14 August 2010

Rainbow releases A MV! [1st Digital Single]

Rainbow is back with their 1st digital single titled 'A' after debuted last year with a mini album 'Gossip Girl'..They look charming and matured in this new single..The full MV for A is revealed on 12th August..They already made their cameback at Music Bank yesterday! Weee~


Hhahaa..Eventhough I didn't recognised each of their names, hahha..but I like their new single!! It is better than theirs Gossip Girl last year.. Yeahh, I know..they are pretty right plus sexy in black outfit! Pergghh~

01 A
02 A (Inst.)

View Rainbow's profile HERE :)


  1. rainbow, uwaaa sia2 je titik peluh menghafal nama
    n muka dorg dulu. lost. xknal mane satu mane satu skrg da =.= da la semua pakai baju hitam and rambut panjang! mane pergi yg rmbt pendek tuh? -,-

    pendek gle seluar! haha its funny the fact that their group name is rainbow but they are wearing black XD

    tgk dorg perform kat mb ari tuh. walaupun tgh mamai, tetap besh! ^^ go rainbow!

  2. hahaha sensor! sensor it! haha. i dunno wat A means still after watchin the mv lol.

    rainbow.. has gone black? thats so weird lol. plus yeah! i dunno who is who anymore its so sad haha. noeul my fave ugh rmbut panjang so ages her. seriously they all look like 7 clones.

    the mv is sorta scary, like maybe really scary, plus the gross oo~~ part and the lifting part hahaha. i thk i still like rainbow tho xP

  3. HAHAHAH!! i dah malas lah nak knl dorang..muke sejibik je dlm ni..sabo je laa..lyn je laa lagu dorang..hehehe..

    alaa..x tgk lg diorang perform..nnti nk tgk ahh..hahaa..tau x pe..dah xde rainbow dah..sexy gler en..mmg mini short gler..isk3..

    yeahh..rainbow hwaiting!! :)


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