25 November 2011

Starship Planet (K.Will, SISTAR & Boyfriend) Reveals "Pink Romance" MV!

SM Town, JYP Nation, YG Family, United Cube, Happy Pledis, Star Empire and now here comes Starship Planet!

Coming together as 'Starship Planet', SISTAR, Boyfriend, and K.Will collaborated on a festive MV, "Pink Romance".

Cred: starshipTV

They seem close together and so loving :) Hahha, Hyorin is such a playful girl, she and K.Will can make a good couple! They look good together. Omooo, I see Malaysian flag there @1:00, I'm so proud to be a Malaysian ^^ hahahha

K.Will - Yes! I love his voice so much~~

SISTAR - Hyorin! I love your powerful vocal! Soyou and Donghyun together are so sweet :)

Boyfriend - Jeongmin sings the 1st verse! He's so cute waaa~~ Minwoo and Kwangmin rap together! :D


  1. I love this song! i think its the best xmas song out of the three, i like this song best hihi Hyorin's voice is 1,000000x daebak.

  2. wah me too!! plg sweet and the best laa!! ;DD

  3. omo I completely FREAKED when I saw the Malaysian flag xD now another curiosity added to my mind... why was that there ?

  4. I like Dasom' nose. Don't you dare get any plastic surgery!
    I am starting to feel insecure each time I see K-pop idols have different feature. If not always, most of the time, couple years later, that particular part of face changed in a sudden - while there was nothing wrong with it at the first place.
    Anyway, does anyone know when exactly was Starship built? It's rather a new company right?

  5. @1MDuctTape - Yeah that Malaysian flag totally made me proud! haha i dunno, maybe they wanna promote Malaysia? hehe

    @Jay Amper - agreed! our idols shouldn't do any plastic surgery, they are still pretty :) esp the boys..haha lol XD I think SISTAR didn't get plastic surgey..they look original..

    ermm, I think Starship started in last year; 2010..

  6. @AMIRUL HAFIIZ - no, it just the big family name, Sistar,Boyfriend n k.will came in one same company :)


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