16 December 2011

FT Island "Play! FT Island" Concert Live in Malaysia 2012

YES you heard right! FT ISLAND is finally making a stop in their Play! FT Island Asian Tour 2012 in Malaysia this January 14th!

Featuring the Lead Vocals Lee Hong Gi, Leader & Lead Guitarist/Piano Choi Jong Hun, Bassist & Rapper Lee Jaejin, Guitarist & Rapper Song Seung Hyun & Drummer Choi Minhwan, FT ISLAND is visiting Malaysian Primadonnas with a concert & a meet-the-fans session for those who are lucky! EXCITED? I'll explain more, so read very closely lol...

TIME: 8:30PM

Organizers: Squareroots (website) (facebook)


*all prices add + RM3 (service fee)

ROCK ZONE (free standing) - RM468
P1 (numbered seats) - RM368
P2 (free seating) - RM248
P3 (free seating) - RM138
VIP - (details released 19 December)

15 December 2011

Boyfriend "I'll Be There" (Christmas Single) + Performance + Tracklist

merry xmas bestfriends~~

Yay for X-mas K-Pop songs! It never fails to put a smile to my face during the winter holidays. Boyfriend already sang a Christmas song "Pink Romance" along with company buddies Starship Planet with K.Will & SISTAR, but they have to make us happier with this single kekeke.. I really don't mind. Rookie Boyfriend hwaiting!
I'll Be There is an uptempo song and I completely am loving it with its new generation of non-cliche hook songs , its a great track to follow after my favorite repeat "Don't Touch My Girlfriend", now this is on my repeat! lol.

I'll Be There MV:


Youngmin got so much cooler with his new hair-do! He's a great actor in this such a sad face expression, you just wanna go and hug him! I love these twins but they're not the only ones as I also love main vocals Jeongmin he's such a cutie. What I don't really like is that the set looked so fake haha I dunno maybe its supposed to look like that. If you don't Boyfriend specifically, here's their profile by awin! Ugghh why are they so young... =.=

U-Kiss - Tick Tack PV & Japanese Major Debut Album!

Let me start off by saying that this is THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF U-KISS EVER!!! Perhaps even one of the best this entire year. From the daebak precision of the "TICK-TACK" choreography to the amazing full-on sound throttle, U-Kiss has defined how far they can go to exceed expectations!

I will just let you watch because despite being a japanese debut, its a MAJOR debut into the mainstream japan which explains the explosive concept & impeccable lyrics. Plus, everyone is fricking awesome. Soohyun & Hoon's vocal mash is just epic. as well as the most heart-pounding rapping from the brilliant three Eli, AJ & Dongho and in fast japanese! Main vocal Kevin is joined by Kiseop who's tremendously improved on his singing.



So?? XD I couldn't help hanging my mouth open when I first saw this. I really wish this was their Korean comeback song but oh well, its still really good.

The lyrics portray a guy (U-Kiss) who keeps lying to their girlfriend, keeping her clinging on a string, but he doesn't understand why she stays with him. As time goes on, he just keeps on lying because that's just who he is.

I tried to see what Tick Tack means, but all I could find was that it was Tick Tock in Swedish haha I don't think I'm looking at the right meaning lol. I dunno about you but AJ looks more and more like Song Seunghyun of FTI haha sorry but it makes me like him more! I love these boys to death!


01 - Tick Tack
02 - Coincidence
03 - 0330 (Piano & Chorus ver.)
04 - Tick Tack (inst.)
05 - Coincidence (inst.)

Panda Says: Its a single album you're sure to enjoy, its impacted me quite heavily at first listen. 0330 in Japanese with piano is just extremely soothing. I just love U-Kiss yall~

09 December 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [111209]

Fuhh, finally IU won for this week's K-Chart! :D Terbaik!!~ She beats SNSD (currently in Singapore for concert) who already won for 6th consecutive weeks..

1. IU - You & I
2. SNSD - The Boys
3. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby
4. T-Ara - Cry Cry
5. Noel - I Miss You
6. Electroboyz - Ma Boy 2
7. A Pink - My My
8. Secret - Love is Move
9. Lee Seung Gi - 친구잖아 (You're My Friend)
10. IU - 비밀 (Secret) [NEW]
11. Lee Seung Gi - 연애시대 (Alone In Love)
12. Dynamic Duo - Burning Friday
13. SNSD - Mr. Taxi
14. Huh Gak - All I Can Say is That I Want to Die
15. Trouble Maker (JS&Hyuna) - Trouble Maker [NEW]
16. T-Ara - Roly poly
17. Kim Dong Ryul - Replay
18. Kim Yeon Woo - Happiness...Goodbye
19. Seo In Young - Oh My Gosh
20. 4Men & Mi - That Man, That Woman

.:Debut Stage:.
Trouble Maker (BEAST's Hyunseung & 4MINUTE's Hyuna)

~Comeback performances~
Boyfriend, Chocolat, Yurisangja, Park Ki Young, and X-5

Other performers : Wonder Girls, T-ara, IU, Dynamic Duo, Yurisangja, New.F.O, A Pink, Lee Ji Hye, M-Signal, RaNia, MYNAME, TRAX, Electroboyz, Seo In Young, Norazo, Noel, Wink, Crispi Crunch, and BoM.

* Wohhh, T-Ara's Roly Poly!!
* Trouble Maker's debut! haha they already changed the choreography :))

08 December 2011

Infinite's White Confession (Lately) MV!

OMG guys! This is the best Christmas song I have ever heard!! Arghh, these boys are killing me =.+

Cred: woolliment

Wahaha I don't know what to say, the MV plus the song are just so awesome! It's one of the best Christmas MV! Uwaa, I really miss them. Hope to see you guys next year :)) Woohyun, Hoya, Sungjong, Sungkyu, L, Sungyeol & Dongwoo. Forever Inspirit <3

p/s: The shortest entry I have ever wrote! XDD *Over excited*

03 December 2011

Trouble Maker (JS/Hyunseung of B2ST & Hyuna of 4Minute) MV & Mini Album [Tracklist]

Let's get to it! A unit group from Cube Entertainment has been circling the web like a house lit on fire, I needed a couple days to recuperate from this hot phenomenon.. but I don't think it worked. Here we have Hyuna from 4Minute and Jang Hyunseung from B2ST, known as JS in this unit group called Trouble Maker!

These two must be the most compatible cutest & sexiest couple yet to be paired. A combination of Chic & Sexy with an awesome Hip-Hop/R&B song taste, the Trouble Maker project is set to explode the stage! Two teaser MVs set off the fans from the extreme chemistry the two have and I can't help but say they are adorable. If you love 4Minute or B2st you MUST check out this mv!

Trouble Maker MV:


The first line goes JS: When I look into your eyes, I'm a Trouble Maker.
Hyuna: When I am with you, I'm a Trouble Maker.
What I should say next is: When I watch the two of you, I feel like I'm in trouble......

Here's the Tracklist:

01 - Trouble Maker
02 - 듣기 싫은 말 (The Words I Don't Wanna Hear)
03 - Time ft. Rado 라도) [Hyuna's Solo]
04 - 아무렇지 않니 (I Don't Mind) [JS Solo]

Panda Says: I recommend Trouble Maker and The Words I Don't Wanna Hear, I just absolutely love these two together! The solos are good as well XD.

Below are the teasers, & Trouble Maker's performance to tease us from the MAMA 2011 awards, yes JS & Hyuna kiss lip to cheek (you have to see with clearer cam though), so cute! Hyunseung's cheek is so tembam....

01 December 2011

Happy Pledis (After School, Pledis Boys & Son Dambi) - Love Letter MV!

Yeay! The next family song is from Happy Pledis!

After School, Pledis Boys and Son Dambi singing together for a lovely Christmas song, "Love Letter"! I saw two unknown girls in the MV, I'm not sure who are they, but many said that their names are Yoo Ara and Hyelim..

Cred: pledisartist

Aww After School girls are the goddess! They are really gorgeous! I like Jungah! She get to sing many lines :) Hehe. Son Dambi is also beautiful as always. I think all of them are like models, they are tall (except Raina XD) and so pretty~~

Haa, Pledis Boys are going to debut next year! Omoo, I can't wait to watch their MV and talents. They all look cute :) One of them was featured in Orange Caramel, "Shanghai Romance".

Take a look at 7 members of Pledis Boys's pictures down here. I don't know their names yet '=.=

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