23 August 2010

FT Island Releases Teaser for 'Love Love Love'

Since our lovely primadonna that will always update about her lovely FT ISLAND is not here due she has to to further study in some far away; might be currently packing her stuffs right now while I'm writing, I shall do this update.

Today, FT ISLAND has released a teaser for their comeback on this 25th August 2010, which happened on Wednesday = Aox's departure day.

Do you love the music already?? I already feel excited for their comeback. ^^


lol.. I hope the girl knows I use her vid. XD


  1. waaaa...rajin gler chibi update!! hahaa..

    perghh..x sabar nk dgr lgu ft i bru ni!! nmpk cam sdp je!! seunghyun ensem glerrr <3

  2. hahha thnxxxx a billion times chibi! haha spot on! i was packing haha. aww so sweet to use my vid! XD haha tu je la dpt update on the 23rd lol.

    i always had a vision that fti would do a puppet-concept-thing one day or another. its cool. i cant wait!!!!! but im still confused if its a sad or a happy song? lol.

    i'm so sad i wont be here. TT__TT pray kuat2 dpt msukkan the new songs in my phone b4 i leave lol. songs! come out faster!!

    @awin - haha i kno rite seunghyun so hot, he cut his hair shorter tho, looks like he nevr cut it like that b4 tp its hot!

    take care of my FTI while i'm away ok guys TT-TT. fti comeback hwaiting!!

  3. @awin- haha saye x rajin update cumer terajin tgk.
    tuh la.. seunghyun~~ haha actually adore his hair in manbakshi a lot!!! ^^

    haha u're welcome. mesti tyme ni ko still kemas ennn... aduii..gune vid sbb ehh cam kenal jer name dyer..lol

    hahaha i bet when the clock strucks 12, da ad da ftinye song.. tetibe mintak leak la plak.lol

    hahaha i'll take care seunghyun lotsa.. XD

  4. @chibi - haha yeaa byk still digital packing, actual packing un xpass2 lg. lol. igt boleh tgk star golden bell ari ni tp kne kuar bli barang lak, last week & this week xdpt tgk pape korean. im gonna miss korean tv the most!! T-T

    haha taw xpe, leak un ok i dont mind hahahar im such a bad pri lol.

    ok take care of seunghyun.. jer?? haha


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