24 August 2010

2PM - Fly To Seoul 'Boom Boom Boom' MV

Nichkhun is not there..sob sob sob :(

Cred: 2pm

Earlier this year, Lee Byung Hun, Wonder Girls, and 2PM had been recruited to film a series of CFs for the Seoul Dream promotional campaign, which is geared towards promoting tourism in Seoul.

The CFs for Lee Byung Hun and Wonder Girls have already been released last month, and now 2PM’s CF for the South-East Asia region has finally been released.

Wahh..I like their MV..2PM is so cool..hahaha..unfortunately, Nichkhun is not there because of his busy schedule..This MV will be more cooler and best if he is there..hahah..well, I'm a big fan of Nichkhun..what can I say..heeee:) I feel like want to fly to Seoul NOW just because of 2PM!! Aigoooo~~

Cred: allkpop


  1. ehehhe awin sangap buat post pasal 2pm je hahahha thanks! xtaw lak dorg nak kuar mv len... jyp nih mmg suka wat surprise lol

    tuh laaaa, nak g seoul! da la suju da ajak, skrg 2pm pulak! urghhhhh my 2 fav~

  2. hahahaha..tu laa..wat 2pm tgh2 mlm..tgh boring..hahaha..tau x pe..kte bce allkpop tgk de mv 2pm bru tros wat post..hehehee..

    jom2!! =D hahaha..dah byk org ajk da ni.haishhh


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