08 April 2011

C.N BLUE - Intuition MV + First Step Album [Tracklist]

Since our CN Blue's bias, Aoxora is busy with her studies, so I'm the only who is free and will to help her post about them..yeah! I love CN Blue's new song! =D

Yonghwa lose 8kg for this comeback! haha XD

After Yonghwa and Seohyun's We Got Married shows finished, now it's time for Yonghwa's group; CN Blue to make their comeback with the released of their first full-length album entitled, First Step..I heard SNSD will make a comeback with a new single this month..hahaha..I hope Yonghwa and Seohyun would meet each other more during their music shows..yeayy! :))

On March 21st, the band released the full music video for their comeback song, "Intuition".. Please don't go, let's watch it together~~

Cred: cnblue

Ermmm, there's nothing special to say about this MV, hahahha..The four members using graffiti to tag 'CN BLUE' onto everything..and yeah, they look so handsome and cool! Awww~ Jonghyun and Minhyuk <3 Love this song ^^ Sorry guys, we are not going to give MP3 link anymore..hehe..Here's the track lists for First Step album :)

01 직감 (Intuition)
02 Love Girl
03 상상 (Imagine)
04 I Don't Know Why
05 사랑은 비를 타고 (Love In The Rain)
06 Lie
07 One Time
08 Just Please
09 Wanna Be Like U
10 Ready N Go
11 고마워요 (Thank You)
12 One Of A Kind (Bonus Track)

I love tracks #1, #2, #3, and #4!! hahaha..but overall, I like the album!~ CN Blue hwaiting!! =D

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