01 August 2010

Fanmeeting of Kim Hyungjun, 막내 of SS501 in Malaysia to be decided!

So, this is urgent and I don't know what should i do except posting it on The Abracadabras.

ATTENTION TO ALL HYUNGJUN's fans or SS501's fans.

 Geneses Dream Entertainment, the one who brought UKISS' fanmeeting and fansigning last June is making a post at their FB.

he's coming if every fans of him 'like' geneses' status.

The post is about SS501' maknae, Kim Hyungjun or also known as UKISS' Kim Kibum's brother to probably have a fanmeeting and fansigning in Malaysia on 29th August 2010, Sunday.

Geneses need people who will attend the event to click 'like' on the status. so, if you are willing and absolutely will attend the event, click 'like' on status the same shown in picture on this site.

click to zoom in
If the 'like' hits the targe before 3pm on tomorrow based on MST (Malaysia Standard Time) , Geneses will bring Hyungjun for the event. Or else they won't bring him. So, it's up to you.

And the ticket price would be RM150 per person. It's cheap, I believe?? No?? You decide.

I just want to say I will go if nothing interfere. How about you guys???^^

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