13 August 2010

Secret - Madonna MV [2nd Mini Album]

Having released all the photo teasers for each member including an MV teaser for the song ‘Empty Space’, Secret recently released Madonna MV on 11th August and returns to M!Countdown yesterday!! Let's watch their MV below :-

Cred: tsent2008

Wahh..Secret becoming more prettier, skinnier and sexier!!! The song is about living with confidence by becoming an icon in this generation, like the American star Madonna..Wohhh..with the addictive catchy tones too!! but when I first listened to the song, I feel like it is kind of similar like Magic song before..hahaa..maybe after listening to the song again and again, I would love it~ hhehee..

Click 'Read more' for tracks and comeback photos~

01 Madonna
02 랄랄라 (Lal Lal La)
03 잘해 더! (feat. 백찬 of 8eight)[Do Better! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight)]
04 줄듯말듯(Give Don't Give)
05 자리비움(Leave Space Empty)

I really like Secret singing balada songs!! their vocals are awesome!! :)

Each member's comeback photos~





View Secret's profile HERE.


  1. aah feel die macam magic, tapi upgrade sket... haha

    suka2, hyosung hot gle dance. (xabes2 dari magic da mention) serius hot gle *insert muka serius*

    seonhwa rambut hitam nampak cam putih gle die hahaha cun. da la paling kurus.

    jieun punya suara sedap <3

    zinger macam pelik lak kat sinih XD

  2. hahaha thats exactly how i think! the choreography and song is like almost sbijik as mazic, except they added more things to it now.

    i like the mamimamia part tho.

    i dont like the fact that they all went on a diet for this, i liked that they were a bit healthier than being skinny sticks.

    zinger looks like boa now haha. good thing hyosung still has her curves, thats her specialty.

    yeah! totally love jieun's & seonhwa's hair super hot. oh well actually i like the song. i dont have mazic song so they wont clash haha.

  3. hahahhaa..okayh korang.. secret mmg sume da makin cun kot!! i pon ske seonhwa rmbut itam! hahaha..

    yeahhh!! this song is way better than magic..dah addicted da ngan lagu madonna..asyik nynyi je..hahaha..

    eh, yg lagu2 slow dorang sedap glerr!! jieun nye suara..pergghh!! superb arhh!!!

  4. lol lgu slow yg paling bes still 3years & 6months. but i hav a hard time to differentiate the parts seonhwa sings, sumtimes cm hyosung, bt i kno she doesnt sing many parts tho.

    oh yeah lupe nk ckp, the hook in madonna sounds like, mcdonald's ba ra pa pa pa, i'm lovin' hahaha.


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