20 August 2010

ZE:A Exclusive Private Gathering in Malaysia!

Hey guys its about time to bring over the hot kids on the block, ZE:A (Children of Empire) to the heat in Malaysia! ZE:A will be coming to our shores for a very EXCLUSIVE, PRIVATE, GATHERING in Kuala Lumpur this September 12th 2010! Now confirmed by organizers Geneses Dream.

Date: 12 September 2010, Sunday
Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Theatre
Official Poster: Coming Soon

You can interact with ZE:A, see them perform to you in a very close distance, take picture with them, get ALL 9 of their signatures, or be one of the lucky fans to win prizes from their hand!

Here's more info!

VVIP Package (Numbered Seating) – RM420 [Limited Seats]
- Entrance Ticket
- Signing Session (Hand sign from all 9 ZE:A members on stage)
- Group photo with ZE:A (25 people per group)
- Chance to interact with ZE:A on stage (Pick by seat number)
- 20 Lucky fans to see ZE:A beforehand (Pick by seat number)
- 9 Special gifts to 9 Lucky fans
- Event Poster
*More Exclusive News Coming Soon

Online Purchase (Oversea & Outstation fans)
Online Purchase period: 19 August 2010 - 3 September 2010
Payment must be made within 3 days after booking.

Purchase Form
Tel. No:

Please e-mail to onbook.gde@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for Online Purchase
Seat will be given according to payment sequence made on first-come first-serve basis.
Please e-mail your receipt to onbook.gde@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will e-mail you your E-Ticket.

Face to Face Sales
Date: 21 August 2010 (Saturday) & 22 August 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm - 9pm
Venue: Hankuk Ramyun, LG Floor, Berjaya Times Square

Date: 4 September 2010 (Saturday) & 5 September 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12pm - 9pm
Venue: [to be confirmed]



Q: I will be going to Face to Face Sales. Do I still need to book online?
A: No. Ticket will be sold with first-come first-serve basis. Online Purchase is ONLY for those who couldn’t come to Face to Face Sales.

Q: Can I ask ZE:A to sign other things for me?
A: Yes. You can ask ZE:A members to sign poster, album, shirt, notebook or handphone, etc. However, ONLY ONE item is allowed to be signed. You are not allowed to ask them sign for more than one item.

Q: Can I give present to ZE:A?
A: Yes. We will prepare boxes to collect presents.

Q: Can I bring camera?
A: Yes. However, no camera allowed on stage.

Q: Can you lower the price?
A: If we could, we would. However, due to the bad timing of their available schedule and the unavailability of the larger venue, we can only choose to make it this price so that we can bring them over and at the same time give as much benefits as we can to all fans.

Q: Can you change the date?
A: For your information, normally we always choose the best date first which is convenient for everyone. However, our final decision is limited with the artiste schedule and their availability. Therefore, we can only bring them here with the time that the artiste is convenient with.

Now you lucky ones as you can see there is just one type of ticket and that's VVIP that means each fan gets to have ALL 9 MEMBER'S SIGNATURES. PLUS! Word is some fans might even get to have DINNER with ZE:A! Stay tuned for more details! Oh I'm envious..

What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets!


  1. hahaha.. dye suda tuka ehh.. 9 signatures pulakk...
    geez.. this is what that makes me really jealous..
    since the first one told that only 4/5 members signature. Hahaha
    lucky fans that could go.
    I am choosing raya over ZE:A. HAHAHAH!!

  2. hahaha seriusly?? oh yeah lupe lak ade raya during this time hahaha. waat no wonder ppl are weirded out that genesesdream did it on the 12th. ppl will be busy with their families. abis ah noonas take over the fanmeet lol.

    or datang wit ur family & raya wit ze:a! XD

  3. hahaha..yelaa weyyhh..time raye lak ze:a nak dtg!! adoyaiii..maybe chinese je yg pergi nnti..

    waaa..i wanna meet heechul,dongjun n hyungshik!! geramnyee x dpt pergi..iskkk..

  4. @awin - yeah probbly a lot of chinese, alohai ze:a oh well, lets make them wear baju melayu!! so hott~~

    i wanna see my siwan, heechul & minwoo!!

  5. hahahaa..wahhh...msti comel klo diorang pakai bju melayu!! cam xander..perghhh!!

  6. kiut ... kiut... nk sgat pergi,..
    nape lorh wktu raye plak yg diorg nk dtang nieyhhh..

    either ZE:A or raya.. rather choosing raye babe!
    p raya dpt duit, p ZE:A kluar duit... ; )

  7. nak pergiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~!! nak jmpa dongjun! ^^ tp xde org nak teman =.= besh nye dapat smua org nye sign =.=!

    @princess erynnamia- hahah btol gak, ze:a kuar duet, raya dapat duet XD

  8. haha alah. how can u give up something like meeting ze:a to something as so common to money? (quoting charlie & the chocholate factory lol).

    we're old now mne dpt duit for raye anymo hahaha. i choose zea, i can raya any year haha

  9. the price!! omg~ sangat mahal.lebih mahal drpd b2st and ukiss dtg malaysia.sedihnyaa x dpt pergi.
    my heechul <3 :'(

  10. agree with aozora XD
    me is old already..plus, it's not everyday that you can see ze:a~
    I even have to buy the tix and dinner for 3 because me and my two sisters are going XD

  11. @aoxora - if u were here kan bgs, boleh g ngan ko =.= i still get duet raya cause i'm the only one in my family yg dapat duet raya heheheh

    @anon - hurmm tuh la lagi mahal daru ukiss and beast, mesti lagi special

    @chazz - wow have fun!! tell us ur experience after that hehe

  12. they're performing 6 main songs and there will be loadsa games, i hope XD
    will share a fanacc after the event with you..in fact, I should thank you guys for updating on ZEA here ^^

    Happy Eid!

  13. @elilymir - ermm heechul bday bukan 9 dec ke?

    @chazzie minho- no problemo... auww so envyyy! I wish I can go too :/ Happy eid to you too!


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