29 August 2010

Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover MV

TOP nmpk cam org tua je..wakakkaa =p

I'm sure all the V.I.P outside were terlompat-lompat excited on Big Bang's latest comeback with their 5th Japanese singles album in Japan..Big Bang is so much popular band these days..They are so popular in Korea and Japan..they has been garnering so much interest with their latest single! The MV has revealed on 24th August 2010..Well, as usually, Big Bang's MVs are always smart and pretty cool~ Check out the MV below :-

Cred: YGEntertainment

I already fall in love with the song! ahhh.. Big Bang's japanese songs are always the best! Ermm, about the MV, Why they featured a foreign 'mat saleh' lady?? hahaha..nasib baik G-Dragon and Taeyang didn't kiss that lady..Arghh, so jealous with her..heh..and G-Dragon looks handsome in the MV!! I like his haircut :) Daesung also looks HOT..his new hair fits him well and looks like he is working out..ada muscles!! XD

Beautiful Hangover

Somebody To Luv

I can't wait to see Big Bang comeback in Korea!! It's time for YG family now!!~ wohhooooo..

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  1. yup, lagu big bang jepun smua besh2 0-0 hahaha MV YG smua lawa2

    YG family comeback! YEAY!


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