom', and one for their ballad track,'I Love You A Thousand Times'..

Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom MV (Story Ver.)
Cred: coremidas

I saw a guy looks like Kim Jun (T-Max)! hahaaa..By the way, they released two versions of this song..The story version which features a cameo from T-ara’s Eunjung and the dance version is also good..
Haaa, besides, ten members group Co-Ed will be showing off their vocal talents through their new pop ballad track, “I Love You A Thousand Times.” I like this song :) Watch it under the cut :-

17 October 2010

[UPDATED] Dalmatian Profile!

Haa..It's been a long time coming..I haven't do the profile..hahahaa..busy and tension preparing for the exam last week :( Okayh..forget about the last exam..I now bring you DALMATIAN!~

Dalmatian's Ready For The World!! Bow wow wow~~

Why Dalmatian? Yupp..a dog name right..The other reason "are very loyal, never shameful, have an outgoing personality, and are free-spirited." So this group is aiming to be just like the dog; they want to be loyal and 100% committed to the music and fans..

Really, it's all because of MC Mong who said, "Honestly, I made the name without thinking much about it..^^ I just wanted them to work with music that had character. Dogs honestly don’t betray their owners. They’re always loyal and so I just wanted them to serve the public in not losing their rookie state of mind and focus on music. That’s why I named them Dalmatian..^^"
Hhehee..I'll bet MC Mong must be a great and nice with their kids huh..(Haaa..I want MC Mong in 2D1N~)

Dalmatian's official debut was on September 3rd 2010 on Mnet Countdown with their single (released September 1st) Round 1.. I like the song and their outfits are cute..hehehe..They consist of six members which are Inati, Day Day, Dari, Jisu, Young Won, and Drama..Their names also are different and easy to memorise..Ermm, their ages range from being a '81er (29) to a '91er (19)..1981?? Kyaa..who is born in 1981??? You must be surprised because he looks young..hhahaa XD



On the 7th, their company said, “Original member Day Day left the group due to personal reasons and the new member “Simon” will be joining them.” Also, their other original member Dari is currently enlisted in the army after their promotions for “The Man Opposed” and it’s said that he won’t be able to participate for this upcoming promotion.

Now for their 2012 comeback, 5 members of Dalmatian has already released their comeback song which is "State of Emergency" along with the music video. You guys can check it out HERE.

Nine Muses Performs Ladies on Inkigayo

Cred: jackhklee1

Wahhh..Nine Muses is return back to stage with Ladies..I'm totally in love with their performance! It looks like they are transforming! The way they perform are very elegant and sexy..plus their long legs and modelling height..aigooo..I like! It's better than No Playboy to me..

Chakkaman!~ Do you know who is sing at the beginning?? Well, she is Lee Sam..The main rapper but she has a great voice too and haa her hair is shorter than before..hahahaa..

Still have no idea who is she and she...hahaha..do check it their profile HERE =D

13 October 2010

Various K-Pop Artist (Group Of 20) - Let's Go! MV

Woh, almost every group has their representative here =D G20 Seoul Summit Song~ It is overwhelming to see so many many groups in one mv! But it would be super awesome if all of them are my bias keke I should be the director then XD

Give it up for the gentleman~ Junsu (2PM), JunHyung (B2ST), Sungmin (Super Junior), Chang Min (2AM), JongHyun (SHINee),G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins)...

Hey ladies~ Yeah~ GaYoon (4minute), Min (miss A), Gyuri (KARA), SeoHyun (SNSD), JaeKyung (Rainbow), JiYeong (AS), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (Secret)...

Solo artist G.NA, IU, Son Dam Bi, Seo In Guk, Anna...

Most of them are the main vocal of the group XD Except for Junhyung~ That's just make him more precious XP

Let's Go (Korean Ver.).mp3
Let's Go (English Ver.).mp3
Let's Go (Inst.).mp3

11 October 2010

2PM - I'll Be Back MV + Still 2.00PM

I just can't stop smiling =D Welcome back 2PM!!!!

Loveeee the choreography! I started to laugh as soon as they begin to dance. Funny and cuteee lol I can't stop grinning, but wasn't it supposed to be serious/sad? XD Especially the chorus part, jogging/shuffling? keke Chansung part is aerobic~ harhar

Khun rap in English =DDD

Junsu is freaking hottt, so does Junho ^^ Love Junho's hand haha

08 October 2010

CNBLUE - High Fly (Lee Jong Hyun & Kang Min Hyuk) MV [Acoustic OST]

Yesterday, CN BLUE revealed a MV for Acoustic OST. Behalf on Aox's request, here is the MV to watch.

You can finally enjoy Jonghyun full vocal without Yonghwa's interruption. LOL!!

I want to watch the movie when it comes out. :D
credit to : CodeAzzurro3

U-Kiss - Shut Up (시끄러)! MV Revealed!

Yesterday, U-KISS revealed the full MV for Shut Up (시끄러)!
Must watch and please get ready with a box of tissues or maybe sunglasses.
The MV is too hot that you can get nosebleed afterwards!!^^ if u want to see better one, watch at ukiss2008 channel.

Subbed by: sushilicious20
Translations: jaejoongie 3 @ soompi

Anyway, Like it or not?
I'm totally hook with this song. **Ukiss biased mode on!**

and do check it out their new look official website!! =3

07 October 2010

[Teaser] 2PM - Still 2:00 PM

JYP released teaser for 2PM upcoming album that is called "Still 2:00 PM" yesterday. Check it out!!

Do you think it's cool or not?

[PREORDER] BEAST - Mastermind 3rd Mini Album

No credit card to buy their album via Yesasia? Want poster when buying the album as well?
Here is the solution. MYB2TY is trying to help kpop fans who wants to buy BEAST - Mastermind 3rd minialbum by taking orders to buy their album.

This is their 3rd batch taking preorder for the mini album. The price for 3rd batch are:

By Hand: RM50
By Pos: RM60 (folded poster)
By Pos: RM62 [Sabah/Sarawak] (folded poster)

So, if you guys are interested, why not join MYB2TY and do your preorder fast? ^^

How to Order?
Easy. Just follow these steps under the cut. :D.

04 October 2010

SHINee - Hello MV + Repackaged Album

With all those gengsta dark feel from Ringdingdong and Lucifer, I really do miss the old bling bling sparkling cute SHINee! Love the songggg since the first time I heard it and saw em perform at MB lol

Thumbs up for the mv. Could I have flower from Onew, ring from Key, Big teddy bear from Minho, and whatever that thing in the box from Jonghyun plus that doll or ermm dunno what it call that Taemin draw for me.

lol yeah I do think this song feels like Suju - No other for some reason, Aoxora.... And some part of the mv looks like F(x) - Nu ABO XD

Onew - Somebody gives me scissor please, I wanna cut his hair... really bad.
Jonghyun - You never change, didn't you? Same hair cut, same awesome voice.
Key - lol with all that red outfit you need to wear XD But I really loveeee your hair Kibum ^^
Minho - Why you look so thin? :/ He sings he sings!
Taemin - Wow, you improve a lot kiddo. Love his hair too keke


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Affiliate us :

Exchange links are welcome, as long as you're a k-pop fan! Malaysia and worldwide! Email: effpoo4our@gmail.com, ring ding dong (chatbox) or simply leave us with some marshmallow (comment us back with your link). We love marshmallow ^-^ Remember to link us first. Thank you.

*If you already link us and your site is not here, please tag us again.We've lost some of our links. Sorry *bow*.

    U-KISS 4th Mini Album [BREAK TIME] Teaser

    Another group is coming back, none other than our beloved U-Kiss! Wohoo! They've been to Malaysia before and all of us get too see them up close. Still can't forget their mesmerizing sparkling sparkling eyes~

    Must watch!

    This is seriously awesome teaser! Shirtless O_o *nosebleed* haha Can't wait for the full MV and their comeback! Hwaiting U-KISS!

    Oh man, just heard their mini album, the song in the teaser is actually their intro song only :/ They should make it looongeerrr~

    03 October 2010

    Beige ft Ryeowook - Falling in Love with a Friend MV

    Ehem, jealous overload. Tho Wookie is actually Awin's fav, all Suju's member are my fav too :/

    How come they look so sweet together? kjdsfaiakfnkd So cute! Wookie looks like real man, first tym seeing him like this :P Love his shy smile kadbkanda Shakes hands, holding hands... Wookie ah! Adorable! Falling in love with him all over again XD

    01 친구와 사랑에 빠질 때.mp3
    (chinguwa sarange ppajil ttae/When you fall in love with a friend)

    Love the song! Nice, sweet melody. Love the lyrics :) Wookie's voice never fails me. The girl's voice is nice too. Thumbs up! Makes me want to fall in love now :P

    Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [101001]

    Congratulations again to 2NE1!! This is their 3rd consecutive wins on Music Bank! Woww! =D

    1. 2NE1 - Go Away
    2. JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) - 찾았다 (Found You) [Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST]
    3. FT Island - Love Love Love
    4. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody
    5. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
    6. Wheesung - I Even Thought Of Marriage
    7. Secret - Madonna
    8. HOMME - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
    9. SHINee - Lucifer
    10. Gavy NJ - Let's Stop
    11. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
    12. Lee Seung Gi - Starting Now, I Love You (My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox OST)
    13. Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
    14. Sistar - Shady Girl
    15. V.O.S - Full Story
    16. Lim Jeonghee & Jo Kwon (2AM) - The Road To Break Up
    17. Rainbow - A
    18. Jeong Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) - Love You [NEW]
    19. Miss $ - 이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래 (What Have I Done Till Now) [Feat. 정슬기(Jung Seul Gi)]
    20. BEAST - 주먹을 꽉 쥐고 (Clenching A Tight Fist) [NEW]

    Here are the list for performances on 1st October 2010:

    Debut stage: Co-Ed (Too Late)
    Follow-up stage: SHINee (Hello)
    Comeback stage: J.Lim ft. Jo Kwon 2AM (The Road To Break Up) and B2ST (Breathe)

    Other performances:
    Cha Min Ki, Bohemian, Divine, Sori, Sunmin, Dalmatian, Seo Young Eun, V.O.S, San E, Moon Ji Eun, Oh Jong Hyuk, SISTAR, Secret, F.T. Island, BoA, and Kim Bum Soo.

    02 October 2010

    [Event] JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010

    Hi! I'm back after awhile. ^^ Well, probably not long since my final will be around in November.
    Anyway, Redstar, the one who brought Super Junior Super Show 2 this year is going to bring Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to Malaysia for their upcoming showcase for the new album. Malaysia is included for their worldwide showcase by the way. AND please support this:- BRING JYJ To Europe Event brought by Allkpop. :)

    Details about the venue, time, date as well as how to make the purchase and everything for the event under 'Read More'. Thank you.



    DATE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
    TIME: 2:00PM (Duration is uncertain)

    B2ST/BEAST - Breathe MV + Comeback Stage + Mastermind Album

    BEAST time!! Changed to excited mood =D Forget the books at a moment..hahaha..2 weeks more before the final exam! Heeeee =p

    Haaaa..smart gler gmba ni~

    After releases the teaser of SOOM (Breathe) in the 3rd mini album called Mastermind, many fans got excited and can't wait for their full MV to come out especially me..hahaha..After a few days, Cube Entertainment has finally revealed the MV of SOOM on 29th September 2010..Haaa..You guys must watch this MV because is JJANG!! with their new brand image and songs! =D

    Cred: beastofficial

    WOWWWWWW!!!!~ I love Breath so much!!! with the awesome dancing movements! Omo..Junhyung's hair is really cool..Yoseub with black hair! My baby, Dongwoon also got a new short hair! the leader, Doojoon aahhh so handsome! My favourite Ki Kwang is so cute~ and his HOT body! And last but not least Hyunseung with a long hair right..I don't like his hair because it looks messy but still love him! Aigoooo~ They are really becoming the handsome BEAST!! hahahaha..

    Yesterday, 1st October 2010 was their comeback stage on Music Bank! Watch their hot comeback stage under the cut below:-

    01 October 2010

    Miss A - Breathe MV + Step Up album

    Ops, I guess I still owe you guys Miss A profile XD Miss A who just debut this year with Good Girl Bad Girl and impressively swap all the music award, has finally comeback! Remember those colourful teaser? Breathe~

    Okeyh, I don't really know what to say. I like it but something feels weird lol Omo so colourful, my eyes are like O_O So different from Good Girl Bad Girl where they only wore black and white hoho And wow excessive dance move! I don't know whether I like or not yet. Hurmm Still, can't wait for their comeback!
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