15 August 2010

Nine Muses - No Playboy MV [Let's Have A Party EP]

9 goddesses...

Nine Muses consist of 9 beautiful ladies who debuted last week with their 1st single 'No Playboy'. Because they are in 9 members, people usually keep comparing them with SNSD (Girl's Generation)..It is not fair right..Nine Muses have their own X-Factor and capability in singing and dancing eventhough they are averagely older than SNSD members..hhahaaha..

Yeahh..the song actually is composed by JYP and Rainstone..Woahhh~

Cred: AsianPopMV

What do you all think about them?? I like the song..hahaha..For me, I think they are okayh for newbies..Ermm,I just have to seat here and wait what would they do for their next comeback song..hahaa..maybe next year with their new songs..I think I will love them..heh =p

01 Ladies.mp3
02 No PlayBoy.mp3
03 No PlayBoy (Inst.).mp3

Nine Muses - Let's Have A Party (Single).rar

Stay tuned for Nine Muses's profile! heeee :)


  1. whoa! awin is crazy awesome! loll thnx so much for doin these! its high time someone updated lol.

    yeah nine muses, juniors to children of empire kan? i thk thye're voices are like matured deeper than shrieky girls you here nowadays so thats good. but for the songs, i thk its eh okay too.

    wanna see wat else they can do, seems like they have potential..

  2. hahhaa..skang cam boring2 sbb tuh update blog jap..n thnks sbb da upload kan lagu2!! hehe..

    haa..yupp..from star entertainment..yahhh..tau x pe!! suara diorang x gedik..hahaha..they're just like the next after school..

    yess!! :)

  3. yeah i thk cmtu jgak like a different version of after school. well its better than getting the same gedik girls that are the same age, now after school can have friends their age too and are in a group too lol.

  4. haha nine muses... gle cmne nak knal nih =.=

    dorg nmpk tua, bape eh umur dorg? haha

    kenape smua pakai baju same, susah nk knal... lagu dorg agak catchy... no~ no~ lol


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