29 April 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (finally!) [110429]

Congratulations f(x) for winning! I don't believe 4minute and f(x) were in top 2! lol Seriously. And they were all crying cause this was their first time ever winning music show trophy since debuting in 2009. Really? I just know that. I thought the had already won before so I kinda wish 4minute won instead XD Victoria and Luna cried, so sweet. Hyuna console Amber~ Auww...

1. f(x) - Pinocchio (Danger)
2. 4minute - Mirror Mirror
3. CNBLUE - Intuition
4. Kim Taewoo - Echo
5. Rainbow - To Me
6. Big Bang - Love Song
7. K.Will - My Heart Beating
8. Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
9. Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
10. Wheesung ft. Junhyung (BEAST) - Heartsore Story
I don't watch the first part of the show so I kinda miss the k-chart 11-20 *Major fail* XD Sorry. If you happened to know or have the video, please tell me~ Never mind, I found the video~

11. Kim Geurim (Superstar K2) - There Was Only You
12. Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry
13. IU - Good day
14. 4minute - Heart To Heart
15. Clover - La Vida Loca
16. Brave Girls - Do You Know
17. Yangpa - Hurt
18. Dal★shabet - Pink Rocket
19. U-KISS - 0330
20. Lee Hyun (8Eight) - You Are The Best Of My Life

Here are the list for performances on 8th April 2011:

♬ Debut - B1A4, SpinEL, and Kim Jong Min...

♬ Comeback stage - After School! Turtles, and Eru...

♬ Follow-up promotions - CNBLUE~

★ Today Music Bank ★
Rainbow, Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, Clover, Brave Girls, A Pink, NS Yoon Ji, X-5, Ali, Rania, Primary, Go Eun, and Ye Ara.

*After School comeback is awesome! Kahi and Nana is sooo hot! New member is so innocent lol Oh and yeay Rainbow is no 5 already! Oh eh oh eh oh eh~

26 April 2011

CNBLUE - Love Girl MV + “First Step +1″ [Tracklist]

Hye Boice! CNBLUE has unveiled the music video for “Love Girl”, which is one of four tracks from their fan appreciation album, “First Step +1″.

Haha I wish CNBLUE came out from my poster too! And perform live in my house lol The mv and the song is cute! L-O-V-E girl~

SNSD - Mr Taxi MV (Dance Version)

Calling out  for Sone! SNSD is back with newest MV for their third Japanese single, “MR. TAXI“!

But it's only the dance version....

I must say, the song is pretty catchy! And the dance is kinda awesome. Makes me want to replay and replay the mv lol Yuri looks so different with her blonde hair lol I thought she was Jessica. And yeay Sunny gets lot of part! XD

24 April 2011

A Pink - I Don't Know MV + Seven Springs of Apink Mini Album

I just realized that they're from CUBE!!!! HAHA Lame. Yeah I know Cube will release a girl group, and yeah I know A Pink will debut. But I don't know A Pink is under Cube Entertainment! HAHA Change my perspective after I knew bout that lol

Kikwang!!! Kyaaa haha Sorry Awin. Weee I started to like this song more and more~

A PINK - SEVEN SPRINGS OF APINK MINI ALBUM tracklist and Music Bank debut performance under the cut.

23 April 2011

Super Junior K.R.Y. - Fly MV for “Superstar K3″

Omo, my Ryeowooookkk so CUTE!! :))

Super Junior sub-unit, KRY just released a new MV for their theme song for Mnet’s “Superstar K3“, “Fly“! Waaa, I feel like I haven't watched Suju for a long time..I keep smiling while watching the MV..hahahahaha XD

The song is so refreshing! KRY usually sing a ballad song but now it's different! I love the song very much! Yeah for the first time, I see many Wookie in an MV!! haha..I'm so happy ;D They are really good right..the best combination ever! DAEBAK !! ^^


22 April 2011

Jay Park Releases Abandoned MV + Teaser~

My gosh! I just notice the teaser today..hahahaha..*Jaywalkers scream out loud!!*

Cred: sidushqpr

Waaaa..so HOT!! I really MISS him..He's look like Taeyang..maybe because of his hair :p but he's still Jaebum aka Jay Park! Can't wait for his song and the full MV! Oh yeah, 3 more days to go before his birthday..It will be a good fortune for him, of course ^^

The album will be out on 27th April! So, stay tuned! :D


FT Island - Satisfaction PV

FT Island releases new Japanese single - 'Satisfaction'..Arghh~ I forgot to post about this earlier..hahaa..I like this song very much! FT Island's japanese songs sound more better and powerful than koreans! Love love love <3

What's wrong with Hongki's hair?

Cred: warnermusicjapan

Yeayy!! Jaejin's sweet voice, Hongki's husky voice, and Seunghyun's strong rap! Jonghun's cool and Minhwan's charisma!! Haahhahaa..but, I think long hair is not suit Hongki at all..sorry Hongki :'( The others are so handsome and cute! :) hehe

In this single album, they include two more songs which is 'Friends' and 'I want'..

I also add both of the audios here :D Check it out~

Kyaaa~ Love the album!

Cred to The2ndKp0palbums@youtube

f(x) - Danger MV + Comeback Stage @ Music Bank + 1st Album Pinocchio [Tracklist]

f(x) finally released their first full album, titled 'Pinocchio'..As most of us know, f(x) always used a weird title for their song..huhuu..

Cred: strlkefr33d0m

What do you think about the song? I actually like the song but not the MV..haha..I love all f(x)'s dances! It's so addicted and cute! hahaa..btw, they look beautiful here esp Luna and Krystal..Eh, Amber's style is so cool here! Welcome back, Amber!! ^^

f(x)'s comeback live performances are under the cut :-)

21 April 2011

Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry MV

Our blog is so lonely~~~ lol

Yeay Bom back with her digital single album! But the song is very different from You & I... Watch this!

Bom looks so different for some reason :/ But pretty as usual =D I don't really understand the mv but it looks so beautiful!~~ I love YG's mvs! The song ermm quite good. But I still need to listen to it over and over again to really love it ;D Enjoy!

10 April 2011

Rainbow - To Me (내게로..) MV + SO女 Mini Album [Tracklist]

Rainbow's new mini album has finally revealed along with their new MV! "To Me" is their title track :)

Cred: dsp

I can say that I love this MV more than "A" or "Gossip girl" MVs..hehe..The song is a little bit sounds like A..and of course, I like it! Oh eh oh eh oh eh hahaha..Jaekyung is pretty and also No Eul!~ I think I can identify four girls only; Jaekyung, No Eul, Woori, and Jisook..haha..The others are still blur 0_0

Tracklist for SO女 Mini Album :-

01 So Cool (new)
02 To Me (내게로..) (new)
03 너뿐 이라고 (I Said You're The One) (new)
04 Mach (마하)
05 A

View Rainbow's profile HERE :))

09 April 2011

4minute - Mirror Mirror MV + Live Performances + 4MINUTES LEFT Album [Tracklist]

sexy Hyuna..lol :p

Recently, 4minute has just released their comeback mini album, Heart to Heart..and now they have finally released first official album, '4MINUTES LEFT'..They added 3 new songs to this album including those songs in Heart to Heart mini album :)

Cred: 4minuteofficial

I'm happy to see leader, Jihyun get many parts now..She has a good voice though and yeah, she is very beautiful! hahaah..Magnae, Sohyun looks sexy and hot! My fav till now, Gayoon is still maintains her strong vocal! so do Jiyoon! Last but not least, Hyuna..ermm, she is sexy as usual..hahahaa :p

Geoulla geoulla geoulla geoulla

Wanna see 4minute's live performances?? Go watch it under the cut 0_0

Orange Caramel at Bangkok City~

Haaaa..scary but at the same time beautiful :)

Having debuted with Magic Girl and then A~ing's mini album in last year, on March 2011, the sub-unit of After School, Orange Caramel (Raina, Nana, Lizzy) has released a new single which is called 'Bangkok City'..

Cred: pledisartist

You can see that the girls transformed into funky, yet chic club DJs for 'Bangkok City'..They look so beautiful! I hate the big blonde hair actually..hahaha..but I still like Nana^^ Awww~ the boy is sooo cute! He is from a new group from Pledis Ent. called After School boys that will debut soon..

Ahhh..I also see Jungah there! Wohoo..She is hot with a long hair~ Bangkok City has a fun beat and I'm already addicted to this song..hahaha..Orange Caramel's songs are so addictive..You will love their songs after you listened to it about thousand times..HAHAHA XD

More Nana, Raina, and Lizzy's concept photos below :-

08 April 2011

C.N BLUE - Intuition MV + First Step Album [Tracklist]

Since our CN Blue's bias, Aoxora is busy with her studies, so I'm the only who is free and will to help her post about them..yeah! I love CN Blue's new song! =D

Yonghwa lose 8kg for this comeback! haha XD

After Yonghwa and Seohyun's We Got Married shows finished, now it's time for Yonghwa's group; CN Blue to make their comeback with the released of their first full-length album entitled, First Step..I heard SNSD will make a comeback with a new single this month..hahaha..I hope Yonghwa and Seohyun would meet each other more during their music shows..yeayy! :))

On March 21st, the band released the full music video for their comeback song, "Intuition".. Please don't go, let's watch it together~~

Cred: cnblue

Ermmm, there's nothing special to say about this MV, hahahha..The four members using graffiti to tag 'CN BLUE' onto everything..and yeah, they look so handsome and cool! Awww~ Jonghyun and Minhyuk <3 Love this song ^^ Sorry guys, we are not going to give MP3 link anymore..hehe..Here's the track lists for First Step album :)

01 직감 (Intuition)
02 Love Girl
03 상상 (Imagine)
04 I Don't Know Why
05 사랑은 비를 타고 (Love In The Rain)
06 Lie
07 One Time
08 Just Please
09 Wanna Be Like U
10 Ready N Go
11 고마워요 (Thank You)
12 One Of A Kind (Bonus Track)

I love tracks #1, #2, #3, and #4!! hahaha..but overall, I like the album!~ CN Blue hwaiting!! =D

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110408]

Congratulations CNBLUE for winning K-Cart 2nd week of April! I kinda can guess em winning XD

1. CNBLUE - Intuition
2. K.Will - My Heart Beating
3. Big Bang - Tonight
4. Wheesung ft. Junhyung (BEAST) - Heartsore Story
5. Lee Hyun (8Eight) - You Are The Best Of My Life
6. Kim Taewoo - Resonate
7. Girl's Day - Twinkle twinkle
8. Song Ji Eun (Secret) - Going Crazy
9. Yangpa - Hurt
10. IU - Good day
11. Infinite - Nothing's Over
12. J-Cera - Endless Love
13. Maya - So Pain So Sad
14. DBSK - Before U Go
15. U-KISS - 0330
16. G.NA - Black & White
17. IU - The Story Only I Didn't Know
18. 4minute - Heart To Heart
19. Lee Sora - The Wind Is Blowing
20. Kim Tae Woo - Brothers & Me

Here are the list for performances on 8th April 2011:

♬ Debut - Rania and Brave Girls.

♬ So many Comeback stage! - Brian, Tony An, 4minute, and Rainbow.

★ Today Music Bank ★
TVXQ, Wheesung (feat. Hoya), Kim Tae Woo, INFINITE, Yangpa, U-Kiss, Insooni, Orange Caramel, Clover, Na Yoon Kwon, and Maya.

02 April 2011

B2ST/BEAST - Shock Japanese Ver. PV

I thought I wanna rest from posting for this month (baru je ckp ngan alia td.hahaha)..but..yeah, you know, when there's any new news about Beast, I can't stop thinking about them and am hyper to post about it! hahaha..

As most of us know, on February 2011, Beast had already debuted in Japan and at the same time they had released their full PV of their popular song, SHOCK in Japanese version. :)

Cred: beastofficial

It was still the same chorus, of course! "Everyday I Shock, Shock!!" Junhyung's rap in Korean , isn't?? Waeyo?! huh..yeah, I think Shock in Japanese was better but the Korean version was a lot more better..hahaha XD I like Japanese's music video more than Korean's one..It had many scenes and the guys looked soooo handsome plus more aggressive! HAHA..

Gi Kwang and Dongwoon <3 Waaaaa, Love BEAST!!

01 Shock (Japanese Ver.)
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