18 August 2010

Navi's wants you to Listen to the End [MV]

Time to welcome back Korea's R&B-soul princess Navi! She's overall in my opinion's the best singer to hit the mainstream line since the 1st generation solo-ers. Navi's my absolute #1 favorite korean singer and this time she's back with Listen to the End Single!

She's probably one of the most underrated artists for now, but has one of the most powerful voices. Trust me once you've listened to her you'll be enchanted! Listen to the End is quite an upbeat, I'm-at-a-party song, the only exception is that the singer is way awesome that it doesn't sound like a club song. It reminds me of Chris Brown's Forever, good huh?

Listen To The End MV:

For the tracks & MV stills..

01 - 끝까지 들어 (Listen To The End)
02 - 끝까지 들어 (Listen To The End Inst.)


  1. can i know her full profile ?
    her korean name ?

  2. oh wow i'd love to make a profile about her, yeah ok im adding her to the idols intro request!! XD


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